“The Hypocrisy of American Slavery” | Frederick Douglass HeritageCheap White Whine: Racism, Affirmative Action, and the Myth of White VictimhoodThe Origins of America_s Unique and Spectacular Crueltynew-yorker-cover-july-2007

This page contains references and links to writing, film, music and websites that are at the heart of my work and ongoing activism.

Whiteness, Racism and the Right

Wise, “Repetitive Motion Disorder: Black Reality and White Denial..“2016

Henry, Race Poverty and Domestic Policy 

Portside:Dr. Martin Luther King TODAY: Collection of Articles

Radical Resistance in Trump’s America 

Kairos Center Resources for Resistance

8 New Year_s Resolutions For Radical Resistance – The DiDi Delgado – Medium

Maass, Power of the Streets

Piven: Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything

Saxer, Ten Theses For The Fight Against Right-Wing Populism

PublicHealthActions for Immigrant Rights, https://docs.google.com/document

New Work Summit (interesting concept BUT avoids basic problem) 

Jeffery, Don’t Mourn, Fight Like Hell

Ravitch, Harvard Shames Itself by Staging a Koch-Sponsored Betsy Lovefest

Levin, FBI Terrorism Unit Says ‘Black Identity Extremists’ Pose a Violent Threat

Novick,  Disabled Activists Arrested and Dragged by Wheelchairs While Protesting Obamacare Repeal


Women, Mothering and Gender

Poverty, Welfare, Basic Income and the Precariat

Standing, Meet the precariat, the new global class fuelling the rise of populism

Sanger-Katz, GOP Repeal Bill Would Cut Funding for the Poor

4 charts that explain Europe’s anti-establishment backlash


Rev_PPC_Fundamental Principles +How the Black Panthers_ Breakfast Program Both Inspired and Threatened the Government – History in t.




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