History happens when human beings act together to demand and achieve meaningful change.  Much of the most exciting history results from people acting together for justice, change and power within social  and political movements.  Since the late 1960’s, I have admired and tried to be part of movements for justice and change — the Left, Labor Women’s Movements,  Civil, Anti-Racist and Human Rights Movements.  I wrote about the history and issues within which social movements are embedded.  My 1977 Brandeis dissertation was about how and why social movements provided services as a strategy for serving the people, for attracting people to a movement that mattered, and for keeping movement members deeply connected with the issues that brought about the movement in the first place. I  have continued writing and talking about this ever since, first in Serving the People 1984, and as as my Bio shows, and my  family members who must listen to me over and over, can attest.

Today, much of my organizing and movement work is directed toward building the Poor People’s Campaign and the  Basic Income Movement, both of which have learnd the lessons of the Welfare Rights Movement, and, especially remembers the links to feminism and fighting poverty.  There are excerpts from summaries of a video made of me talking about Basic Income and movement building posted on this along with an audio interview of me conducted by my colleague and friend, Suezanne Bruce.   I also do what I can to support immigrants, especially as recently inspired by Safia Mohammed my Somali friend and organizer, by Najia Ashlar, my Afghani friend and immigrant services coordinator, and by Ghazal Mir Zufiqar, former doctoral student, who is currently teaching a Lahore University in Pakistan.  And over the years so many U.Mass.Boston students, faculty and staff who are immigrants from different part of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Ireland, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, taught me so much and showed me so how little I know.

Today I still also do what I can locally as a retiree to support the progressive caucus of my NEA union, Educators for a Democratic Union, and to speak up for an expansive vision for public higher education, and as a secular humanist (atheist)  to fight for human rights and against white supremacy and racism everywhere. And now, with a Trump ascendancy,  I am more than ever in the struggle against the renewed  rising up of American fascism .

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Withorn Serving the People –1984 excerpt “the Limits of Professionalism,” most controversial chapter presenting professionalism as a counter to activism

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