Paying Attention…Catching UP…

“ I call on Congress to empower every Cabinet Secretary with the authority to reward good employees and to remove Federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”     Trump’s State of the Union Address 1/30/18

When I originally heard this I realized that, in the midst of all our righteous uproar regarding racism and other systemic abuses within new immigration, social, criminal “justice” and educational policy assaults, we also must heed this brief, chilling threat to today’s public sector workers, their unions, and therefore to all us.   Most of citizens and residents of this nation have rights to expect government to be effective, accountable, and responsive. Yet our criminal “justice” system is still, and has always been essentially racist. We must document and highlight and never forget this, even as we keep demanding more and getter service.

Since January, under the guise of tax reform, Republicans have already undermined healthcare promises, protections for immigrants, and the environment.  By not hiring new workers to meet the government’s obligations we only create more dissatisfaction.  With Tax Day just past, it’s time to remind ourselves of what it meant historically when governments failed in these ways.  We know get what we pay for.  And in terms of public services, we must be prepared to pay (fairly and proportionately) for it all.

Please, let’s demand the revenue we need to operate as a responsible society.  otherwise we undermine our ability to trust ourselves, and to demand what we need from ourselves


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