February 13, 2017

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, a sizeable minority of the U.S. electorate chose to send billionaire Donald Trump, an avowed sexist and an unrepentant racist, who has spent nearly forty years antagonizing vulnerable people, to the White House. Spewing hatred at women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and those with disabilities is Trump’s most consistent, and well-documented form of public engagement. Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women because, as he quipped, his celebrity made it easy for him to do so. The political shift we are witnessing, including the appointment of open bigots to the president-elect’s cabinet, reaffirms the structural disposability and systemic disregard for every person who is not white, male, straight, cisgender, able-bodied, and middle or upper class.

As a community of feminist scholars, activists and artists, we affirm that the time to act is now. We cannot endure four years of a Trump presidency without a plan. We must protect reproductive justice, fight for Black lives, defend the rights of LGBTQIA people, disrupt the displacement of indigenous people and the stealing of their resources, advocate and provide safe havens for the undocumented, stridently reject Islamophobia, and oppose the acceleration of neoliberal policies that divert resources to the top 1% and abandon those at the bottom of the economic hierarchy. We must also denounce militarization at home and abroad, and climate change denial that threatens to destroy the entire planet.

We must also reject calls to compromise, to understand, or to collaborate. We cannot and will not comply. Our number one priority is to resist. We must resist the instantiation of autocracy. We must resist this perversion of democracy. We must refuse spin and challenge any narratives that seek to call this moment “democracy at work.” This is not democracy; this is the rise of a 21st century U.S. version of fascism. We must name it, so we can both confront and defeat it. The most vulnerable, both here and abroad, cannot afford for us to equivocate or remain silent. The threats posed by settler colonialism and empire around the globe have never been more real, nor has our resolve to oppose these injustices ever been stronger. Concretely, within the U.S., we oppose the building of a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border, and the establishment of a registry for Muslim residents.

We owe this moment and the communities we fight for our very best thinking, teaching, and organizing. We must find creative solutions to address the immediate needs of those who will be acutely affected within the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. We must push ourselves into new, and more precise and radical analytical frameworks that can help us to articulate the stakes of this moment.

The most important thing we can do in this moment is to make an unqualified commitment to those on the margins through our actions, insist that the media be allowed to do its job; and protect the right to protest and dissent. We recognize clearly that our silence will not protect us. Silence, in the aftermath of 11/8 is not merely a lack of words; it is a profound inertia of liberatory thought and praxis. So, who are we waiting for? We are who we are waiting for. We pledge to stand and fight, with fierce resolve, for the values and principles we believe in and the people we love.

Note: Institutional and organizational affiliations are listed for purposes of identification only and do not represent endorsement of this statement by said institutions.

A. Freya Thimsen, Indiana University
A. Laurie Palmer, University of California, Santa Cruz
A. Lee Chichester, Writer
A. MacIntyre
a. nova gutierrez, Ed. D.
a.d. sean lewis
A.L. McMichael
A.L. Steiner, Bard College
A. Lynn Bolles, University of Maryland College Park
Aadita Chaudhury, York University
Aaron Chandler, Stevenson University
Aaron Coleman, Washington University in Saint Louis
Aaron Dechant
Aaron Dickinson Sachs, Communication, Saint Mary’s College of California
Aaron E. Bacue, Kent State University
Aaron Hostetter, Rutgers University-Camden
Aaron Jones, University of California, Santa Barbara
Abbe Herzig, University at Albany, State University of New York
Abbey J. Marr, Advocates for Youth
Abby Allen, Clemson University
Abby Ferber
Abby M. Schrader, Franklin & Marshall College
Abe Louise Young
Abigail Boggs, Wesleyan University
Abigail Covington, Dixie State University
Abigail Griswell
Abigail H. Neely, Dartmouth College
Abigail Levin, Niagara University
Abigail M. Ross, Fordham Graduate School of Social Service
Abigail Ortiz
Abigail Saguy, UCLA
Abigail Stewart, University of Michigan
Abra Gibson
Abra Johnson, HoneyPotPerformance
AC Panella, Santa Rosa Junior College
Ad Ross
Ada Ferrer, NYU
Adai Tefera
Adam Blair, Stony Brook University
Adam Denney, University of Cincinnati
Adam Fitzgerald
Adam Green, The University of Chicago
Adam Lauver, University of Colorado Boulder
Addi Casseus, Union Institute & University
Adelaide Villmoare, Emerita, Vassar College
Adele Arellano, California State University, Sacramento
Adele Eisenstein
Adelina Anthony
Adeline Falk-Rafael, York University
Adena Atkins
Adina Levin
Aditi Jenkins
Adom Getachew, University of Chicago, Political Science
Adrian Johnston, University of New Mexico
Adrian Shirk, Pratt Institute
Adriana DiGioia, MPA, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Adriana Garriga-López
Adriana Mello
Adriana Vela
Adriane Lentz-Smith, Duke University
Adriene Lim
Adrienne Britt Edwards
Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Director, Make it Fair Project
Adrienne Christiansen, Macalester College
Adrienne D. Dixson
Adrienne H. Haddad
Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Adrienne Munich, Stony Brook University
Adrienne Pickett, The University of Michigan
Adrienne Salinger, University of New Mexico
Adrienne Santistevan
Adrienne Walser, Bard College, MAT Literature & Education Faculty
Adrienne Ward
Aerik Francis, UCLA
Agnesanne Danehey, University of Maryland-College Park
Ahliah Bratzler
Aida Perez, Texas A&M University
Aiemie Pace
Aiko Kojima Hibino, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Aili Tripp, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Aimee Carrillo Rowe, California State University, Northridge
aimee iris brown
Aimee Joyaux, Richard Bland College of William & Mary
Aimee Mackovic, Austin Community College
Aimée Morrison, University of Waterloo
Aimee R. Eden
Aimee R. Thorne-Thomsen, Advocates for Youth
Aine MacLellan
Aine O’Healy, Loyola Marymount University
Ainsley LeSure, Occidental College
Aisha Becker-Burrowes
Aisha Durham
Aisha Finch, UCLA
AJ Arriola, Portland State University, Emeritus
AJ Christian, Northwestern University
Aja Davis
Aja Reynolds, University of Illinois at Chicago
Åke Sandberg, Stockholm University
Akemi Kochiyama, Yuri Kochiyama Archives Project
Akiko Takenaka, University of Kentucky
Akiko Tsuchiya, Washington University in St. Louis
Alaina Clarke, Artist
Alaina DeSalvo, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Alaina Leary
Alan H. Singer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Alan Taylor, Coventry University, UK
Alana Kumbier
Alana M. Vincent, University of Chester
Albert de la Tierra, The CUNY Graduate Center
Alberto Mendoza Gonzalez, Antelope Valley College
Alec Magnet, Doctoral candidate, CUNY Graduate Center
Alecia Rossano, DigiPen Institute of Technology
Aleeya Wilson, University of San Francisco
Alejandra Agüero, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
Alejandra B Osorio, Wellesley College
Alejandra Rosiles, California State University, Northridge
Alejandro Anreus, William Paterson University
Alenka Loesch, University of Texas, Austin
Alessa Johns, University of California, Davis
Alessandra De Coro, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Alessandra Lynch, Butler University
Alessandra Montalbano, University of Alabama
Alex Kinas
Alex Lubin, University of New Mexico
Alex OBrien
Alex Otis
Alex Quinlan, Florida State University, The Southeast Review
Alex Sayf Cummings, Georgia State University
Alex Strycula, Barnard College
Alexa Leib, Davidson College
Alexa Sand, Utah State University
Alexa Still, Oberlin Conservatory
Alexandar Mihailovic, Bennington College
Alexander Florence, Artist
Alexander Legg, Macaulay Honors College at CUNY
Alexander Rivkin, MD, UCLA School of Medicine
Alexandra A Mobley
Alexandra Beller, Princeton University
Alexandra Biggs
Alexandra Cornelius
Alexandra Escobar
Alexandra F. Corning, University of Notre Dame
Alexandra Gardella, San Diego State University
Alexandra Hendrickson, Concordia University of Chicago
Alexandra Kamler, NYU – Gallatin
Alexandra López
Alexandra M. Hill, University of Portland
Alexandra Moore
Alexandra Nelson, Artist
Alexandra Plante, Rutgers University
Alexandra Puerto, Occidental College
Alexandra Rosenberg
Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Artist and Educator
Alexandra Tolin Schultz
Alexandra Van Sweringen, El Paso Community College
Alexandra Zirkle, University of Chicago
Alexandre Engman
Alexandria Frey, Portland State University
Alexandria Harr
Alexandria Jones, Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Alexia M. Bonillo
Alexis Bierman
Alexis Boutin, Sonoma State University
Alexis Callender
Alexis Croucher, University of Rochester School of Nursing
Alexis Crowley
Alexis Gray, Anthropology, Norco College
Alexis Grenell, Writer
Alexis Lothian, University of Maryland College Park
Alexis Martinez
Alexis O’Neill
Alexis Pulos, Northern Kentucky University
Alexis Quinlan
Alexis Rinck, Syracuse University
Alexis V. Arczynski, University of Oklahoma
Aleyamma Mathew
Ali Berkok, University of Toronto
Ali Darias
Ali Heller
Ali Igmen, California State University, Long Beach
Ali Savage
Alice Anderson, Poet and Writer
Alice Bolin
Alice C. Minium, Christopher Newport University
Alice Chang
Alice Conovitz, Environmental Scientist
Alice Crary, New School for Social Research, Philosophy and Gender & Sexuality Studies
Alice Dailey, Villanova University
Alice Dark, Rutgers University, Newark
Alice E. Marwick, Data & Society Research Institute
Alice Gail Rutherford
Alice Ginsberg, University of Pennsylvania
Alice Jardine, Harvard University
Alice Jeffers, MBA
Alice Julier, Chatham University
Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University
Alice Kim, Praxis Center
Alice Laskin
Alice LeCount, Nova Southeastern University
Alice Lieberman, University of Kansas
Alice LoMascolo, Virginia Tech, Retired
Alice M Swift Miller, WWCSD
Alice M. Miller, Yale University
Alice Pedersen, University of Washington Bothell
Alice Rosanski, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Alderson Broaddus University
Alice Rothchild, MD, Harvard Medical School
Alice Shands
Alice Wexler
Alicia Arrizon, University of California, Riverside
Alicia Biel
Alicia Bomhoff
Alicia Dermer
Alicia Devine, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Alicia diLeo
Alicia Faxon, Simmons College, Emerita
Alicia Renadette, Artist
Alicia Riey
Alicia Rusoja
Alicia Volk, University of Maryland
Alicia Wilson
Alicia Wolf, Webster University
Alida Bouris, University of Chicago
Aliki Barnstone, University of Missouri, Poet Laureate of Missouri
Alina Bachmann, Artist
Alina Stefanescu, Poet
Alina Troyano
Aline Wolff, Stern School, NYU
Alireza Doostdar, University of Chicago
Alisa Harrison
Alisa Patnode
Alisha Ortiz, Dr., Southeast Missouri State University
Alisha Vasquez, Earlham College and Pima Community College
Alison Aune, University of Minnesota
Alison Case, Williams College
Alison Coombs, Doctoral Candidate, Binghamton University
Alison Daugherty Bauer
Alison Dewald, Salisbury University
Alison Gase
Alison Hunter, University of Chicago
Alison Kafer
Alison Melnick
Alison O’Dowd, Humboldt State University
Alison Owen
Alison Parks, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Alison Pebworth
Alison Perry
Alison Reitz
Alison Shaw, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Alison Smart, RN, UCLA
Alison Tatlockv
Alison Tracy Hale, University of Puget Sound
Alison Traweek, University of Pennsylvania
Alison White, U C, Santa Barbara
Alissa Centivany, Western University
Alissa Jebitsch, MS, Child and Women’s Advocate, Wheelock College
Alissa Kotranza, University of Florida
Alix CaDavid, HD Community Building Project
Alix Christian, MA, MFA
Alix Maria Billson
Alix Olson, UMass Amherst
Alixandra Hornyan
Aliya Hoff, Arizona State University
Aliza Luft, UCLA
Alka Arora, Women’s Spirituality, California Institute of Integral Studies
Allen Otte, CCM University of Cincinnati
Alley Greymond, Poet
Allie Reznik, Duquesne University
Allie Roth
Allie S. Gooding, MSN, APRN-CNS, Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Allie Stephens, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Allie Widener, The College of William and Mary
Allison B. Karthaus, PhD
Allison Battista
Allison Cardon, SUNY Buffalo
Allison DeKorte
Allison Graham Haseman
Allison Guttu
Allison Hale, University of Connecticut
Allison L. Rowland, St. Lawrence University
Allison Manville Metz, Grand Valley State University
Allison McKim, Bard College
Allison Ohle
Allison Page, Hampshire College
Allison Peters, Regis University
Allison Renee, University of Toledo
Allison Roda, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY
Allison Schachter, Vanderbilt University
Allison Schlobohm, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Allison Wanger
Allyce Capps
Allyson Hobbs, Stanford University
Alma Dell Smith, PhD, Boston University (retired)
Alma Faith Crawford, Congregation for Black Lives
Alma Heckman, UC Santa Cruz
Alma Luz Villanueva, Antioch University Los Angeles
Alma Mangual Rivera
Altha Cravey, UNC Chapel Hill
Alyce Donohue
Alyosha Goldstein, University of New Mexico
Alysa Hodgson, Brandeis University
Alysia Mann Carey, University of Chicago
Alyson Bardsley, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Alyson Cole, City University of New York
Alyson Farzad-Phillips, University of Maryland
Alyson Nowell
Alyson Pouls, Northern Illinois University, Ph.D Candidate
Alyssa Haney, Loyola University New Orleans
Alyssa Schwendener, University at Buffalo
Alyxandra Vesey, College of Wooster
Ama Carey- Barr
Amalia Charles, University of Southern California
Amalia Dache-Gerbino, University of Missouri
Amalia Gladhart, University of Oregon
Amalia Pallares, University of Illinois at Chicago
Amalie Goul Dueholm, University of Washington
Aman Williams, UCLA
Amana Johnson
Amanda Armstrong, University of Michigan
Amanda Bell, North Carolina State University
Amanda Ciafone, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Amanda DiGioia, SSEES, University College London
Amanda Draper
Amanda Faith
Amanda Finkel
Amanda Flaim, Michigan State University
Amanda Frank, Cambridge Health Alliance
Amanda Friz, Doctoral Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amanda Glynn
Amanda Goldberg, St. Andrews University
Amanda Gray, The University of Texas at Austin
Amanda Gulla, Lehman College/CUNY
Amanda H. Blair, University of Chicago
Amanda Hendrix-Komoto, Montana State University
Amanda Hinton, Northern Arizona University
Amanda Izzo, Saint Louis University
Amanda J. Hobson
Amanda Jones
Amanda Kennedy
Amanda Killian, University at Buffalo
Amanda L. W. Bluck
Amanda Lewis, University of Illinois at Chicago
Amanda Meise
Amanda Moulder, University of San Diego
Amanda Multhaup
Amanda O’Brien
Amanda Pickett
Amanda Pipkin, UNC Charlotte
Amanda Pollock, Smith College
Amanda Rouse
Amanda Ruiz
Amanda Schienebeck
Amanda Seigel
Amanda Smith Byron, Conflict Resolution, Portland State University
Amanda Sprochi, University of Missouri
Amanda Stewart, University of Illinois at Chicago
Amanda Todd
Amanda Udis-Kessler
Amanda Yoder
Amanda Zink, Idaho State University
Amber Bemak
Amber Day, Bryant University
Amber Engelson, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Amber Galeo, Center Against Domestic Violence
Amber Hollibaugh, Barnard College
Amber J. Phillips, Co-Director of BLACK/Co-Host of the Black Joy Mixtape Podcast
Amber Jamilla Musser, Washington University in St. Louis
Amber Kelly, Quinnipiac University
Amber N. Wiley, Skidmore College
Amber Schalke, Activist
Amber Stankoff
Amber-Lanier Angeli, Activist
Amber-Nicole Rodriguez, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amee Catalano, Smith College School for Social Work
Amelia Bunch
Amelia Frank-Vitale, University of Michigan
Amelia LeClair, Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center
Amenda Jane Ellison
Ami Sommariva, Independent Scholar
Amie Jo McClellan, Bennington College
Amie Whittemore, Middle Tennessee State University
Amina Mama, UC Davis
Aminda Smith, Michigan State University
amir ahmadi
Amir Talai
Amira Proweller, DePaul University
Amira Rose Davis, Penn State University
Amrita Basu, Amherst College
Amy A Lehman, Esq.
Amy Agigian, Suffolk University
Amy Anders Corcoran
Amy Barber, Northeastern University
Amy Bennett
Amy C. Todd, Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Boston
Amy Cerullo
Amy Cimini, UC San Diego, Music
Amy Clukey, University of Louisville
Amy Cochrane, SUNY Geneseo
Amy Cox, Arcadia University
Amy Doherty, University of Oregon
Amy Domini
Amy Dunker
Amy E. Alterman, University of California Los Angeles
Amy E. Harth, Union Institute & University
Amy E. Hughes, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Amy E. Martin, Mount Holyoke College
Amy Edwards
Amy Engelsdorfer, Luther College
Amy Filiatreau, Lynn University
Amy Forsyth, Lehigh University
Amy Gazin-Schwartz
Amy Goldman Koss, Children’s Book Writer
Amy Gregory, APN, University of Illinois College of Medicine
Amy Haavik-MacKinnon
Amy Hackett, Veteran Feminists of America
Amy Hagopian, University of Washington
Amy Hague, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Amy Harter, University of Oregon
Amy Hay, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Amy Heath
Amy Hilden, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota
Amy Hoffman
Amy Ipp
Amy Jacobs, Ursuline College
Amy Jordan, Hampshire College
Amy K. Swan
Amy Kelly
Amy Kesselman, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies SUNY New Paltz
Amy Kilgard, San Francisco State University
Amy L Atchison, Valparaiso University
Amy L. Brandzel, University of New Mexico
Amy L. Brown, Moraine Valley Community College
Amy Laiken
Amy Larimer, Lehman College
Amy Leader, Mills College
Amy Levin, California State University, Northridge
Amy Levine, Pusan National University, South Korea
Amy Lind, University of Cincinnati
Amy Lindsey Richards
Amy Lively
Amy MacLennan, McKendree University
Amy Martin, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Amy Mecklenburg-Faenger
Amy Myrtetus
Amy Nelson, Moorpark College, Art History, Photography and Studio Arts
Amy Paris Langenberg, Eckerd College
Amy Partridge, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Northwestern University
Amy Pason, University of Nevada, Reno
Amy Pett
Amy Rathbone, San Francisco Waldorf School
Amy Ritthaler Gilmour, Department of English, UIW
Amy Rusk
Amy Rutstein Riley, Lesley University
Amy S. Campbell, KPOV
Amy Sarch, Shenandoah University
Amy Savin
Amy Scease Caterina
Amy Schrager Lang, Syracuse University, Emerita
Amy Shea, Writer
Amy Shimshon-Santo, Claremont Graduate University
Amy Smith
Amy Spooner Hendrick, MS, RN
Amy Steiger, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Amy Strickler
Amy Suess
Amy Taubin, School of Visual Arts, NYC
Amy Taylor, Independent Scholar & Austen Riggs Center
Amy Tormey
Amy Trufas
Amy Walsh MacKrell
Amy Williams, University of Pittsburgh
Amy Wood
Amy Wragg, University of Suffolk (UK)
Amy-Elizabeth Manlapas
Ana Antunes, University of Utah
Ana Croegaert, The University of New Orleans
Ana Franklin
Ana Grujic
Ana Hiott
Ana Kothe, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
Ana M. Juarez, Texas State University
Ana Maria Candela, Binghamton University
Ana María León, University of Michigan
Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia
Ana Patel, NoisyWomen
Ana Saballos, PhD
ana victoria aenlle
AnaLouise Keating, Texas Woman’s University
Ananya Dasgupta, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Case Western Reserve University
Anastacia Davis Bersch, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Anastasia C. Curwood, University of Kentucky
Anastasia Ulanowicz, University of Florida
Anastasia Zurcher
Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman, Columbia University
Andor Skotnes, The Sage Colleges
Andra Watkins
andré carrington, Drexel University
Andrea Arroyo, Andrea Arroyo Studio, Unnatural Election Art Project.
Andrea Belag
Andrea Blanch
Andrea Blum, Hunter College CUNY
Andrea Burke
Andrea C. Simonelli
Andrea Coldwell
Andrea Dyrness, Trinity College
Andrea Forbes
Andrea Friedman, Washington University in St. Louis
Andrea g norkus
Andrea Geyer, Parsons The New School
Andrea Hairston, Smith College
Andrea Hale, Texas Woman’s University, Graduate Student
Andrea Harris, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrea Hart
Andrea J. Ritchie, Researcher-in-Residence, Barnard Center for Research on Women Social Justice Institute
Andrea L Fallenstein-Stone, Gonzaga University
Andrea L. Corson
Andrea Lowgren, Portland Community College
Andrea Luna, Lyndon State College
Andrea Mantell Seidel, Florida International University
Andrea Mathews
Andrea Morrell, Guttman Community College CUNY
Andrea Negrete
Andrea Nightingale
Andrea Orzoff, New Mexico State University
Andrea Quaid
Andrea Reyes
Andrea Roberts, University of Texas at Austin
Andrea Sheridan
Andrea Simon
Andrea Sonenberg
Andrea Stoeckel
Andrea Sutton, Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality
Andrea Torres, BA, MSW, LCSW, Williams College, Smith College School for Social Work
Andrea Zelaya, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Alumna
Andreana Clay, San Francisco State University
Andrew Barron, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Andrew Berman
Andrew Dell’Antonio, The University of Texas at Austin
Andrew Dilts, Loyola Marymount University
Andrew Kohen, Emeritus Professor of Economics, James Madison University
Andrew Mazzaschi
Andrew Vazhavilla, University of Texas at Austin
Andrew Zitcer, Drexel University
Andrianna Campbell, CUNY Graduate Center
Andy Campbell, USC – Roski School of Art and Design
Andy Li
Aneil Rallin, Soka University of America
Anett Jessop
Angela Andeway, William Penn University
Angela Arzubiaga, Arizona State University
Angela Beauchamp, University of New Mexico
Angela Brayham, University of Waterloo/ Gallery Stratford
Angela C. Fitzpatrick
Angela Cotter
Angela Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara
Angela Dy, Loughborough University UK
Angela Elkordy, National Louis University
Angela Engbrecht
Angela Garcia, Stanford University
Angela Hartwig
Angela Ingram, University of Oregon
angela jerardi, Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Angela Jones, Farmingdale State College, SUNY
Angela La Battaglia, Occupational Therapist, Deparment of Education
Angela Ledford, College of St. Rose
Angela Norton
Angela Pitrone
Angela Ray, Northwestern University
Angela S. Journey, UC Berkeley
Angela Schroeder, University of Alberta
Angela Sofia Lombardo
Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, PhD
Angela Tarbet
Angela Valenzuela, The University of Texas at Austin
Angela Waseskuk, University of Northern Iowa
Angela Webber, MSN, FNP-C
Angela Willits
Angela Wood
Angela Zito, New York University
Angela-Jo Touza-Medina, M.A., LL.M.
Angeles Donoso Macaya, BMCC/CUNY
Angelina E. Castagno, Northern Arizona University
Angelique Craney, Columbia University, NYC
Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, University of Southern California
Angie Carter, Augustana College
Angie Heo, University of Chicago
Angie Laird, Florida International University
Angie Marzano
Ania Kowalik, Georgia Institute of Technology
Anicca Cox
Anika Simpson, Morgan State University
Anika Tilland-Stafford, PhD
Anila Agha, Associate Professor, Herron School of Art, IUPUI
Anita Andrews-Hutchinson, Village Leadership Academy
Anita Blanchard, UNC Charlotte, Psychology and Organization Science
Anita F. Hill, University Professor of Social Policy, Law and Women’s Studies, Brandeis University
Anita Gonzalez, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Anita L. Bradshaw, Independent Scholar
Anita Obermeier, University of New Mexico
Anita Prewett
Anita Revilla, UNLV
Anita Rubarth-Lay
Anita Say Chan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Anita Trent
Anita Varme
AnitaMarie Murano-Sweetman
Anitha Gandhi
Anja Moritz
Anjalene Whittier, University of Cambridge
Anjali Dutt, Macalester College
Anjana Malhotra, SUNY University at Buffalo Law School
Ann Bacon
Ann Baine
Ann Besser Scott, Bates College (Emerita)
Ann Braithwaite, UPEI
Ann Burnett, NDSU
Ann Bustamante
Ann Cammett, CUNY School of Law
Ann DeJesus Riley, Hartnell College, CSU Monterey Bay
Ann D’Ercole, New York University
Ann D’Orazio, University of New Mexico
Ann duCille, Pembroke Center, Brown University
Ann Dumas, Pennsylvania State University
Ann E. Lucas, Boston College
Ann E. Green, Saint Joseph’s University
Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Miami University of Ohio
Ann Faber
Ann Fell
Ann Ferguson, Professor Emerita, U-Mass Amherst
Ann Fleck-Henderson, Professor Emerita, Simmons College School of Social Work
Ann Froines, Women and Gender Studies Program, Univ. of Mass Boston, (retired)
Ann G. Deuel, MA
Ann G. Winfield, Roger Williams University
Ann Garry, Cal State LA, Philosophy, Emerita
Ann Gibbons
Ann Gottlieb
Ann Grim
Ann Hagan Webb
Ann Haugo, Illinois State University
Ann Heffernan, University of Chicago
Ann Johnson
Ann Jones, Harvard University
Ann K. Brooks, Texas State University
Ann Kennedy, U Maine, Farmington
Ann Klein, Musician
Ann Lauderdale, Professor and Director Emerita Social Work, Siena Heights University Michigan
Ann Lawson
Ann Lindberg-Borgen LADC, BA
Ann M. Ishimaru, University of Washington
Ann M. Kakaliouras, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Whittier College
Ann M. Rhodes, The University of Iowa
Ann Marie Nicolosi, The College of New Jersey
Ann Mattis, University of Wisconsin Sheboygan
Ann Menasche, San Diego Feminist Organizing Project
Ann Muir Corrin
Ann Murphy, University of New Mexico
Ann oconnell
Ann Patton, Writer
Ann Pearlman
Ann Rebecca Pierce Harrison, California Institute of Integral Studies, PhD candidate
Ann Reichhardt
Ann Roemer Harrington
Ann Rosalind Jones, Smith College
Ann Rowles, Artist
Ann Russo, WGS, DePaul University
Ann S. Holder, Pratt Institute
Ann Seitz, Mills College
Ann Shola Orloff, Northwestern University
Ann Snitow, The New School
Ann Steenbergen
Ann Stewart
Ann Sullivan
Ann Thompson
Ann Tickner, American University
Ann Townsend, Professor, Director of Creative Writing, Denison University, Co-Founder, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Ann Withorn, Professor of Social Policy Emeritus University of Mass. Boston
Anna Agoston
Anna Attie, University of Chicago
Anna Boshka
Anna Botta
Anna Carella, Vanderbilt University, Political Science
Anna Carini
Anna Cooper
Anna Eisenberg
Anna Elrod
Anna Gebhardt, Musician and Artist
Anna Guevarra, University of Illinois at Chicago
Anna J Brown, Saint Peter’s University
Anna Jacobsen, Washington University
Anna Joy Springer, Associate Professor, University of CA, San Diego
Anna Jucker, University of Florida
Anna K. Hacker
Anna Kornbluh
Anna Kornbluh, UIC
Anna L. Weissman, University of Florida
Anna M. Guthrie, California State University, San Berndino, Retired
Anna M. J. Holloway
Anna Malavisi, Michigan State University
Anna McNamer, Southern Utah University
Anna Muraco, Loyola Marymount University
Anna Parkinson, Northwestern University
Anna Riechmann, Artist
Anna Scanlon, University of Leicester
Anna Schultz, Stanford University
Anna Shtrauh, MA
Anna Siebach-Larsen, University of Notre Dame
Anna Spielvogel, MD, University of California San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry
Anna St Claire, USC University Queensland
Anna Storti, University of Maryland
Anna Stupers, Leiden University
Anna Swan, University of Washington
Anna Weisman
Annabel Martín, Dartmouth College
Annalisa Enrile, USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work
Annamarie Cioffari, Ph.D.
AnnaSue Marczynski, Southwestern University
Anne Alexander
Anne Barngrover
Anne Bedrick, Artist, K-4 Art Educator,
Anne Benda
Anne Bennett, California State University San Bernardino
Anne Bluethenthal
Anne Brannen, Duquesne University (Retired)
Anne Clarke Brown
Anne Collin
Anne Cong-Huyen, Whittier College
Anne Donadey, San Diego State University
Anne Dycus
Anne E. Lacsamana, Hamilton College
Anne Elizabeth Simmons, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Retired)
Anne Elrod Whitney, Pennsylvania State University
Anne Engelhardt
Anne Erde, University of Massachusetts/Boston
Anne Fausto-Sterling, Brown University
Anne Fernald, Fordham University
Anne Guillette, University of Pennsylvania
Anne H. Stevens, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Anne Haggerty
Anne Harris, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Anne Hemenway
Anne Hunt
Anne J. Cruz, Professor Emerita, University of Miami
Anne Johnson, Lehman College, CUNY, retired
Anne Jones
Anne Laney
Anne LeBaron, CalArts
Anne Lesley Selcer, UC Santa Cruz
Anne M. Martinez, University of Groningen
Anne Margaret Rittman
Anne McClintock, Princeton University
Anne McKinney, University of Illinois
Anne Rashid, Carlow University
Anne Rice, Lehman College, CUNY
Anne Richardson, grassroots ACTION-Whatcom
Anne Sisson Runyan, University of Cincinnati
Anne Swartz
Anne T Wright
Anne Thompson, Bates College
Anne Valk, Williams College
Anne Waldman, Naropa University
Anne Welsbacher
Anne Wiegard, SUNY Cortland
Anne Winkler-Morey, Metropolitan State University
Anne Ziff, LMFT
Anneeth Kaur Hundle, University of California, Merced
Anneli Frelin, University of Gavle
Annelise Orleck, Dartmouth College
Annelise Riles, Cornell University
Annelissa Gray-Lion
Anne-Marie Angelo, University of Sussex
Anne-Marie Reynolds, Juilliard School
Annertte Geddesfallow, Michigan School of Art
Annessa Babic, Independent Scholar
Annette Barnett
Annette Bernazzoli
Annette Fierro, University of Pennsylvania
Annette Flanders, MSN/Ed, RN
Annette Hearing
Annette Parks, University of Evansville
Annette Schiebout
Annette Van Dyke, Emerita, University of Illinois Springfield
Annette Wannamaker, Eastern Michigan University
Annette Williams, California Institute of Integral Studies
annick boisset
Annick T.R. Wibben, University of San Francisco
Annie Allen, CU Boulder
Annie Altberg-Rodriguez, Montessori Secondary Teacher, AMS
Annie Berke, Hollins University
Annie Caruso, University of Oregon
Annie Chant
Annie Cheatham
Annie Danis, University of California, Berkeley
Annie Duffy, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Annie Gentils, galerist contemporary art
Annie Hill, University of Minnesota
Annie Menzel, Vassar College
Annie Nash, M.A., Ed.M., Ed.D.
Annie Pendergrast
Annie Randall, Bucknell University
Annie Scibienski, Ghent Consulting, MBA UGA
Annie Waterman
Annie Wilkinson, UC Irvine
Annye Love
Anonymous, University of Chicago
Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, New York University
Anthony Alessandrini, City University of New York
Anthony Crisafi, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
Anthony Fleury
Anthony Grudin, University of Vermont
Anthony Hind
Anthony Paul Farley, Albany Law School
Anthony Q. Hazard Jr., Santa Clara University
Anthony Teets, Stony Brook University
Antoinette Charfauros McDaniel, Baldwin Wallace
Antoinette M Schippers
Antona Briley
Antonia Darder, Loyola Marymount University
Antonia Delgado-Poust, University of Mary Washington
Antonia Halton, Ph.D.
Antonia I. Castaneda, St. Mary’s University (retired)
Antonia McDill
Anusha Kedhar, Colorado College
Anusia Manduk-Cheyne
Anustup Basu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Anya Cloud, California State University San Marcos
Anya Jabour
Anya Stanger, Syracuse University
Anya Yurchyshyn
Aowen Annbjorg
April Adams
April Anderson
April DeConick, Rice University
April Graham, Rutgers University
April Halprin Wayland, Authors and Illustrators for Children
April Lidinsky, Indiana University South Bend
April Michael
April OBrien, Clemson University
April OKeefe
April Prince
April Warren-Grice
Aracelis Girmay, Hampshire College
Arash Daneshzadeh, USF
Arcelia Gutierrez, University of Michigan
Archana Bandi
Areum Jeong, UC Santa Barbara
Ari Sammartino, Oberlin College
Ari Zainuddin
Ariana Robey-Lawrence, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Ariana Speranza
Ariana Thompson-Lastad, UC San Francisco, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Ariane Helou, UCLA
Ariel Watson, Saint Mary’s University
Ariela Gross, University of Southern California
Arielle Greenberg
Arielle Karp
Arielle Yoder, Actor and Teaching Artist
Arijit Sehanobish, University of Maryland
Arisika Razak, California Institute of Integral Studies
Arissa H. Oh, Boston College
Arleen B. Dallery, La Salle University
Arleen Gonzalez, Stockton University
Arleen Prairie, Professor Emerita, City Colleges of Chicago
Arlene Avakian, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Arlene Elder, Professor Emerita, University of Cincinnati
Arlene Goldbard
Arlene Stein, Rutgers University
Arline Rubin, Brooklyn College (CUNY)
Armond R. Towns, University of Denver
Arnold Kahn, James Madison University
Art Jaszczyk
Artemis Seay
Arthur B. Powell, Rutgers University-Newark
Artie Dixon, Artist
Arwen Spicer, Clark College
Arya Popescu, Columbia University
Arya Shae
Aryn Martin, York University
Asa Mittman, California State University, Chico
Asbury Hamilton Williams, Whittier College
Ash Eliza Smith, University of California, San Diego
Ash Stephens, University of Illinois at Chicago
Asha Nadkarni, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ashaki Robinson Johns
Ashanté Reese, Spelman College
Ashla Hill Roseboro, Howard University
Ashleigh Dean, Monmouth University
Ashley Allen, George Mason University
Ashley Ayers, M.Ed, Howard University
Ashley Begley
Ashley C. Rondini, Franklin and Marshall College
Ashley Camhi, Arizona State University
Ashley Farmer, Boston University
Ashley Graham
Ashley J Bohrer, Hamilton College
Ashley Roberts, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ashley Ruderman, University of Kentucky
Ashley S. Williams
Ashley Thompson
Ashley Woods, Artist
Ashwin Budden
Asia Eaton, Florida International University
Aspen Ward
Ásta K Sveinsdótir, San Francisco State University
Asta McCann, York University
Asti Hustvedt
Atina Grossmann, Cooper Union
Attiya Ahmad, George Washington University
Aubrey Brandt
Auburn Sandstrom, University of Akron
Audrey Ettinger, Cedar Crest College
Audrey Goldstein, Art & Design, Suffolk University, Boston
Audrey Lance, University of Pittsburgh
Audrey Ledesma
Audrey Scranton, University of Iowa
Auna Harris
Aunchalee Palmquist, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Elon University
Aurélie Vialette, Stony Brook University
Austin Bowes, NYU
Austin Jackson, Michigan State University
Authie Marguerite
Autumn Bruno
Autumn Gilles
Ava Ordman, Michigan State University
Ava Preacher, University of Notre Dame
Ava Talamantez
Aviva Briefel, English and Cinema Studies, Bowdoin College
Avrom Altman, Professor, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Awo Okaikor Aryee-Price
Axel Mueller, Philosophy, Northwestern University
Ayana I. Karanja, Loyola University, Chicago
Ayla Peters, University of California, Berkeley
Aymee Laurain
Azalea Tang
B. Dana Kivel, California State University, Sacramento
B. Wayne Bequette, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
B. Avery Syrig, Artist
B. D. Walls, University of Washington
B. Elaine Belcher
B.T. Kimoto, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Emory University
Bailey Kelley, University of Iowa
Bailey Smolarek
Baird Campbell, Rice University
Baiyina W. Muhammad, Associate Professor of History, North Carolina Central University
Bambi B. Schieffelin, New York University
Banafsheh Madaninejad, Southwestern University
Bandana Purkayastha
Bani O’Connor-Bobb, Empire State College
Banu Subramaniam, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Barat Ellman
Barb Blackledge, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Barb LeSavoy, The College at Brockport, SUNY
Barbara Barnett, University of Kansas
Barbara Black
Barbara A. Biesecker, Professor of Communication Studies, University of Georgia
Barbara A. Kerr, Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas
Barbara Adams, Arkansas Tech University
Barbara Adams, The New School
Barbara Anderson
Barbara Ann Voetsch
Barbara Anne Fisher, Anglican Studies, Virginia Theological Seminary
Barbara Antebi
Barbara Aswad, Professor Emerita Wayne State University
Barbara B. Brown, Boston University
Barbara B. Morris, Parsons School of Design, The New School
Barbara B. Wilson
Barbara Barron
Barbara Berner, University of Alaska Anchorage
Barbara Berry Larson
Barbara Bick, California State University, East Bay
Barbara Bleyaert, Eastern Michigan University
Barbara Bokhour, Boston University
Barbara Bologna Carson
Barbara Brush, San Diego State University
Barbara Cady, President, Greater Orlando Chapter NOW
Barbara Campisi
Barbara Caruso, Earlham College
Barbara Cassidy, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Barbara Cline
Barbara Corrado Pope, University of Oregon, Emerita
Barbara Correll, Cornell University
Barbara Cummings Keller
Barbara D Pieroni
Barbara Dale Saufley
Barbara Eisold Ph.D.
Barbara Ellman
Barbara Engel
Barbara Epstein, University of California, Santa Cruz
Barbara Foley, Rutgers University-Newark
Barbara Freeman
Barbara Gardner
Barbara Geiger
Barbara Gitjroe, Northeastern University
Barbara Gittens
Barbara Gray
Barbara Groves
Barbara Gruber
Barbara Gurr, University of Connecticut
Barbara H. Guest
Barbara Hammer, The European Graduate School
Barbara Hay, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Barbara Hill
Barbara Hobens, Author
Barbara J Ford, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Emerita
Barbara J Sauer
Barbara Jane Brickman, University of Alabama
Barbara Janssen
Barbara Jo Revelle, University Professor Emeritus, University of Florida
Barbara K Nelson, Triton College
Barbara Kamholz, Boston University School of Medicine
Barbara Kirby
Barbara Kolsun, Cardozo Law School, New York, NY
Barbara L. Silas, South Seattle College
Barbara Lechner
Barbara Leon
Barbara Liedhegner
Barbara Lynn Kunkle, Shawnee State University
Barbara MacPherson
Barbara Mills, M.S.
Barbara Mullen Smith, University of Akron
Barbara Norris, Writer
Barbara Olinger
Barbara Olsen, Vassar College
Barbara Pitsch
Barbara R. Kaufmann
Barbara Rahder, York University
Barbara Ransby, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Barbara Remund, MSNU, SMSU
Barbara Rhine, Author, Attorney, and Activist
Barbara Rhodes, Retired, University of Central Missouri
Barbara Ritter, Artist
Barbara Rodman, University of North Texas
Barbara Rubin, Emerita, New Jersey City University
Barbara Ryan, Widener University, Emerita
Barbara Sanchez, PhD.
Barbara Schaefer, Beacon Social Care Ltd.
Barbara Schwarz
Barbara Shaw, Allegheny College
Barbara Sim, Emerson College England
Barbara Smith
Barbara Solheim, William Rainey Harper College
Barbara Soloman
Barbara Sostaita, The University of North Carolina
Barbara Strasen, Artist
Barbara Svetlik
Barbara Templeton
Barbara Turk, Psy.D.
Barbara Ungar, College of Saint Rose
Barbara Voss, Stanford University
Barbara Weinstein, New York University
Barbara Westlake
Barbara White, Princeton University
Barbara Whitman
Barbara Winslow, Founder and Director Emerita: The Shirley Chisholm Project of Brooklyn College
Barbara Wirtz
Barbara Wyatt
Barbara Y. Phillips, Independent Scholar
Barbara Zittel, (Formerly) New York State Education Department
Barbra Druffel
Barbro Hedström
Bari Dzomba
Barrie Karp
Barrie Thorne, University of California, Berkeley, Emerita
Barry Bergen, Gallaudet University
Barry Morris, Pace University
Bart Dority
Bartolo Natoli, Randolph-Macon College
Bathsheba Doran, Writer
Bayla McDougal, Addiction Counseling Studies, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
Beatrice Dohrn, University of Oregon Law School
Beatrice Genco
Beatrice Wayne, New York University
Beatriz E. Ramírez-Betances
Beau Grosscup, Emeritus Professor, California State University, Chico
Becca Albee, The City College of New York, CUNY
Becca Berkey, Northeastern University
Becca Klaver, Rutgers University
Beckie Child, Portland State University
Becky Bolte
Becky Byrd
Becky Correll
Becky Grover
Becky Killik, USF, Women’s and Gender Studies M.A.
Becky Thompson, Simmons College
Becky Weiss, Antioch, New England
Belinda Davis, Rutgers University
Belinda Fleming
Belinda Wong
Bella Mirabella, New York University
Belle Erickson PhD, RN, Villanova University
Ben Anderson-Nathe, Portland State University
Ben Davies, University of Portsmouth, UK
Ben Himmelfarb
Ben Lisle, Colby College
Benita Roth, Binghamton University
Benjamin H. Welsh, Morgan State University
Benjamin Kersten, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Benjamin Muller, King’s University College
Benjamin Pryor, Antioch University
Benjamin Sutcliffe, Miami University
Berenice M. Fisher, Prof. Emerita New York University
Berit bizjak
Berly Brown
Bernadette Barton, Morehead State University
Bernadette J. Brooten, Brandeis University, Professor and Director, Feminist Sexual Ethics Project
Bernadette Marie Calafell
Bernadette Vielbig
Bernadine (Birdie) Rotramel
Bernadine Hernández, University of New Mexico
Bernard F. Matt, Wilmington College–Cincinnati Branch
Bernardine Dohrn, Northwestern University School of Law
Bernardo Attias, California State University Northridge
Bertha Jenkins, PhD
Beryl Satter, Rutgers University-Newark
Bess Rogers
Beth A. Ferri, Syracuse University
Beth Alvarado, OSU-Cascades
Beth Andersen
Beth Bartolini-Salimbeni, Writer
Beth Bond, National Organization for Women, Chicago Leadership Alliance, Women Tech Founders
Beth Buckles Deans, Ed.D., LPC, CVE
Beth C. Rubin, Rutgers University
Beth Clark, PhD, RN, University of Maine, retired
Beth Cleary, Macalester College
Beth Custer, Mills College
Beth Denisch, Berklee College of Music, Boston
Beth E. McGarry, Indian River State College
Beth E. Richie, University of Illinois at Chicago
Beth Erlander
Beth Fowler, Wayne State University
Beth Goldstein, University of Kentucky
Beth Goss, Instructor of Parent Education, North Seattle College
Beth Hartman
Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, Michigan State
Beth Holmgren, Duke University
Beth Jakubanis, California State University, Northridge
Beth Jones
Beth Kowaleski Wallace
Beth Lowrey
Beth M. Borgen-Lindberg, Dr., Red Wing Public Schools
beth malik
Beth Malone
Beth Molnar, Northeastern University
Beth Newton Watson
Beth Robinson, Texas A&M – Corpus Christi
Beth Ruder
Beth Seymour, Penn State, Altoona
Beth Shadur
Beth Sondel, University of Pittsburgh
Beth Teliho, Author and Artist
Beth Tryck
Beth Williford, Manhattanville College
Beth Youngblood, Montana Women’s Chorus
Bethany Barratt
Bethany Davila, University of New Mexico
Bethany Doane, Penn State University
Bethany Jacobs, Georgia Tech
Bethany Letiecq, George Mason University
Bethany M Coston, Virginia Commonwealth University
Bethany Schneider, Bryn Mawr College
Bethany Stöllar, Tennessee State University
Bethany Waller, Bastyr University Seattle, WA
Bethel Saler, Haverford College
Betsy Bruyere M.Ed., Aboriginal Community Equity Services
Betsy Eudey, California State University, Stanislaus
Betsy Huang, Clark University
Betsy Jones Hemenway, Loyola University, Chicago
Betsy Lavolette, Gettysburg College
Betsy Pohlman, Independent Writer and Research Consultant
Betsy Schlabach, Earlham College
Betsy Smith
Betsy Wackernagel Bach, University of Montana
Bett Weston, University of Michigan
Bettina Aptheker, University of California, Santa Cruz
Betty Ann Brown, California State University Northridge
Betty Beck
Betty Bowen
Betty Fredieu
Betty Haley Haven, Indiana University, Bloomington
Betty Harris
Betty J Ruth, Boston University School of Social Work
Betty Levinson
Betty M. Bayer, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Betty Stidolph
Betty Weiss
Betty Wolder Levin, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy
Betty Wolder Levin, CUNY School of Public Health
Bev S. Weiler
Beverlee Davis
Beverley Harper Tinsley
Beverly A. Hall, University of Texas at Austin
Beverly Army Williams, Westfield State University
Beverly Bain, Women and Gender Studies University of Toronto
Beverly Boone Meek
Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College
Beverly J. Horsley
Beverly McPhail
Beverly Moreland
Beverly Reed Scott
Beverly S. Hartford, Indiana University
Beverly Sigler
Beverly Weber, University of Colorado Boulder
Bey-Ling Sha, San Diego State University
Bianca D.M. Wilson, University of California, Los Angeles
Bianca J. Baldridge, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bianca Reisdorf, Michigan State University
Bianca Tomasini
Bianca Williams, University of Colorado Boulder
Bill Flack, Bucknell University
Bill Rosenthal
Bill Svelmoe, St. Mary’s College
Billie J. Robertson
Billie Lyn Jensen
Billie Wells
Billie Y. Guerra, MD
Bird Winchester, Artist
Bishnupriya Ghosh, UC Santa Barbara
BK Fischer, Columbia University
Blaine Bookey, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies
Blair Smith
Blaise Allen
Blake E. Hayes, Ritsumeikan University, Leicester University
Blanca Caldas, University of Minnesota
blanche wiesen cook, John Jay College & Graduate Center, CUNY
Bluma Goldstein, Professor Emerita, UC.Berkeley
Blythe Benson
Blythe Million, Psy.D.
Bo Dawson
Bob Washburne
Bobbie Jean Ellis-Allen
Bobbie McClain, UC Berkeley, SELS and Potter
Bobby Dalton G. Roy, California Department of Education
Bogdana M. Manole
Boni Wozolek, Independent Scholar
Bonita Hoover
Bonita J. Sweeney
Bonnie A. Lesley
Bonnie B. Spanier, University at Albany
Bonnie Berman Cushing, The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
Bonnie Blythe
Bonnie Ferrill Roman, Regis University
Bonnie J. Eckard, Arizona State University
Bonnie J. Morris, Georgetown University
Bonnie Jacobs
Bonnie Kime Scott, San Diego State University
Bonnie L. Gasior, California State University Long Beach
Bonnie L. Johnson, CUNY School of Professional Studies
Bonnie Lloyd
Bonnie Myotai Treace, Sensei
Bonnie Oglensky, CUNY School of Professional Studies
Bonnie Olson
Bonnie S. Anderson, Professor of History Emerita, CUNY
Bonnie Smith
Bonnie Whitener, University of Alabama
Brad Schaedler
Brad Sullivan, Western New England University
Brad van Eeden-Moorefield, Montclair State University
Bradley M. Stone, San José State University
Brady Jones, Northwestern University
Braeden Hall, Just Communities of Arkansas
Brandale Mills, Howard University
Brandi Glaser
Brandi Lawless, University of San Francisco
Brandi Peña García, San José State University
Brandit Thompson Summers, Virginia Commonwealth University
Brandon K Thomas
Brandon Mace
Brandon Shafer
Brandon Woolf, New York University
Brandy Daniels, PhD candidate, Vanderbilt University
Brandy Lyn G. Brown
Bre Mapston
Breanne Fahs, Arizona State University
Bree Lacey, California State University, Los Angeles
Bree Picower, Montclair State University
Breedheen O’Rilley Keefer
Bren Goode
Brenda Anderson, UNC Chapel Hill
Brenda Battleson White, University at Buffalo – SUNY
Brenda Braham, Montgomery College – Retired
Brenda Bruce-Austin
Brenda Daly, Emeritus Professor, Iowa State University
Brenda Duncan Blevins
Brenda Goddard-Laurence, Artist
Brenda Hall Schatz, Mount Holyoke College
Brenda J. Greene, Ph.D
Brenda Marie Smith, author
Brenda Rademan
Brenda Rannow, Washington State University
Brenda S. Gardenour Walter, Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Brenda Sendejo, Southwestern University
Brenda Steinberg
Brenda Wyatt, Independent Scholar-Activist
Brendan McGillicuddy, University of Minnesota
Brett Krutzsch, The College of Wooster
Brett N. Glidden
Briallen Hopper, Yale University
Brian A Bremen, The University of Texas at Austin
Brian Cambourne, University of Wollongong, Australia
Brian Chambers
Brian Klocke
Brian McGrath, Parsons School of Design
Brian McKenna
Briana Hinton, Howard University School of Law
Briana Martino, Simmons College
Brianna Guckemus, Excelsior College
Brianna Gutiérrez, Union College
Brianna Jerman, University of South Florida
Brianna Suslovic, Smith College School for Social Work
Brianne Itaya, UC San Diego
Brianne Lyons
Briar Gartner
Briavel Holcomb, Rutgers University
Bridget Carpenter
Bridget L. Bryson
Bridget Lynch, Simmons College
Bridget Seay
Bridget Torres, Yale School of Medicine
Bridgett M. Davis, CUNY (Baruch College)
Bridgett Williams-Searle, College of Saint Rose
Brie Adams, UMass Amherst
BrieAnna Lindquist, Saint Cloud State University
Brielle Curvey, RISD, Boost Creative
Brigette Demerais, Student, University of Saskatchewan
Brighid Dwyer
Brigitte Nicolet, University of Hawai’i, at Manoa
Brigitte Samson, DigiPen Institute of Technology
Britney Wardecker, Penn State University
Britni Houser, Cedar Crest College Alumni
Britt Howard
Britta Bourdaghs
Britta Sjogren, San Francisco State University
Brittan Barker, Utah State University
Brittany Dernberger, University of Maryland, College Park
Brittany Meché, University of California, Berkeley
Brittany Plant, University of North Carolina
Brittany Pomeroy
Brittney Cooper, Rutgers University
Bronwyn Cross-Denny
Bronwyn Kay Galloway, JD/MA
Brooke Beloso, Butler University
Brooke Bocast, The University of the Witwatersrand
Brooke Laufer, Psy.D., California Institute of Integral Studies
Brooke Mascagni, Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Brooke Midkiff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Brooklynn Hitchens, Rutgers University
Brooks McEwen
Bruce Henderson, Ithaca College
Bruce Rowe, North Country Community College, Saranac Lake, NY
Bruno Carvalho, Princeton University
Bryan Crable, Villanova University
Bryan Maddox, Miami University
Bryce Peake, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Bunnie Kramer
C. Almos
C. Keiner, RIT
C. Stockton
C. Alejandra Elenes, Arizona State University
C. Broughton Anderson, Berea College
C. Christine Fair
C. Goodison, CUNY
C. Heike Schotten, University of Massachusetts Boston
C. L. McKinney
C. Lynn Carr, Seton Hall University
C. Melinda Levin, Professor of Documentary Media Production & Studies, University of North Texas
C.J. Abramson
C.J. Alvarez, University of Texas at Austin
C.J. Pascoe, University of Oregon
C.S. Scotkin
C.T. Griffith, Author and Artist
Cady Mattson, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
Cailin O’Connor, UC Irvine
Cait Coker
Caitlin Benedetto, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Caitlin Bruce, University of Pittsburgh
Caitlin Cahill, Pratt Institute
Caitlin Dicus
Caitlin Dobson, University of Southern California
Caitlin Ewing, Ursuline College
Caitlin George
Caitlin Howlett, Indiana University
Caitlin Mary Margarett, University of Northern Iowa- Student
Caitlin Ryan, PhD Student, Princeton University
Caitlin Ryan, University of Colorado Boulder
Caitlin Scarano, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Caitlyn Perry Dial, Ph.D
Caitlyn Yantis, University of Illinois at Chicago
Calista Sprague
Callahan McDonough
Callie Wise
Calvin Phelps, Pike School of Art
Calvin Thomas, Georgia State University
Camarin M. Porter, Northern Arizona University
Cameron Duder
Cameron Leader-Picone, Kansas State University
Cameron Wade, North American Drama Therapy Association
Camika Royal, Assistant Professor of Urban Education, Loyola University Maryland
Camila Aránguiz-Allende, Virginia Commonwealth University
Camilla Hawthorne, UC Berkeley
Camilla Krone, The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University
Camille Beckette Warner
Camille Brightsmith
Camille Johnson, San Jose State University
Camille Odeh, Chicago State University
Camille Z. Charles, University of Pennsylvania
Candace Hibbard Lillie
Candace Laughinghouse, Chicago Theological Seminary
Candace Smith, California State University, Fullerton
Candace W Ross, Ph.D.
Candace White, PhD
Candice Harshner
Candice Jones
Candice Royer, Wilmington College, OH.
Candyce Milo
Caolan Madden, Rutgers University
Caprice Corona, Harvard University
Cara A. Levine
Cara Berg Powers, Executive Director, Transformative Culture Project
Cara DuBois, Emerson College
Cara E. Jones, Hamilton College
Cara Ellen Modisett
Cara Geary, Professor of Pediatrics, UTMB – Galveston, TX
Cara Greene
Cara Humphrey
Cara Laney, The College of Idaho
Caren Goldberg, Bowie State University
Caren Shapiro, LCSW, MFA, Endangered Bodies, EBNY
Cari Daugherty
Cari Ferraro, Artist and Author
Carilyn Raboin, MS, LLP
Carina del Valle Schorske, Columbia University
Carina Ray, Brandeis University
Carisa Miller
Carissa Nichols
Carissa Roberts, The Ohio State University
Carith Wiseman
Carl Billings
Carl Foster
Carl Garrison, Minister of Homeless Outreach -MCOC
Carl Lyons
Carla A. Pfeffer, University of South Carolina
Carla Akins
Carla Barqueiro, University of Baltimore
Carla Clements, Naropa University
Carla Corroto, Otterbein University
Carla Davis-Castro
Carla Della Gatta, University of Southern California
Carla Detchon
Carla Golden, Ithaca College
Carla Kaplan, Northeastern University
Carla Lynn Brown, Activist
Carla Peterson, Florida State University
Carla R. Messer
Carla Singer
Carla Wedemeyer
Carley Moore, New York University
Carlijn Urlings
Carlos M. Amador, Michigan Technological University
Carly A. Kocurek, Illinois Institute of Technology
Carly J. LaCrosse, UMass Law School
Carly Lyons, Memphis College of Art
Carly Yingst
Carmen Acevedo Butcher
Carmen Dominguez, Artist
Carmen E. Hernandez
Carmen Hilary Grant, Canadian Actors Equity Association
Carmen M. Martínez, Teachers College
Carmen Randolph Wilbourn, Society of Friends, Pullman Moscow Monthly Meeting
Carmen Smith
Carmen Stuart Fennessey
Carmen Winant, Columbus College of Art & Design
Carol A. Redmount, UC Berkeley
Carol A. Stabile, University of Oregon
Carol A. Taylor
Carol A. Walk, Ph.D
Carol Adderley
Carol Ann Johnston, Dickinson College
Carol Ann Trevor, Artist
Carol Anne Spreen, New York University
Carol Bailey
Carol Bernard, Northeast Lakeview College
Carol Boram-Hays, Ph.D., Columbus College of Art and Design
Carol Boyd, LCSW
Carol Chappell
Carol Coe
Carol Colatrella
Carol D Christ
Carol Daeley, Professor Emerita of English, Austin College
Carol Dobbins
Carol Dolan, Boston University
Carol E. Johnson, Professor, Central Arizona College
Carol Garber, Teachers College, Columbia University
Carol Gibbs
Carol Gilligan
Carol Heft, Muhlenberg College
Carol J. Boyd, University of Michigan
Carol J.S. Gonzalez
Carol Jacobsen, University of Michigan
Carol Jacobson, Ph.D., Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary of California Lutheran University
Carol Janssen
Carol Jean Gallo, PhD student, Cambridge University
Carol Kanter
Carol Kline
Carol L. Hardy
Carol L. Robinson, Kent State University at Trumbull
Carol L. Stimmel
Carol LaDuke
Carol Lasser, Oberlin College
Carol Lee Flinders
Carol Lee Tuck
Carol Luling, Hunterdon Health and Wellness
Carol Lyman, Arcadia University
Carol M Furlong
Carol M Miller, C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco
Carol M. Lamparter, MD
Carol Mason
Carol McGirk
Carol McSween-Brooks
Carol Murphy
Carol Nichels
Carol O. Perkins, Professor Emerita, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Carol Olicker
Carol Olsen, University of Idaho
Carol Owen, Westfield State University in Massachusetts
Carol Parker, LMHC
Carol Peterson Haviland, California State University, San Bernardino
Carol Quirke, SUNY Old Westbury
Carol Ross
Carol S. Wimmer, Author
Carol Sampson
Carol Siegel, Washington State University
Carol Simmons
Carol Sklenicka
Carol Squire
Carol Steele McLaughlin
Carol Tilley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Carol T. Tully, Professor Emeritus University of Louisville
Carol Tompkins
Carol Vaughn Furr
Carol Wayne White, Bucknell University
Carol Weatherford, Adjunct at Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Carol Zou
Carol-Ann Farkas
Carole Artigiani
carole bennett
Carole Blair, UNC-Chapel Hill
Carole Boyce Davies, Cornell University
Carole Chodoff
Carole Dawn Reinhart, Professor Emerita, University of Music and Performing Arts – Vienna, Austria
Carole d’Inverno, Artist
Carole Edelsky, Arizona State University
Carole Fabricant, University of California, Riverside
Carole Freeman, Artist
Carole Gozansky Garrison, Eastern Kentucky University, retired
Carole H Browner, UCLA
Carole Isseks Bailis, Syracuse University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania
carole joffe, UC Davis
Carole L Hagin., RN, CNM, Ret.
Carole L. Guzman, Writer
Carole Mandryk, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Carole Marie Zacek
Carole McGranahan, University of Colorado
Carole Metour
Carole Naggar, Independent Writer and Curator
Carole R. McCann, UMBC
Carole Sperdini
Carole Tallerino
Carole Tothe Gurgol
Carole Turbin, Professor Emerita, SUNY, Empire State College
Carolin Mauritz, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Institut für Sozialforschung an der Goehte-Universität Frankfurt
Carolina Artacho Guerra, Phillips Academy at Andover & The Independent School Gender Project
Caroline Campbell, University of North Dakota
Caroline Cox, Artist
Caroline Dadas, Montclair State University
Caroline Hair
Caroline Heldman, Occidental College
Caroline Hinkley, University of New Mexico
caroline hogue
Caroline J. Mindel
Caroline Jackson Smith, Professor, Oberlin College
Caroline Kinsolving
Caroline Levine, Cornell University
Caroline Light, Harvard College
Caroline Malone
Caroline Masikonde
Caroline Mitton, Boston College
Caroline Seymour-Jorn, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Caroline Walks Softly Bruyere, Elder, Algonquin Medicine Society
Caroline Woolard, The New School
Caroline Yang, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Carollee Howes, UCLA
Carolyn Backes
Carolyn Bistrian
Carolyn Buckley, Lafayette College
Carolyn Carney, Tarrant County College
Carolyn Clark Campbell, Former Director, Country of Georgia, World Bank, ABA/CEE
Carolyn Cody, University of Northern Colorado (Professor Emeritus)
Carolyn Edy, Appalachian State University
Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, Rhode Island College
Carolyn Fortuna, Rhode Island College
Carolyn Gomard
Carolyn Heckman, Temple University
Carolyn Hembree, University of New Orleans
Carolyn Herbst Lewis, Grinnell College
Carolyn Hicks, EdD
Carolyn Hoerdemann
Carolyn Hovenden
Carolyn J. Eichner, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Carolyn Jong, Concordia University
Carolyn LeComte, Douglass College of Rutgers University
Carolyn M. Byerly, Howard University
Carolyn Marvin, University of Pennsylvania
Carolyn McBride Nafziger
Carolyn McCullough
Carolyn McLemore
Carolyn Nelson Clark, Claremont Graduate University Alumna
Carolyn Nowakowski, Psy.D.
Carolyn Patten, Writer
Carolyn Peterson
Carolyn Princes
Carolyn Sargent, Washington University in St Louis
Carolyn Scantlebury, LMSW, Activist
Carolyn Woodward, The University of New Mexico
Carolyne Ali-Khan
Carolyne J. White, Rutgers University-Newark
Carolyne Richardson-Phillips
Caron Collins, SUNY
Caron Mellblom-Nishioka, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Carousel Bayrd
Carrie Champlin Sorensen
Carrie F. Engel
Carrie Heitman
Carrie Hough
Carrie Johnson, LCSW
Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Harvard University
Carrie Murawski
Carrie N. Baker, Smith College
Carrie Pitzulo
Carrie Ramirez
Carrie Saetermoe, California State University, Northridge
Carrie Sampson, Arizona State University
Carrie Sandahl, University of Illinois at Chicago
Carrie Vieira
CarrieLynn D. Reinhard, Dominican University
Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, Mary Frances Berry Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan, emerita
Cary Bertoncini, Shantou University
Cary Larson-McKay
Caryl Bigenho
Caryn Morgan, MEd/AET
Caryn Ruby
Caryn Wachsler, Nova SouthEastern University
Casey Kolb Nava, MD
Casey Ryan Kelly, Butler University
Casey Y. Myers, Kent State University
Cassandra Fetters, PhD
Cassandra Good, University of Mary Washington
Cassandra Jean Hall
Cassandra Laity, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Cassandra Robinson, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
Cassandra Smith, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Cassandra Tomlinson
Cassidy D. Ellis
Cassie Sanchez, Amherst College
Cassie White
Cat Yampell, Independent scholar
Cata Parkhurst
Catharine Clark
Catharine Mason
Catharine R. Stimpson
Catherine A. Lugg, Rutgers University
Catherine Adams
Catherine Albro
Catherine Benitz
Catherine Brown, Oberlin College
Catherine Clifford, Graceland University
Catherine Clinton, University of Texas San Antonio
Catherine Compton-Lilly, University of Wisconsin Madison
Catherine Connell, Boston University
Catherine Coppola, Hunter College of CUNY
Catherine Cunningham
Catherine Cunningham-Yee, Chicago Teachers Union
Catherine Daligga
Catherine Denial, Knox College
Catherine Donnelly
Catherine E. Bolten, University of Notre Dame
Catherine Fosl, University of Louisville
Catherine Frazee, Ryerson University, Canada
Catherine George
Catherine Griggs, Eckerd College
Catherine Gudis, University of California, Riverside
Catherine Hubka, University of New Mexico
Catherine Jampel, Clark University
Catherine Jean, University of Florida
Catherine Joseph, Macomb Intermediate School District
Catherine Keller, Drew University, The Theological School
Catherine Kerrison
Catherine Kingfisher, University of Lethbridge
Catherine L Williams
Catherine L. McClenahan, Emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Catherine Leduc, KCKCC Social Sciences
Catherine M Pittman, Saint Mary’s College
Catherine M. Orr, Beloit College
Catherine M. Wehlburg, Texas Christian University
Catherine Manning Flamenbaum, State University of New York
Catherine Marshall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Catherine McDonald Wade, Harvard University
Catherine Morgan Channell
Catherine Obarski
Catherine O’Callaghan, Marlboro College
Catherine Raissiguier, Hunter College, CUNY
Catherine Ransenberg, Retired AP English and Drama Teacher, State of Ohio
Catherine Ross Nickerson, Emory University
Catherine Siegel
Catherine Stringer, Artist
Catherine Tedford, St. Lawrence University
Catherine Tompkins, Retired, McMaster University, School of Nursing, Hamilton, Canada
Catherine Villanueva Gardner, Professor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Catherine Wineinger, Rutgers University
Catherine Wolfe, MS, PE
Catherine Zimmer, Pace University
CatherineMarie Davalos, Saint Mary’s College of California
Catheryne Majewski, M.S,
Cathey S. Cordes
Cathi Milligan
Cathie Bird
Cathleen Allyn Conway, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Cathleen Longan
Cathleen Loving, Texas A&M University
Cathryn Bailey, Western Michigan University
Cathryn Cummings
Cathryn Lavery, Iona College
Cathy Albisa, NESRI
Cathy Allen, MFA, Copper Mountain College
Cathy Cherup
Cathy Cook, UMBC
Cathy Culver, College of Coastal Georgia
Cathy Everts, Wayne State University
Cathy Goodman
Cathy Herman PhD
Cathy Holdt, LCSW
Cathy J. Cohen, University of Chicago
Cathy Jaskey, M.Div. Candidate, Vanderbilt Divinity School
Cathy L Kunkel
Cathy Lisa Schneider, American University
Cathy Notarnicola, MA, University of New Mexico
Cathy Sheehe
Cathy Weirick, Child Welfare
CathyAnn Beaty, InterPlay
Cati Coe, Rutgers University
Catia C. Confortini, Wellesley College
Ceara Comstock, Elementary Educator
Cecilia A. Valenzuela, University of Colorado Boulder
Cecilia Aldarondo, Skidmore College
Cecilia Beach, Alfred University
Cecilia Cissell Lucas, University of California Berkeley
Cecilia Haviland, Adjunct Professor Art & Design, Retired, Palomar College, San Marcos, CA
Cecilia Konchar Farr, Saint Catherine University, Minnesota
Cecilia M Bensen
Cei Bell
Ceilidh Meo
Celeste Day Moore, Hamilton College
Celeste De Lyna, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Celeste Del Russo, Rowan University
Celeste Johansson, UC Hastings College of Law
Celeste Seibel, Portland State University
Celeste Staley
Celeste Vitunic
Celia Barnes, Lawrence University
Celia E. Naylor, Barnard College
Celia Feliciano, NYU School of the Arts Master’s in Film & TV 1969
Celia Heringman
Celia Jose
Celina Su, City University of New York
Celine Carayon, Salisbury University
Celine Piser, University of California, Davis
Celine Simpson
Celine-Marie Pascale, American University
Cesar Conde
César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández
Chad Cardani-Trollinger, Drake University
Chala Hunter
Chana Kronfeld, University of California, Berkeley
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, University of Washington
Chandni Desai, University of Illinois at Chicago
Chandra Balkaran, Hunter College, NYC
Chandra Jessee
Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Syracuse University
Chantelle Wells, Utah Valley University
Charissa Threat, Spelman College
Charity Lee Hunter
Charlene Beckmann, Grand Valley State University
Charlene Briggs
charlene haupt
Charlene noble
Charles Derber, Department of Sociology, Boston College
Charles Hermes, University of Texas Arlington
Charles Keith, Michigan State University
Charles Samuel Truxillo, College of William & Mary
Charles Tocci, Loyola University Chicago
Charlette Epifanio
Charlie Jeffries, Yale University, University of Cambridge
Charlisa Christian, University of New Mexico
Charlita D. Anderson-White, Adjunct Faculty, Indiana Wesleyan University
Charlotte Alling
charlotte ann dehgan
Charlotte Brandt
Charlotte Bunch, Rutgers University
Charlotte D’Acierno, Harvard University
Charlotte Ellis, Washington University in St. Louis
Charlotte Hajer
Charlotte Haynes, Teachers College, Columbia University
Charlotte Hitchcock
Charlotte Key
Charlotte Lopez
Charlotte M. Canning, University of Texas at Austin
Charlotte María Sáenz, California Institute of Integral Studies
Charlotte OBrien
Charlotte Pass, State University of New York at Cortland
Charlotte Segall, Pratt Institute
Charlotte Sheedy
Charlotte Witt, University of New Hampshire
Charlotte Writer
Charma Craven, MS
Charmaine Crockett
Charone Pagett, WRFG 89.3FM Atlanta
Chase Roycroft, UNC Chapel Hill
Chatham Lovette, Stony Brook University
Chaumtoli Huq, BMCC & Law@theMargins
Chauna Craig
Chayah Stoneberg, Allen University, Columbia SC
Chelle Honiker
Chelsea Blackmore, University of California, Santa Cruz
Chelsea Johnson, University of Southern California
Chelsea Lemburg, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Chelsea Miller
Chelsea Ross, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Chelsea Specht, University of California, Berkeley
Chenjerai Kumanyika, Clemson University
Cheri Barnhart
Cheri Catt
Cheri Dennen M. Ed.
Cheri Gaulke, Artist
Cheri Gurse
Cheri Smith, Artist
Cherie Ann Turpin, University of the District of Columbia
Cherie Monson
Cherise Charleswell, MPH, The Hampton Institute: Working Class Think Tank
Cheryl B. Anderson, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Cheryl Barkey, Cabrillo College
Cheryl Carter
Cheryl Casey, Champlain College
Cheryl Clarke
Cheryl D. Hicks, UNC-Charlotte
Cheryl Dullabaun, CSU Northridge, retired
Cheryl E. Matias
Cheryl E. Matias, Ph.D., University of Colorado Denver
Cheryl Fisher
Cheryl Forbes, Whitworth University, retired
Cheryl H. Porter, University of Florida
Cheryl Hirshman, Mount Ida College
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, American University
Cheryl Hyde, Temple University
Cheryl I. Harris, UCLA Law School
Cheryl Ingram, Diverse City, LLC
Cheryl Johnson, Miami University
Cheryl Johnson-Odim
Cheryl Koos, Professor of History, California State University, Los Angeles
Cheryl L. Cooke
Cheryl Lemus, Ashford University
Cheryl Llewellyn, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Cheryl M. Kimberley, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
Cheryl Meeker
Cheryl Moreno
Cheryl Prosch-Jensen Reed
Cheryl R. Lehman, Hofstra University
Cheryl Rosaen, Professor Emerita Michigan State University
cheryl schriber
Cheryl Towers, American Association of University Women (AAUW), Fox Chapel, PA Area Branch
Cheryl Zahajko, University of Washington
Cheryl Zinsmeyer
Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph
Cheyne Cumming
Chez Rumpf
Chie Ikeya, Rutgers University
Chief Tom Dostou, North American Indian Nation
Chiori Miyagawa, Bard College
Chloe Ahmann, George Washington University
Chloe Heidepriem
Chloe Stillwell
Chona Lauyan
Chris Arthur
Chris Bobel, University of Massachusetts Boston
Chris Bomba, SUNY Buffalo
Chris Boyatzis, Bucknell University
Chris Calkins
Chris Clark, Artist / Art Teacher
Chris Cuomo, University of Georgia
Chris Eddy
Chris Hables Gray, UCSC
Chris Hill
Chris Murray, American University of Afghanistan
Chris Phelps-Thiry
Chris Pierce
Chris Rafuse
Chris Rasmussen
Chris Ronk
Chris Rowzee
Chris Tanner, Professor Emerita, Oregon Health & Science University
Chris Taylor
Chris Torres, Michigan State University
Chris Wood
Christa Myers
Christen Clifford, The New School
Christene Waldman, University of Southern California
Christian Flaugh, SUNY-University at Buffalo
Christiana Z. Peppard, Fordham University
Christiane Gervais
Christianna Nelson
Christie Hanna
Christina A. León, Oregon State University
Christina A. Valeo, Eastern Washington University
Christina Baade, McMaster University
Christina Beaudoin, UMass Amherst
Christina Cedillo, University of Houston Clear Lake
Christina Ceisel, California State University Fullerton
Christina Dorr, Ph.D., Kent State University/ Member, American Library Assoc.
Christina Forrester
Christina Galle
Christina Gomez, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Christina Greene
Christina Greer, Fordham University
Christina Heatherton, Trinity College
Christina Hill
Christina Joesten
Christina Keilt
Christina Knight, Haverford College
Christina LaMaire, North Carolina State University
Christina M. LaVecchia
Christina Neill
Christina Rawls
Christina Riley, George Mason University
Christina SanInocencio, University of Maryland College Park
Christina Scheuer, North Seattle College
Christina Sharpe, Tufts University
Christina Svane, Las Plumas Writing Workshops, Spain
Christina Taylor-Godwin, UCSB
Christina Wallace
Christine A Strand
Christine A. Crowe, Choices Counseling
Christine A. Yared, Grand Valley State University & Healing Children of Conflict
Christine Ahn, Women Cross DMZ
Christine B. Harrington, Wild Family Department of Politics, NYU
Christine Brigid Malsbary, Vassar College
Christine Burke, CSU Channel Islands
Christine Canfield
Christine Caver, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Christine Chai, De Anza College
Christine Chalifoux, University of Michigan
Christine Christianson, Ferrum College
Christine Clark, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Christine Clayton, Pace University
Christine Cozad
Christine Domask, RN, MSN
Christine Downing, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Christine E Regan, Stony Brook
Christine Ferrera Smith, Ph.D.
Christine Fiore, University of Montana
Christine Fredrickson
Christine George, Loyola University Chicago
Christine Gizzi Giaimo, Artist. ActionTogetherNJ
Christine Haden, University of Delaware
Christine Harker, Truman State University
Christine Helmer, Northwestern University
Christine Hey, Portland Maine Public Schools
Christine Kooi, Louisiana State University
Christine Kyse, Susquehanna University
Christine La chance
Christine Larson, Metropolitan State University
Christine Leland, Indiana University
Christine Lin, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, UC Hastings College of the Law
Christine Marme Thompson, Penn State University
Christine Naper
Christine Organ
Christine R. Riddiough
Christine Richards, LCSW, MSW
Christine Savino, University of Connecticut
Christine Schmidt
Christine Shearer
Christine Shore-Fitzgerald
Christine Sleeter, California State University Monterey Bay
Christine Smith, University of Wisconsin=Green Bay
Christine Solomon
Christine Tolins, MD
Christine Varnado, The University at Buffalo-SUNY
Christine Ward Gailey, University of California, Riverside
Christine Worobec, Northern Illinois University
Christopher Bautista Ramos, Duke University
Christopher Bell, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Christopher Chambers, Northeastern University
Christopher Clough-Hunter, University of Iowa
Christopher Danowski, University of Arizona – North Valley
Christopher Holvenstot, Independent Researcher/Author
Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, Macalester College
Christopher Nagle, Western Michigan University
Christopher Peterson, Western Sydney University
Christopher R. Darr
Christopher Smith, Vermont Technical College
Christopher Stephan
Christopher Villa, UC Irvine
Christy Beck
Christy Lusiak, Simmons College, Endicott College
Christy Munch, NBCT
Christy O’Connor
Christy Pennington, Esq., Attorney
Christy Schuetze, Swarthmore College
Christy Venn
Christy Walston
Christy Weber
Chrys Ingraham, State University of New York at Purchase
Chrysanthi Leon, University of Delaware
Chrystal Guthre, University of Central Florida
Chuck Tryon, Fayetteville State University
Cindy Cruz, University of California Santa Cruz
Cindy Davis CRNP FNP, Baltimore, Md.
Cindy Egeness
Cindy Groepper, University of WA., Alumna
Cindy Ibarra, University of Illinois at Chicago
Cindy K. Duncan
Cindy L. Myers, PhD
cindy lin, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Cindy Maguire, Adelphi University
Cindy Navarro, RN, PHN
Cindy Reynolds
Cindy Schneider, MSW
Cindy St. Germain
Cindy Stemple
Cindy Stevens, University of Kansas
Cindy Van Dyk, University of New Mexico
Cindy Veldhuis, University of Illinois at Chicago
Cindy Vincent, Salem State University
Cindy Wilkey, University of Virginia’s College at Wise
Cintia Huitzil, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Claire Ashley, Artist, Adjunct Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Claire B. Gallagher
Claire Beach, MA, Feminst Therapy/Psychology Goddard Collage
Claire Bond Potter, The New School
Claire Brault, Brown University
Claire Colebrook, Penn State
Claire Crabtree, University of Detroit Mercy
Claire DuCharme
Claire Gleitman, Professor, Ithaca College
Claire Hill
Claire Kahane, Professor Emerita, University at Buffalo
Claire L. Kovacs, Augustana College
Claire Lauer, Arizona State University
Claire Lobell
Claire Moses, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland
Claire Park
Claire R. Thomas, New York Law School
Claire Rasmussen, University of Delaware
Clara Berridge
Clara Martinez, London School of Economics and Political Science
Clara Rodriguez, San Diego State University
Clare Bright, University of Washington
Clare Colquitt, San Diego State University
Clare Croft, University of Michigan
Clare Forstie
Clare Parks
Clare Richfield, NYU
Clarissa Atkinson
Clarkie Clark, University of California, Santa Cruz (Retired)
Claudette Lauzon, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University
Claudia Bernett, Little Cloud Collective
Claudia Cisneros, University of Illinois at Chicago
Claudia Gabel
Claudia Garcia-Rojas, Northwestern University
Claudia Kerbawy
Claudia L. Hale, Professor Emerita, Ohio University
Claudia Mills
Claudia Paliaga
Claudia Sandoval, Loyola Marymount University
Claudia Schippert, University of Central Florida
Claudia Schmidt
Claudia Swan, Northwestern University
Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento, Wesleyan University
Claudia Volk, RN, BSN
Claudia Zent, M.S., M.Ed.
Claudine Michel, University of California, Santa Barbara
Claudine Pied
Clinton J. Moyer, Wake Forest University School of Divinity
Cobalt Tolbert
Coby Batty
Coeleen Kiebert, University of California Santa Cruz
Cole Lewis, Simon Fraser University, SCA
Cole Perry
Coleen J. Hoover
Coleen Zoller
Colette Cann, Vassar College
Colette Langan, Artist
Colette Long, Emory University
Colette Morrow, Purdue University Northwest/Senior Fulbright Scholar
Colette Walker, Graduate Theological Union
Colin Dayan
Colin Tucker, University at Buffalo
Colin Wark
Colinda Hendricks
Colleen Albert
Colleen Allen
Colleen Barroso, University of California, Berkeley
Colleen Birchett
Colleen Dea
Colleen Dehais, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Colleen Diessner
Colleen Hartford, Lourdes University, Sylvania Ohio
Colleen Keifer
Colleen Kennedy
Colleen M Riley
Colleen M. Hanson, B.S. UD/Dubuque, Iowa
Colleen Vasconcellos, University of West Georgia
Collin Stocks
Con Christeson, Webster University/St. Louis MO.
Concetta Kome, Clemson University, Outdoor Lab
Conni Newby
Connie Connally, Artist
Connie Farrell, Lodestar School of Art
Connie Hall
Connie Johnston, DePaul University
Connie Kuramoto, Gaia College
Connie L Copeland
Connie Tell, Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities, Rutgers University
Connie Wun
Connor Treacy
Constance A. Jones, California Institute of Integral Studies
Constance Coquillette, LCSW
Constance Eggers, Professor of English, Fullerton College (retired)
Constance Flahive, University of Rochester
Constance Hanna
Constant Albertson, University of Maine
Cookie Anderson
Cookie Woolner, University of Memphis
Cora Childers
Cora Majewski
Coral Anderson
Coralynn V. Davis, Professor, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Bucknell University
Cordelia Barrera, Texas Tech University
Cori Wong, Colorado State University
Corie McKibben
Corin Frost
Corina Guerra
Corina Hatfield, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Corina L. Apostol, Rutgers University
Corinne Cahill
Corinne Daley, Student
Corinne Field, University of Virginia
Corinne Moss-Racusin, Skidmore College
Corinne Warrener
Corrie Wallace, Cultivating Opportunities for Respectful Reflection on Identity through Education
Corrine Fitzpatrick
Corrine Kirkbride, Math Professor, Solano Community College
Cort Michael Felts
Courtney B. Cook, University of Texas at Austin
Courtney Danforth
Courtney Donovan, San Francisco State University
Courtney Elkin Mohler, IUPUI
Courtney K. Clausen, University of Northern Iowa
Courtney Liu
Courtney Mackedanz
Courtney Rath, University of Oregon
Courtney Sieloff
Courtney Surmanek, NYU
Courtney Thorsson, University of Oregon
Courtney Vowels
Courtney Weida
Courtney Wilder, Midland University
Craig Clark
Craig M Garver, MD
Craig Strimel, Community College of Philadelphia
Cris Marchionne, MA, CUNY – School of Professional Studies, Disabiliy Studies
Crispin Buxton
Cristin A Compton
Cristina Kotz Cornejo, Emerson College
Cristina Mikkelsen
Cristina Ruotolo, San Francisco State University
Cristóbal A. Borges, North Seattle College
Cristóbal Rodríguez, Howard University
Crystal Jackson
Crystal Jackson, John Jay College-CUNY
Crystal M. Moten, Macalester College
Crystal Mun-hye Baik, UC Riverside
Crystal N. Feimster, Yale University
Crystal Parikh, New York University
Crystal Ponti
Crystal Renee Chambers, East Carolina University
Curt LeMieux, Claremont Graduate University
C.V. Harquail, Stevens Institute of Technology
Cy Matthews Semrau
Cydney Payton
Cynthia A. Hyfield MAS, MDiv.
Cynthia A. Young, African American Studies, The Pennsylvania State University
Cynthia Baron, Bowling Green State University
Cynthia Blixt
Cynthia Buckley, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Cynthia C. Castillo
Cynthia Carver, Oakland University
Cynthia Cruz, Independent Scholar
Cynthia Duarte, California Lutheran University
Cynthia Enloe, Clark University
Cynthia Ettinger
Cynthia Evans
Cynthia Farnell, Georgia State University
Cynthia Fraley, Artist
Cynthia Grant Bowman, Cornell Law School
Cynthia Greenlee, Independent historian
Cynthia Herrup, USC, emerita
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia King, California State University Channel Islands
Cynthia Knapp
Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and Graduate Theological Union
Cynthia Mundell, Loyola University
Cynthia Nazzaro, Springfield College
Cynthia Neal Herzog, LCSW
Cynthia Norton, St. Catherine University
Cynthia Noyes, Olivet College
Cynthia Patterson, University of South Florida
Cynthia Peltier, Director of the CommUnity Zone
Cynthia Preston
Cynthia Quarrie
Cynthia Rosengard, Brown University
Cynthia Rothschild
Cynthia Smith MS, CCC-SLP
Cynthia Steflik
Cynthia T. Hahn
Cynthia Taylor-Bigge
Cynthia Tompkins, Arizona State University
Cynthia Uhrich
Cynthia White
Cynthia Wu, SUNY Buffalo
Cyra Akila Choudhury, Professor of Law, Florida International University College of Law
Cyrille Phipps
D. Robert DeChaine, California State University, Los Angeles
D. Soyini Madison, Northwestern University
Dafna Lemish, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Dahlia Schweitzer, Art Center College of Design
Daisy Cardenas
Daisy Delogu, University of Chicago
Daisy Eagan
Daisy Walker
Daisy Zamora, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dajenya Shoshanna Kafele, LCSW
Dakotah Flannery
Dale Anne Averill, House of New Beginnings
Dale Dillavou
Dan Berger, University of Washington Bothell
Dan Godshaw, University of Bristol
Dan Gralick, Musician / Activist
Dan Letwin, Penn State University
Dan Woods, Bellingham Technical College
Dana Berman Duff, Otis College of Art and Design
Dana Beyer, M.D., Freedom to Work
Dana Brandes-Simon, Oberlin College
Dana Carver-Bialer, Doctoral Candidate, The University of Maine
Dana DeGiulio, SAIC, NYU
Dana Ellis, RN
Dana Gullett, LCSW
Dana Henry
Dana Kessler, PhD
Dana Luciano, Georgetown University
Dana M. Gillespie
Dana N. Baxter, Shenandoah University
Dana Rognlie, University of Oregon
Dana Sheffield
Dana Smith
Dana Steele
Dana Teen Lomax, San Francisco State University
Dana-Ain Davis, City University of New York
Danette Richards
Dani Leventhal, Ohio State University Department of Art
Dani Oates, UCP of Oregon
Daniel Boone Brabon
Daniel Coleman Chavez, PhD Candidate, UNC Chapel Hill
Daniel da Silva, Columbia University
Daniel Hirschman, Brown University
Daniel Horowitz, Smith College, retired
Daniel Ketcher, M.A., J.D.
Daniel Liou, Arizona State University
Daniel Perlstein, University of California Berkeley
Daniel Pfau
Daniel S. Strasser, Rowan University
Daniel Skinner, Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Daniel Sonenberg, University of Southern Maine
Daniel Weisman, Professor Emeritus of Social Work Rhode Island College
Daniela Jauk
Daniella Renteria, UIC, undergraduate student
Danielle Borgia, Loyola Marymount University, Women’s and Gender Studies
Danielle Cobb, Chapman University
Danielle Diane Davis, Steinem’s Sisters & Toledo, NOW
Danielle Docka-Filipek, Christopher Newport University
Danielle Duckett, CSU Sacramento
Danielle Gary, Angelo State University
Danielle Heard Mollel, University of California, Davis
Danielle Howard
Danielle Kilgo, The University of Texas at Austin
Danielle L. McGuire, Wayne State University
Danielle Loeb
Danielle M. Stern, Christopher Newport University
Danielle M. Wallace, William Paterson University
Danielle MacCartney, Webster University, St Louis
Danielle Neetz
Danielle Ott, Baldwin Wallace University
Danielle Ragan
Danielle Rodriguez
Danielle Roper, The University of Chicago
Danna Guess, Texas Tech University
Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Dixie State University
Dannis Matteson, Loyola University Chicago
Danny Jauregui, Whittier College
Danuta Szwejkowska, Glendon College, York University, Toronto
Daphne A. Brooks, Yale University
Daphne Jeyapal, Thompson Rivers University
Daphne LaBua-Stenzel, NYC Department of Education
Daphne Muse, Mills College
Daphne Muse, Writer
Daphne Petri, Architect
Daphnie Sicre, Borough of Manhattan College/CUNY
Dara Culhane, Simon Fraser University
Dara Nix-Stevenson, Sincecombahee Educational Consulting
Dara Paprock, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Dara Strolovitch, Princeton University
Darcey Merritt, New York University
Darcie Fontaine, University of South Florida
Darcy Brazen, University of New Mexico
Darcy Buerkle, Smith College
Darcy Donahue, Miami University
Darcy McCusker, University of Washington
Daretha Daugherty
Darla Anderson, California State University, Northridge
Darla Johnson, Artist, Adjunct Dance Professor Austin Community College
Darla Wear
Darlene B. Georgiades, MSCHE, University of Pittsburgh
Darlene Damm, Singularity University
Darlene Falvey
Darlene Hope, HopeFull Productions
Darlene M. Hantzis
Darlene Mandel, Hawaii Artisan Alliance
Darlene Pantaleo, MS, Virginia Commonwealth University
Darlene Town, Metropolitan Community College – Kansas City
Darren Byler, Univeristy of Washington
Darryl Heller, Indiana University South Bend
Darryl Li
Daryl Diamond, PhD, Floirda Atlantic University
Dasha Chapman, Duke University
Dave Shukla, University of California
Dave Wieber
David A. Powell, PhD, Hofstra University
David A. Thomas Jr.
David C. Nichols
David Finnila
David Forbes, City University of New York
David Goldberg, Wayne State University
David Golumbia, Virginia Commonwealth University
David Harris
David I. Hernandez-Saca, University of Northern Iowa
David Ikard, University of Miami
David J Connor, Hunter College, CUNY
David K. Seitz, University of Toronto
David Kane
David Ke, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
David Klein, California State University Northridge
David Lee Carlson, Arizona State University
David Lloyd, U.C. Riverside
David Lopez-Wade, Wesleyan University
David Medina
David Need, Duke University
David O’Connor, UNM
David Oh, Ramapo College of NJ
David Palumbo-Liu, Stanford University
David Puthoff, University of New Mexico
David R. Applebaum, Professor Emeritus – Rowan University
David Rutter
David S. Cohen
David S. Cohen, Drexel University, Thomas R. Kline School of Law
David Schmit, St. Catherine University
David Sholle, Miami University-Ohio
David Stovall, University of Illinois at Chicago
David Szanton, UC Berkeley, Emeritus
David Uahikeaikaleiʻohu Maile, University of New Mexico
David Waldschmidt
David Wallace, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Davita Scarlett
Davy Chrysler
Davyne Verstandig, University of Connecticut
Dawn Adrienne, Ph.D., MFA, Nassau Community College
Dawn Allen-Carlson
Dawn Carafeno
Dawn DuPree Kelley, PhD, Professor
Dawn Larsen, Francis Marion University
Dawn M. Nothwehr
Dawn Medley, Wayne State University
Dawn Peterson, Emory University
Dawn Rouse, University of Wisconsin La Crosse
Dawn Rutecki, Indiana University
Dawn Shifreen-Pomerantz, Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California
Dawn Stahura, Simmons College
Dawn Stracener, PhD, University of New Mexico, Honors College
Dawn Tawwater, Austin Community College
Dawn West
Day Merrill, Poet
Dayanny So
Dayo F. Gore, University of California, San Diego
Dazon Dixon Diallo, DHL MPH
Deana Patrick
DeAndria Gutzmer, Activist
DeAnna Beachley, College of Southern Nevada
Deanna Crask
Deanna Divins
Deanna Elsing
Deanna Kreisel
Deanna Mitchell
Deanna Needell
Deanna Shoemaker
Deanna Thompson, Hamline University
Deanna Tomasetti, University of Texas at Arlington
Deb Dee
Deb Evensen
Deb Farmer
Deb Meeker
Deb Ochs-LaGrone
Deb Putman
Deb Rotman, Anthropology, University of Notre Dame
Debbie Allen
Debbie Bryant, Cape Cod & Islands Commission on the Status of Women
Debbie Devine
debbie eden
Debbie Jae
Debbie Jones, McMaster University
Debbie Lee-DiStefano, Southeast Missouri State University
Debbie Morrow
Debbie O’Neill
Debbie Roth
Debbie Sonu, City University of New York
Debbie Thomas
Debby Kinsley
Debora Birnbaum
Debora Hogan
Debora Kodish
Debora Ryan
Deborah A Millett, Boston MA
Deborah A Packard
Deborah A Thomas
Déborah A. Blocker, Department of French, UC Berkeley
Deborah A. Felton, Teachers College Columbia University
Deborah A. Thomas, University of Pennsylvania
Deborah Abram
Deborah Allgeier, Director, HR & Safety for DTE Energy
Deborah Atkinson
Deborah Bandy
Deborah Baye
Deborah Belle, Boston University
Deborah Billings
Deborah Billings, University of South Carolina (adjunct)
Deborah Bonet
Deborah Bradley
Deborah Bright, Pratt Institute
Deborah Cagle
Deborah Carr, Rutgers University
Deborah Cohen, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Deborah Cowen, University of Toronto
Deborah Crusan, Wright State University
Deborah Divers Gray
Deborah Donahue-Keegan
Deborah Elise White, Emory University
Deborah Elliston, Binghamton University, SUNY
Deborah Epstein, Georgetown University
Deborah Ford
Deborah Friedman, Retired Professor, Pensacola State College
Deborah Frizzell, William Paterson University
Deborah Fulton
Deborah Gibb
Deborah Hellerstein Phd
Deborah Herman
Deborah K McAnear
Deborah Kennedy
Deborah Klugman
Deborah L. Patterson
Deborah Levison, University of Minnesota
Deborah Lindsay Williams, NYU/NYUAD
Deborah Lord Riley
Deborah Louis, Eastern Kentucky University
Deborah Lyons, Miami University
Deborah Marrott, Professor of English, Utah Valley University
Deborah Martin, University of Illinois
Deborah Meem, University of Cincinnati
Deborah Mitchel Rust
Deborah Mosby, Metropolitan State University
Deborah Murphy
Deborah Oakley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Deborah Odell
Deborah Ojeda-Leitner, Wichita State University
Deborah Osberg, University of Exeter, UK
Deborah Palmer, University of Colorado Boulder
Deborah Pastrich-Klemer
Deborah Pellow, Syracuse University
Deborah Poore
Deborah Reilly, BFA Montana State University
Deborah Romeyn
Deborah S. Brown
Deborah Salkov RN
Deborah Schneiderman, Pratt institute
Deborah Shaller
Deborah Sheehan, Boston University
Deborah Sieger, Professor Emeriti, Social Policy and Community Organizing
Deborah Spradlin, PMHCNS, MSN
Deborah Taylor
Deborah Todd
Deborah V. Kamprath
Deborah Whiting
Deborah Williams
Deborah Wilson-Ozima
Debra A. Thompson
Debra Busman, California State University Monterey Bay
Debra Einstein
Debra Goodman, Hofstra University
Debra Guckenheimer
Debra Hauser, Advocates for Youth
Debra Hill
Debra Lloyd
Debra Marshall
Debra Matchinsky, Psychologist, N. Hennepin Community College
Debra Mitchell-Ruranga
Debra Mollen, Texas Woman’s University
Debra Nelson-Gardell
Debra Orzen
Debra Pye
Debra R. Blake, San Diego State University
Debra Rae Cohen, University of South Carolina
Debra Raffner
Debra S. Carr
Debra S. Katz, Civil Rights Attorney
Debra Sprague, Missouri Institute of Mental Health
Debra Weisberg, Boston College
Dedria A. Humphries, Lansing Community College
Dee Garceau, Professor of History, Rhodes College
Dee H. Czora
DeeDee Halleck, Department of Communication, University of California San Diego, Emerita
DeeDee Nolan, Student, Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Deena L. Gould
Deepika Marya, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Dehlia Albrecht
Deidre Anne Evand Garriott, Virginia Military Institute
Deidre Hill Butler
Deidre McPherson
Deidre Rose
Deirdre Curran, M.D.
Deirdre Mendoza, Adjunct Professor, Glendale Community College
Deirdre Sugiuchi
Del Whan
Delia Kropp
Délice Mugabo, CUNY-The Graduate Center
Delila Ramos
Delinda Donovan, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Della Leavitt, Writer
Delphine Le Brun, Oregon State University
Dena Montague, University of California, Santa Barbara
Denalie A. Bruins, University of Montana
Denise Ardizzone
Denise Beasley, MT, ASCP, Clinical Microbiology Institute
Denise Blasor, Associate Artistic Director Bilingual Foundation of the Arts
Denise Bober, Artist
Denise Cost
Denise D. Tracy
Denise Dion, University of New Mexico
Denise Elizabeth Stone
Denise Farrer
Denise Grollmus, University of Washington, Seattle
Denise Ingram, Mercer County Community College
Denise L. Davis, differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies
Denise Lakimodiere, North Dakota State University
Denise Lewis, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Denise Longman RN, BSN
Denise Lynn, University of Southern Indiana
Denise M. Nepveux, Utica College
Denise Roguz, MA
Denise Schulz, University of New Mexico, retired
Denise Starkey, College of St. Scholastica
Denise Webster, Emerita, University of Colorado
Denise Wolf, UCSF
Dennis Duffy, University of Toronto
Dennis G. Caristi
Dennis Glenn
Dennis Hargis, MSN, RN, PhD Student, University of Colorado Denver College of Nursing
Dennis Kortheuer, Cal. State Long Beach, emeritus
Dennis Parsons, State University of New York/Oswego
Dennis Rusinak, University of Alberta
Derek Adams, Ithaca College
Derek Nystrom, McGill University
Derian Adan Blandon, California State University Northridge
Desi Bailey, MD, Activist
Desiree Davenport, Humboldt State University
Desiree Zerquera, University of San Francisco
Desma Holcomb
Dessie Orear
Destiny Turner, University of Cincinnati
Deva Woodly, The New School
Devi Mays, University of Michigan
Devin Scott
Devin Waldron, New York University
Devon Dadoly
Devon Stuit
Devonna Joy, Consumer Justice Law Center, LLC
Devorah Levy
Devra Weber, University of California, Riverside
Dian Kriz, Brown University, retired
Diana D. Bair
Diana Anders, New York University
Diana Anderson, The Ohio State University, University of New Hampshire
Diana Barron, RN/BA/CPN/PCS
Diana Burton, University of New Hampshire
Diana Dreyer, Emeritis, Slippery Rock University
Diana Galarreta-Aima, James Madison University
Diana H Azcoitia, Ed.D., Retired Educator
Diana Halluska
Diana I. Williams, University of Southern California
Diana Kane
Diana Krug
Diana Lang MS
Diana Martha Louis, University of Michigan
Diana Mason, Hunter College
Diana Morningstar, Morningstar Community Arts, Nashville, Tennessee
Diana Ragsdale
Diana Rios, University of Connecticut
Diana Santillan
Diana Sherwood
Diana Slickman
Diana Souza, Collin College
Diana Stevens, Tampa National Organization for Women
Diana Taylor, New York University
Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes, Advocates for Youth
Diana Tietjens Meyers, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Diana Tigerlily, Southern Illinois University
Diana Tucker
Diana Tumminia, emeritus CSUS
Diane Anderson
Diane Beacraft, DePaul University
Diane C. Stewart, West Liberty University
Diane Carol Gooding
Diane Carruthers
Diane Chaplin, Linfield College
Diane Christine Kavadas, Union Institute and University
Diane Cohen, PhD
Diane Courtney
Diane DiFrancesco, Society of Women Engineers
Diane Dougherty, Loyola University
Diane Duesterhoeft, St. Mary’s University
Diane E. Willcox, Wharton Center, Michigan State University
Diane Fager
Diane Fenster
Diane Forbes Berthoud, University of California, San Diego
Diane Fujino, University of California, Santa Barbara
Diane Grover
Diane Harriford, Vassar College
Diane Hatcher, FNP, CPNP
Diane Hinds, Master of Social Work, Eastern Washington University
Diane Horwitz, DePaul University College of Education
Diane Johnson
Diane K. Beauchamp
Diane Karp
Diane Keeling, University of San Diego
Diane King
Diane Livia
Diane Lobody, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Diane magnusson-schmidt
Diane Meisenhelter
Diane Palmer, Asst. Professor Humanities, Southwestern College
Diane Parfitt, Eastern Michigan University
Diane Perpich
Diane Price Herndl
Diane Riemer, Brandeis International Business School
Diane Rivera
Diane Robinson-Dunn, University of Detroit Mercy
Diane S. Vickers, Retired, Penn Manor School District
Diane Seuss, Kalamazoo College
Diane Stevenson, Fresno State University
Diane Tew
Diane Tvert, PT
Diane Verrochi, University of Hartford
Diane Wah
Diane Williams
Diane Willoughby, MSW, LCSW
Diane Wilson, Susquehanna University
Diane Wittner, Educator
Dianna Frid, University of Illinois at Chicago, Art Department
Dianna Linden
Dianna M. Seebaugh
Dianna R. Mullet
Dianne Baumann, University of Washington
Dianne Berg, Tufts University
Dianne Henderson
Dianne Hudson
Dianne Morales
Diantha York-Ripley
Didem Uca, University of Pennsylvania
Diedra Heitzman
Dika Seltzer
Dilek Huseyinzadegan, Emory University
Dina Al-Kassim, UBC
Dina Fiasconaro, Stevenson University
Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Center for World Indigenous Studies
Dina Janis, Bennington College
Dina Marie Walters
Dina Portnoy
Dina Wilke, Florida State University
Divya Victor, Nanyang Technological University
DJ Kuttin Kandi, Hip Hop Bruha, R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop, Guerrilla: Words
Django Paris, Michigan State University
Dochele Burnett
Dohra Ahmad, St. John’s University
Dolores Davison
Dolores Kirschner
Dolores Otero Padilla
Dominika Laster, University of New Mexico
Domna C. Stanton, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Don Conway-Long, Webster University
Don Howard, University of Notre Dame
Don Loeb, University of Vermont
Don MacEwen
Don R. Johnson, Leader Emeritus, St.Louis Ethical Society
Dona Boatright, California Community Colleges, Retired
Dona Mara Friedman, Artist
Dona Parker
Dona Yarbrough, Emory University
Donald J. Carroll Jr.
Donald M. Bell, National Organization for Men Against Sexism
Donell Kerns, University of Wisconsin – Retired
Donez M. Xiques, CUNY
Donia Jarrar, University of Michigan
Donna Baietti
Donna Booth Dillon
Donna Buckley, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Donna Carsten
Donna Cox, University of Dayton
Donna Dalton, Lyndon State College
Donna Decker, Franklin Pierce University
Donna Freeberg, Dignity by Design Enterprise
Donna Goodman, SUNY New Paltz
Donna J. Byrne, Bucks Co. Women’s Advocacy Coalition
Donna J. Cox
Donna J. Haraway, University of California at Santa Cruz
Donna Johnston
Donna Kat
Donna L. Beran
Donna Lauzon
Donna M. Bickford
Donna M. Cullen, MS
Donna M. Nickitas, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Donna Maeda, Occidental College
Donna Murch, Rutgers University
Donna Neilson
Donna Nevel, PARCEO
Donna R. Gabaccia, University of Toronto
Donna Reid
Donna S. Mathwig
Donna S. Weimer, Juniata College
Donna Sarti
Donna Saytanides
Donna Schuele, California State University, Los Angeles
Donna Troka, Emory University
Donna Van Dusen, Regis University
Donna Villarreal
Donna W. Curtis
Donna Weddle
Donna Wilkinson
Donna Williams
Donna Young
Dora Mbuwayesango, Hood Theological Seminary
Doreen Mattingly, San Diego State University
Doreen Sullivan-Garcia
Doriene D. Marshall, Artist
Doris Bittar, California State University, San Marcos
Doris Friedensohn, New Jersey City University, New Jersey City University
Doris Sigg
Dorothy Baca, University of New Mexico
Dorothy E. Everhart
Dorothy Hodgson, Rutgers University
Dorothy Kamm, UniteWomen, FL.
Dorothy Kim, Vassar College
Dorothy Larson, University of New Mexico
Dorothy Quigley
Dorothy Roberts, University of Pennsylvania
Dorothy Stevens, St. John’s School of Law
Dorothy Walters, Wichita State University (retired)
Dorrie Mazzone
Dory Rebekah Sibley, Accademia dell’Arte, Arezzo
Doug DeVita, Fashion Institute of Technology
Doug Nix
Doug Peterman
Douglas Harvey
Douglas Pippin, State University of New York at Oswego
Douglas Retzler
Douglas Thomas, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Dr. Anne Scott, Northern Arizona University
Dr. Jessica Ziparo
Dr. Kathleen Levinstein, University of Michigan, Flint
Dr. Natalie Sappleton
Dr. Rebecca Mihelcic Chapman, Business Prof., Emeritus, Howard CC
Dr. Tamara Alexander, CSU Dominguez Hills
Dr. Therese Craine Bertsch
Dr. Amelia Hubbard, Wright State University
Dr. Amy Backos
Dr. Amy Robertson
Dr. Antoinette G. Alvarado, My Sister’s Keeper Foundation for Women
Dr. Chrys Egan
Dr. David Sutera, Doane University
Dr. Deborah Christensen, University of Utah
Dr. Dolapo Adeniji-Neill, Adelphi University
Dr. Fred Schloemer, Retired psychotherapist, University Professor, Author and Activist
Dr. Grisel Y. Acosta, CUNY
Dr. Gwyneth Shanks
Dr. Jennifer Booker, Drexel University
Dr. Judith McDaniel, University of Arizona
Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Dr. Kenneth Nagelberg, Lincoln University, PA (retired)
Dr. Leah Rediger Schulte, Lecturer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Leslie R. Crane, Santa Risa Junior College
Dr. Lisa Ford-Brown
Dr. Mary E. Weems, Adjunct Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Dr. Matthew Bost, Whitman College
Dr. Melissa Espy, DPT
Dr. Nancy A. Woods
Dr. Pat Washington
Dr. R. Douglas Helvering, Rider University
Dr. Sharon V. DiGiacomo
Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn, University of Toronto
Dr. Susan K. Dorgai
Dr. Susan Leonard
Dr. Valerie Ann Johnson, Bennett College, Greensboro North Carolina
Dr. Virginia Coleman-Prisco, Mercy College, New York
Dru Pagliassotti, California Lutheran University
Drusilla Delp
DuAnne Redus Nebeker, Westminster College
Duchess Harris, Macalester College
Dulce Garcia, MBA, PhD
Dustianne North
Dusty Santamaria
duVergne Gaines, Feminist Majority Foundation
Dvora Yanow, California State University, East Bay, Emerita
Dylan Manson
E. Bindewald Gabellini
E. Charlene McFadden RN, MSN
e. Frances White, Emeritx, NYU
E. Kay Trimberger, Professor Emerita of Women’s & Gender Studies, Sonoma State University
E. Mairin Barney, Roosevelt University
E. Tracy Grinnell, Pratt Institute
E.G. Crichton, University of California Santa Cruz
E.K. Tan, Stony Brook University
E.Y. Lee, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
earl hardwick
Ebony Wilkins, City Colleges of Chicago
Ece Algan, California State University, San Bernardino
Ecoee Rooney, Southeastern Louisiana University DNP student.
Edd Blackler
Eden Novak DeGenova
Edie Bresler, Simmons College
Edie Kelly
Edie Morris, PhD, PPCNP
Edie Pistolesi, California State University Northridge
Edith A. Campbell, Indiana State University
Edith A. Lewis, Emerita, University of Michigan
Edmond Chang, University of Oregon
Edmund Berrigan, Poet
Edna Lee Figueroa, Artist
Edna Rodriguez Clarke
Ednie’s Kaeh Garrison
Edward Goetz, University of Minnesota
Edward Murphy, Michigan State University
Edwina Beavers Dickey, American National University, Adjunct Instructor, American Government
Eileen Barrett, California State University, East Bay
Eileen Boris, University of California Santa Barbara
Eileen Brownell
Eileen C. Sweeney, Boston College Dept. of Philosophy
Eileen Cummings
Eileen Donovan, RN
Eileen Flicker, Drew University
Eileen Goldman, M.D., Northeast Ohio College of Medicine
Eileen Grycky, University of Delaware
Eileen G’Sell, Washington University in St. Louis
Eileen Hughes
Eileen Kane, Connecticut College
Eileen Kimbrough
Eileen Lake
Eileen Levy, School of Social Work, San Francisco State University
Eileen M. Willenborg
Eileen Reed
Eileen Russell
Eileen Shaughnessy, University of New Mexico
Eilizabeth Doxtator-Morenberg
Einav Rabinovitch-Fox, CWRU
El Katz, NYU
Ela Przybylo, Arizona State University
Elaine Bagley, Retired art therapist and artist
elaine buchsbaum
Elaine Cleeton, SUNY Geneseo
Elaine Cress, Professor emeritus, University of Georgia
Elaine Glick
Elaine Hagopian, Simmons College
Elaine Harger, Progressive Librarians Guild
Elaine Hines
Elaine Holmes M. Ed., PhD candidate
Elaine Hughes
Elaine Leeder, Sonoma State University – Dean Emerita
Elaine Leggett, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas
Elaine M Ross, Attorney
Elaine Miller
Elaine Perry, University of New Hampshire
Elaine Rodino
Elaine Rybski, Chatham University
Elaine S. Abelson, The New School
Elaine Savory, New School University
Elaine Smith
Elaine Tyler May, University of Minnesota
Elaine V. Howes
Elaine Yates
Elana Buch
Elayne Tobin, New York University
Eleanor Bossi Reinholds, Retired, Michigan State University Counseling Center
Eleanor H. McConnell, Frostburg State University
Eleanor J. Bader, Kingsborough Community college/CUNY
Eleanor M. Miller, University of Vermont
Eleanor Roffman, Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine
Elena D. Hristova, University of Minnesota
Elena Gutierrez, University of Illinois at Chicago
Elena Marie DiLapi, Independent Consultant and Retired Director, Penn Women’s Center, University of Pennsylvania.
Elena Razlogova, Concordia University, Montreal
Elena Schneider, UC Berkeley
Eleni Bastea, University of New Mexico
Eleni Calligas, Arcadia University, TCGS, Athens
Eleni Malka Zimiles
Eleonora Bartoli
Elfried Somberg
Elham Mireshghi
Eli Erlick, Trans Student Educational Resources
Eliane C Lima, California Institute of The Arts
Eliav Bitan, Columbia University (CC ’09)
Elida Schogt
Elinor Accampo, University of Southern California
Elisa Miller, Rhode Island College
Elisa Obregon, Michigan State University
Elisa R. Sawyer, MS
Elisa Storyk, Emory University
Elisabeth Anker, George Washington University
Elisabeth Armstrong, Smith College
Elisabeth de Boer-van der Kolk
Elisabeth Frankel, Columbia University
Elisabeth Jean Wood, Yale University
Elisabeth Johnson, St. Edwards University
Elisabeth Lee
Elisabeth Maring, University of Maryland
Elisabeth Miller
Elisabeth Nonas, Associate Professor & Program Director, Ithaca College
Elisabeth Pratt
Elisabeth Prügl, Graduate Institute
Elisabeth Sanchez
Elisabeth Schüssler, Harvard University Divinity School
Elisabeth Subrin, Temple University Department of Film and Media Arts
Elisabeth Urban RN-ACM, and Mother of Three
Elisabeth Weiss Horowitz, Salem State University
Elisabeth Workman
Elise Curry, Artist
Elise Kermani, Empire State College
Elise M. Fullmer, West Virginia University
Elise Morrison, Texas A&M University
Elise Nicol
Elise Santora
Elise Siegel
Elisha Cohn, Cornell University
Elissa Bemporad, Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center
Elissa Minor Rust, Portland Community College
Elissa Roy
Eliz Benney
Eliza Burr
Eliza Garrison, Middlebury College
Eliza McFeely, Moorestown Friends School
Eliza Noh, California State University Fullerton
Eliza Swann
Elizabeth A. Armstrong, University of Michigan
Elizabeth A. Kincade, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, retired
Elizabeth A. Kissling, Eastern Washington University
Elizabeth A. Segal, Arizona State University
Elizabeth A. St. Pierre, University of Georgia
Elizabeth Adams LCSW
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Ann Bartlett, University of Minnesota Duluth
Elizabeth Ann Robinson, PhD, RN.
Elizabeth Ann Van Winkle, Artist
Elizabeth Anne Beeson, University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Nursing
Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, University of Western Ontario
Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, Western University
Elizabeth Ashe, artist
Elizabeth Aurandt
Elizabeth Baker, Mills College
Elizabeth Barrios, Albion College
Elizabeth Bass
Elizabeth Beauvais
Elizabeth Bell
Elizabeth Benedict
Elizabeth Bernstein, Barnard College, Columbia University
Elizabeth Blake, Haverford College
Elizabeth Bonaventura
Elizabeth Boylan, Columbia University
Elizabeth Brown, St. Augustine College
Elizabeth Burpee, MD
Elizabeth C. Batten, Texas Woman’s University
Elizabeth Carlin Metz, Knox College
Elizabeth Carpenter Argila
Elizabeth Charlton McConnell
Elizabeth Clark Wessel, Argos Books
Elizabeth Clifford
Elizabeth Collins, Triton College
Elizabeth Cowles
Elizabeth Currans, Eastern Michigan University
Elizabeth DeBetta, Utah Valley University
Elizabeth DeHaan, League of Women Voters
Elizabeth DeMulder, George Mason University
Elizabeth Dilkes Mullins, Monterey Peninsula College
Elizabeth Dirting
Elizabeth Duquette, Gettysburg College
Elizabeth Dutro, University of Colorado Boulder
Elizabeth Etter, Edinboro University
Elizabeth Ettorre, University of Liverpool
Elizabeth F.S. Roberts, University of Michigan
Elizabeth Fegan Esq, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP
Elizabeth Finnegan, D’Youville College, Buffalo, NY
Elizabeth Flynn, Professor Emerita, Michigan Technological University
Elizabeth Freeman, University of California, Davis
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Gibson, George Mason University
Elizabeth Ginsberg
Elizabeth Goren, New York University
Elizabeth Grace Burkhart, LICSW
Elizabeth Grajales, Artist
Elizabeth Hallmark, Nazareth College
Elizabeth Handschy
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Hegeman, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Elizabeth Hilts
Elizabeth Hirsch
Elizabeth Hobbs, Aurora University
Elizabeth Hohl, Fairfield University
Elizabeth Holdsworth
Elizabeth Holzer-Wilson
Elizabeth Hull, Rutgers University-Newark
Elizabeth Hutchison, University of New Mexico
Elizabeth Hyman, UniteWomen.org FL
Elizabeth J Cantafio, Community College of Philadelphia
Elizabeth J Sacca, Professor Emeritus, Concordia University, Montreal
Elizabeth J. Fleitz, Lindenwood University
Elizabeth Jarvis, Columbia College
Elizabeth Johns, University of California, San Francisco
Elizabeth Johnston, Monroe Community College
Elizabeth Keifer, Tunxis Community College
Elizabeth Kelley Bowman, University of Guam
Elizabeth Kendall, New School
Elizabeth L. Wollman, Baruch College, CUNY
Elizabeth Leader, Leader Artworks
Elizabeth Littell
Elizabeth Littlejohn, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Elizabeth M. Scott, Illinois State University
Elizabeth M. Timmins
Elizabeth Mackey, Sonoma State University, Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate
Elizabeth Marie Hill
Elizabeth McIntire, Smith College ’04, New England Conservatory ’08
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Miller, Mt. St. Joseph University, Alumna
Elizabeth Minnich
Elizabeth Nielsen, Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Elizabeth O. Dietz EdD, RN, CS-NP, Professor of Nursing, Emeritus, San Jose State University
Elizabeth Otto, Associate Professor, SUNY Buffalo
Elizabeth Palme, Independent scholar
Elizabeth Pietrzak, California State University, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Pleck, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Elizabeth Powers, University of Maine at Augusta
Elizabeth R Canfield, Virginia Commonwealth University
Elizabeth R. Agte
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson, Suffolk University
Elizabeth Rollins, Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ
Elizabeth Rosario
Elizabeth Rywelski
Elizabeth S. Palmer, Prince George’s County Public Schools/Modern Maestro, Inc.
Elizabeth Sage, Whittier College
Elizabeth Saunders, MS
Elizabeth Sealey, UW Milwaukee
Elizabeth Shab
Elizabeth Sowell, AIA
Elizabeth Stansfield
Elizabeth Stark Ketchum, University of Chicago
Elizabeth Sutton, University of Northern Iowa
Elizabeth Swan, Babson College
Elizabeth Tavares
Elizabeth Tomboulian, Association for the Advancement of Energy Medicine
Elizabeth V. Spelman, Smith College
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warthen, Advocate for Persons with Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities
Elizabeth Weeks, Miami University
Elizabeth Williams, Colorado State University
Elizabeth Willis, University of Iowa
Elizabeth Wingrove, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Elizabeth Wurz, College of Coastal Georgia
Elizabeth York, Converse College
Elizabeth Ziff, New School for Social Research
Elizabeth Zoob
Ella Ben Hagai, Bennington College
Ella Hall, Swinburne University, Melbourne
Ellen A. Rhoades
Ellen Belluomini, Dominican University
Ellen Block
Ellen Carol DuBois, UCLA
Ellen Carol Jones
Ellen Comstock
Ellen Cotton
Ellen Denham
Ellen Furstner, Mohawk River Art and Gardens
Ellen Goldner, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Ellen Gurzinsky
Ellen K. Scott, University of Oregon
Ellen Kombiyil
Ellen L. Watson
Ellen Leopold
Ellen Lewin, University of Iowa
Ellen M Krass, MA, Columbia University
Ellen M. Chiocca
Ellen M. Smith
Ellen MacKay, Indiana University
Ellen Marie Ebert, retired educator
Ellen Parsons, Gardner Webb University
Ellen Pollak, Emeritus Professor, Michigan State University
Ellen Pulleyblank Coffey
Ellen Ray, Artist, Glassell School of Art
Ellen Rosner Feig, Bergen Community College
Ellen Schrecker, Yeshiva University (retired)
Ellen Shishko
Ellen Smith, Hagerstown Community College, (retired)
Ellen Sweet
Ellen Welty, Arizona State University
Ellen Wu, Indiana University, Bloomington
Ellie Rosenberg, New York University
Ellina Restani
Ellis Bendix
Elly Van Mil, University of New Mexico
Ellyn Kaschak, Professor Emerita, San Jose State University
Elora Halim Chowdhury, UMass Boston
Elroi J. Windsor, Salem College
Elsa Auerbach, University of Massachusetts Boston
Elsa Barkley Brown, University of Maryland
Elsa Lankford, Towson University
Elsa Wiehe, Roger Williams University
Elsie Aquino Gonzalez, Ph.D. student, College of Education, Wayne State University
Elsie Cook
Elspeth Whitney, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Elyse Finkel
Elyse Reardon-Jung, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences
Elyse Sutherland
Emari DiGiorgio, Stockton University
Ember DeBoer
Ember Skye Kanelee, Sociology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Emelia Baum
Emelyne Bingham, Vanderbilt University
Emerson L.R. Barrett, Westminster College
Emi Stuemke, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Emilia Kandl
Emilie Dionne, University of Ottawa
Emilie M. Townes, Vanderbilt University
Emilie Zaslow
Emily A. Owens, Brown University
Emily Berry, B3W Performance Group & Queensborough Community College
Emily Blackshire
Emily Brandt
Emily Colton
Emily Corwin, Indiana University
Emily D. Ryalls, Mississippi State University
Emily Davidson, York College, CUNY
Emily Davis, University of Delaware
Emily E. Austin, University of New Hampshire
Emily Elizabeth Shiva Devi Rose Brack, Kashi Ashram
Emily Graff, Auburn University, Pathobiology
Emily Griffin
Emily H. Green, George Mason University
Emily Hardy
Emily Homer
Emily J. Klein, Montclair State University
Emily K. Abel, UCLA-Fielding School of Public Health
Emily Krebs, University of Denver
Emily Lee
Emily Lind Johnston
Emily M. Cramer
Emily M. Hinnov, Great Bay Community College
Emily Mann, Artistic Director McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Emily Martin, NYU
Emily McCave, Quinnipiac University
Emily Millay Haddad, Circles of Fire Productions – IATSE Local 52, and IATSE Local USA-829
Emily N. Bartz, Texas A&M University
Emily Nehus, IU JSOM String Academy
Emily Norris
Emily O’Brien, Graduate Student at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio
Emily Ousley, M.Ed.
Emily Paramonova, California State University, Northridge
Emily Puthoff, State University of New York at New Paltz
Emily Radwin
Emily Robins Sharpe, Keene State
Emily Rose Cranford, Centre College
Emily Rose Schwab, University of Pennsylvania
Emily Rosenbaum
Emily S. Lee
Emily Sanders
Emily Schnee
Emily Schuckman Matthews, San Diego State University
Emily Serafa Manschot, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Emily Sinclair, University of California, Santa Cruz
Emily Taylor, Presbyterian College
Emily Thuma, University of California, Irvine
Emily van der Harten
Emily Vey Duke, Syracuse University
Emily Wentzell
Emily Wexler
Emily Wilbourne, Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Emily Yates-Doerr, University of Amsterdam
Emily Yeh, University of Colorado
Emilye Crosby, SUNY Geneseo
Emir Ramic, Director of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada
Emji Spero
Emma Atwood, University of Montevallo
Emma Donnelly, University of Southern Maine
Emma Fuentes, University of San Francisco
emma holly jones
Emma Klein
Emma Percy, Alfred University
Emma Rees, Institute of Gender Studies, Chester, UK
Emma Stamas
Emma Stringfellow, University of Chester
Emma Vaitkus, University of New Mexico
Emmanuel David, University of Colorado Boulder
Emme Edmunds, Midwife, PhD, Cornell University
Emmett Foster
Emmie Arnold, Princeton Theological Seminary
Emmy Bright
Emmy Tiderington, Rutgers University
Emy Cahalin
Encarnacion Juarez, University of Notre Dame
Enid Farber-Telles, Jazziz Magazine
Enrique Vilaseco
Eri Kitada, Rutgers University
Eric A. Stanley, University of California, Riverside
Eric Bulakites, Johns Hopkins University
Eric Covey, Miami University
Eric Daryl Meyer, Loyola Marymount University
Eric E. Peterson, University of Maine
Eric Gary Anderson, George Mason University
Eric Jenkins, University of Cincinnati
Eric Jernigan
Eric Moe, University of Pittsburgh
Eric Pelkey
Eric Selbin, Southwestern University
Eric Sheffield, Missouri State University
Eric Zuleger
Erica Carter, King’s College London
Erica Chu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Erica Edwards, Miami University Ohio, Political Science
Erica F. Brindley, Pennsylvania State University
Erica Fletcher, University of Houston
Erica Fugger, Columbia University, Oral History
Erica Gibson
Erica Halverson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Erica James
Erica Kaufman, Bard College Institute for Writing and Thinking
Erica Loftus
Erica Lorraine Williams, Spelman College
Erica Meiners, Northeastern Illinois University
Erica O’Neil, Arizona State University
Erica Rand
Erica Silverman
Erica Thomas
Erich N. Pitcher, Oregon State University
Ericka Deglau, Rutgers School of Social Work
Ericka Kim Verba, California State University Los Angeles
Ericka Kimball, Portland State University
Erik Brandt, Minneapolis College of Art + Design
Erik JM Schneider, Independent writer, artist, scholar
Erika Alpert
Erika Gebhardt
Erika Goldman
Erika Hess, Northern Arizona University
Erika Lizée, Moorpark College
Erika M. Sparby, PhD Candidate, Northern Illinois University
Erika McChesney
Erika Peterson
Erika Wadsworth
Erika Wozniak
Erin Beck, University of Oregon
Erin Blakeslee, Case Western Reserve University
Erin Carey
Erin Chandler
Erin Dyke, Oklahoma State University
Erin Eberhardt, Southern California University of Health Sciences
Erin Eife, University of Illinois at Chicago
Erin Elzi, University of Denver
Erin Ethridge, Alfred University
Erin Fisher, Rock Valley College
Erin Hegberg, Office of Contract Archeology, University of New Mexico
Erin Heiser, New York University and City University of New York
Erin Henze, University of Detroit Mercy
Erin Hurt, West Chester University
Erin J. Rand, Syracuse University
Erin Kaplan, University of Colorado Boulder
Erin Kathleen Sandd, UniteWomen.org FL
Erin Kenny, Drury University
Erin Khue Ninh, UC Santa Barbara
Erin L. Papa
Erin Lebacqz, University of New Mexico
Erin Lowrey, University of Arkansas
Erin M. Peterson, Lewis-Clark State College
Erin McCarthy, St. Lawrence University
Erin McCloskey, Vassar College
Erin McMahon
Erin Moon
Erin Murphy
Erin O’Shea, Saddleback College
Erin Powell
Erin Rose Ellison, University of California, Santa Cruz
Erin Shafkind
Erin Stalberg, Mount Holyoke College
Erin Stutelberg, Salisbury University
Erin Torkelson, University of California, Berkeley
Erinn Taylor Barroso, University of Kansas
Erlene Grise-Owens
Erma Comstock, St. Cloud State University Professor Emeritus
Erma P. Carter, St. John Baptist Church
Erna J. Auton
Ernestina Osorio, California State University, Northridge
Estefania Fadul
Estella Clifford
Estelle Freedman, Stanford University
Estelle R. Jorgensen, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Estelle Stokes Bowden
Esther Brandon, M.S.Ed
Esther Freeman
Esther Jang
Esther O. Ohito, Mills College
Esther R. Nelson, Virginia Commonwealth University
Esther Rothblum, San Diego State University
Ethel Rackin
Eva Jarek, University of Illinois at Chicago
Eva Lupold, Rutgers University
Eva M. Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma
Eva Maron
Eva Paris, Ohio Wesleyan University
Eva Woods Peiró, Vassar College
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Arts writer
Evan Dawley, Goucher Collegr
Evan Imber-Black, Ph.D., Ackerman Institute for the Family
Evan Johnson, Actor
Evan R. Kay, University of New Mexico
Evangeline Heiliger, Oberlin College
Evans Lansing Smith, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Eve Aschheim, Princeton University
Eve Berg
Eve Dunbar, Vassar College
Eve L. Ewing, University of Chicago
Eve Levin, University of Kansas
Eve Lyons, Lesley University
Eve Meltzer, NYU
Eve Robinson
Eve Sorum, University of Massachusetts Boston
Eve Tuck, University of Toronto
Eve Weinbaum, UMass Amherst
Evelina Lucia Kahn, M.D., S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook
Evelyn Alsultany, University of Michigan
Evelyn C. Rysdyk
Evelyn Glaze, Arizona State University
Evelyn Lincoln, Brown University
Evgenia Fotiou, Kent State University
F. Daniel Davis, Geisinger Health System
F. Regina Psaki, University of Oregon
Fabienne Doucet, New York University
Fabio Governato, University of Washington
Fabio Lanza, University of Arizona
Fairy L. Caroland, M.Ed., M.Div.
Faith Hillis, University of Chicago
Faith Sparr, University of Michigan
Faizah Bhatti, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Fanny Söderbäck, DePaul University
Farah Tanis, Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Farhana Sultana, Syracuse University
fari nzinga
Farida Jalalzai, Oklahoma State University
Farrell Greenwald Brenner, Syracuse University
Fatima Hossaini
Faulkner Allocco
Fawn Bilgere
Fay Jacobsen
Faye J. Crosby, University of California, Santa Cruz
Fayette Watkis, Soka Gakkai International USA
Felecia Briscoe
Felice Blake, Assistant Professor, UCSB
Felice Kachinsky
Felicia Glidden
Felicia Holman, Links Hall, Arts Administrator of Color Network & Honey Pot Performance
Felicia Kornbluh, University of Vermont
Felicia Kruse Alexander, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Felicity Amaya Schaeffer, UC Santa Cruz
Felicity Nussbaum, UCLA
Femke Kuiling, University of Minnesota
Fereshteh Toosi
Fern Johnson, Clark University
Fernanda Zullo-Ruiz, Hanover College
Fernando Janer Sánchez, Universidad del Turabo
Fia Tharp
Flora Farago, Stephen F. Austin State University
Flora Ichiou Huang
Flora Lu, UC Santa Cruz
Floreda Mary, Antioch University
Florence Cherry, Cornell University
Florence E. McCarthy, University of Western Sydney
Florence Rosenstock
Florence Schwartz
Florence Sum, University of Washington
Florian Grandena, University of Ottawa
Fontaine Pearson, Activist
Forrest Deacon, Johns Hopkins University
Fran Alexander
Fran Bartkowski, Rutgers University-Newark
Fran Forman
Fran Gray
Fran Hadley
Fran Martin, University of Exeter
Fran R Misonznick
Fran Rosen, Ferris State University
Fran Wiley, UCLA
Frances DeJesus
Frances E. Reynolds, University of Missouri-Columbia
Frances Fox Piven, Graduate School, CUNY
Frances Henry, Writer
Frances Holzbach, Western Michigan University
Frances Howard-Snyder, Western Washington University
Frances Julia Riemer
Frances Kissling, University of Pennsylvania
Frances McMahon
Frances Roushar
Frances S. Fendler, Bowen School of Law, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Frances Sampson, Artist
Frances Schantz Trott, Douglass College Alumnae
Frances Vavrus, University of Minnesota
Francesca Capone
Francesca Carpenter
Francesca Royster, DePaul University
Franchelle Dorn, University of Texas at Austin
Francie Chassen-López, University of Kentucky
Francie Skarritt
Francille Rusan Wilson, National Director, Association of Black Women Historians
Francine Frank
Francine Masiello, Univ. California-Berkeley
Francine Pacheco, University of New Mexico; School of Architecture and Planning/College of Education
Francine Stark, Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence
Francisca James Hernandez, Pima Community College/SIROW, UA
Francisco Herrera, University of Texas at Austin
Françoise Lionnet, Harvard University
Françoise N. Hamlin, Brown University
Frank Pultar
Frankie Shaw, Barnard College
Franklin K.R. Cline, University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin
Frann Michel, Willamette University
Fred E Maus, University of Virginia
Fred Hanna
Fred Pierce
Fred Sperounis, University of Massachusetts
Frederica Way Massen
Frederick P. Dodge
Frederique Krupa
Fredric Bohm, Emeritus Director, Michigan State University Press
Fredrika Spindler, Söderörn university/Williams College
Frieda Smyth
Frinde Maher, Professor Emerita, Wheaton College, MA
Fritz Klemperer and Regina Mushabac
G. Patterson, Assistant Professor of English, Ball State University
Gabriel Arkles, Northeastern University
Gabriel Kuperminc
Gabriel Lomas, Western Connecticut State University
Gabriel Robinson
Gabriela Ammann, MPH, CD(DONA), LCCE
Gabriela Oh
Gabriella Johnson, Stanford University
Gabrielle Cody, Vassar College
Gabrielle Dietrich, Penn State Erie, the Behrend College
Gabrielle Graves
Gabrielle Harlan
Gabrielle Jennings, Art Center College of Design
Gae Jean Klupacs Taylor
Gael Belden, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Gael Carnes, University of Illinois Springfield
Gail Anderson, RN, MSN
Gail Carter
Gail Davern, Skagit Valley College
Gail Dummer, Professor Emerita, Michigan State University
Gail E. Mason, Professor Emerita, Eastern Illinois University
Gail Garlick
Gail Gordon
Gail Gordon, Professor, New Jersey City University
Gail Griffin, Kalamazoo College (emerita)
Gail Hoak, Professor of Dance, Mt. San Jacinto College, retired
Gail Kaufman
Gail kligman, UCLA
Gail Larsen Peterkin, Ph.D.
Gail Luley
Gail Maudal
Gail P. Streete
Gail Rappa
Gail Sansbury
Gail Shuck, Boise State University
Gail Strickland
Gail Tiefenbach
Gail Turley Houston, Professor, University of New Mexico
Gail Williams
Gaile Pohlhaus, Jr., Miami University (Ohio)
Gale Coskan-Johnson, Brock University, St Catharines Ontario
ganea p. lahti
Garilynn Stanfield
Garjan Sterk, Academic Director SIT Study Abroad, Amsterdam
Garrett Lewis, Mississippi College
Garry Leonard, Professor, University of Toronto
Gary Chamberlain, Emeritus, Seattle University
Gary F. Harpe, Kalamazoo College Alum
Gary Horlacher
Gay Arnold
Gay Outlaw
Gayatri Gopinath, NYU
Gaye Tuchman, University of Connecticut, Emerita
Gayle Brandeis, Antioch University and Sierra Nevada College
Gayle Golden
Gayle Gordon Bouzard, Texas State University
Gayle Greene, Scripps College
Gayle K. Brunelle, Ph.D., California State University, Fullerton
Gayle Mahoney, Artist
Gayle Marie Weitz, ArtRageUs1
Gayle Rembold Furbert
Gayle Weiss
Gaylynn Welch, SUNY-Potsdam
Gemma Argao Aquino
Gena Corea, Writer
Gene Epstein, Lorain County Community College
Genelle Sweetser
Genevieve Berry
Genevieve Clutario, Harvard University
Genevieve Garcia de Mueller, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales, University of San Francisco
Genevieve Pickard
Genevieve Quick
Genevieve Roberts, BA, MA, University of Colorado
Genevra Gallo-Bayiates
Genevra Prothero, Activist
Genna Vinson
Genny LaMorgan
Geoffrey Wessel, London School of Economics and Political Science
George F. McHendry, Jr., Creighton University
George Gonzalez
George Hoagland, Minneapolis College of Art & Design
George Temple, Teaching Support Staff Union and Simon Fraser University
George Villanueva, Loyola University Chciago
Georgia Ennis, University of Michigan
Georgia Johnston, Saint Louis University
Georgia Warnke, UC Riverside
Georgia Wever, Friends & Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Georgiana L. Williams, Honorably Retired Teaching Elder, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Geraldine Knortz, Saint Michael’s College, retired
Geraldine Rodriguez, Florida State University
Gerardo R. Lopez, University of Utah
Gerise Herndon, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Gerit Quealy
Gerry Griffith
Gerry H. Green, ARNP, MSN. Retired, Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida
Gia Lamela, Scientist
Gianna May Sanchez, University of New Mexico
Giavanna Munafo, WGSS, Dartmouth College
Gilda Ochoa, Pomona College
Gilda Werner Reed, PhD, Applied Biological Psychology, University of New Orleans
Gillet Rosenblith
Gillian Hart, University of California, Berkeley
Gillian Lord, University of Florida
Gillian M. Rodger, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Gillian Russell
Gillian Smith, Northeastern University
Gina Abbeduto, Center for Integrated Wellness
Gina Armstrong, Birmingham-Southern College
Gina Athena Ulysse, Wesleyan University
Gina Crandell, Northeastern University
Gina Crivello, University of Oxford
Gina Fedock, University of Chicago, School of Social Service Admonistration
Gina Keel, SUNY Oneonta
Gina Lee Robbins
Gina M. Pesapane, BA, MA, MA, LMFT, Antioch University, Los Angeles
Gina M. Olson, University of Chicago
Gina Marie Longo
Gina Michaels, Monterey Peninsula College
Gina Montori
Gina Morse
Gina Opdycke Terry, Germanna Community College
Gina Velasco, Gettysburg College
Gina Zanolini Morrison, Wilkes University
Ginetta E.B. Candelario, Smith College
Ginette M. Laliberte
Ginger South, UniteWomen.org FL
Ginger Storey-Welch
Giovanna Benadusi, University of South Florida
Gisela Morales
Giselle Chacon
Giselle Cunanan
Gita Mehrotra, Portland State University
Glen Gerrard, University of Suffolk U K
Glenda Diodene’ (Deemer), Artist, Poet, Community Organizer
Glenda Goodman, University of Pennsylvania
Glenn Boozan
Glenna Matthews
Glennellen Pace, Emerita, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR
Gloria Cowan, California State University, San Berbardino, Emerita
Gloria Emison
Gloria Jacobs, Publisher emerita, Feminist Press
Gloria Ladson-Billings
Gloria Steinem, writer, organizer
Gloria Tiede
Glorianne Leck, Emerita, Youngstown State University
Gordon Hall, The New School, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Grace Barth, James Madison University
Grace Cho, College of Staten Island
Grace D. Player, University of Pennsylvania GSE
Grace Graupe-Pillard
Grace Halvorson, New York University
Grace Hussain
Grace Kyungwon Hong, UCLA
Grace Lao, York University
Grace Lincoln Sokolow, Austin College
Grace Loehr, CNM, MSN
Grace McGrath
Grace Oh
Grace Pigozzi, Dominican University Chicago
Graciela Morales
Graham Brown, Brigham Young University
Granger Davis
Grechen Lynne Wingertet, Pellissippi State Community College
Greer Hamilton
Greg Allendorf, University of Missouri-Columbia
Greg Everett, KaleidoTease
Greg Farstrup
Greg Grobis, University of Detroit Mercy
Greg Knotts, CSU Northridge
Greg McClure, Appalachian State University
Gregory Palermo, Northeastern University
Greta Hassel, Los Angeles, Fuller Seminary
Greta LaFleur, Yale University
Greta Nettleton, Author & Historian
Greta P. Allendorf
Gretchen Ames, EdD
Gretchen Bailey
Gretchen Bauer, University of Delaware
Gretchen Dunn, Stanford University
Gretchen Hind, CCP
Gretchen Kelly
Gretchen Rumohr-Voskuil, Aquinas College
Gretchen Schroeder
Gretchen Thiel, MSW
Gretchen Woertendyke, University of South Carolina
Guadalupe Martinez, Clackamas Community College
Guillermina Gina Núñez, UT El Paso
Gul Ozyegin, The College of William and Mary
Guy Fremlin
Guy Sanders
Guyma Noel, Union Institute & University
Gwen Athene Tarbox, Western Michigan University
Gwen C. Delp
Gwen D’Arcangelis, Skidmore College
Gwen Longbotham
Gwen McEvoy
Gwen Robbins Schug, Appalachian State University
Gwen Werner
Gwendolyn Beetham, Rutgers University
Gwendolyn D. Pough, Syracuse University
Gwendolyn L. Zak
Gwendolyn Mettetal
Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Prof of History, Rutgers University
Gwendolyn Mink
Gwendolyn P. Brazier
Gwendolyn Simon
Gwyn Bourlakov, University of Kansas, PhD Candidate
Gwyndyn T. Alexander
Gwyneth Mellinger
Gyda Swaney, University of Montana
H. Claire Chambers
H. Samy Alim, Stanford University
H. Susan Freireich, MPH (retired)
H. Zahra Caldwell, Westfield State University
H.N. Lukes, Occidental College
Habiba Osman
Hadas Steiner, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Hailey Bobella
Hailey Kwon, University of California, San Diego
Hal Foster, Princeton University
Hal Snyder, M.D.
Halei Parker
Haley Volpintesta, UIC
Hana Böttger, University of San Francisco
Hana Iverson, Executive Artistic Director, Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA
Hanna Garth, University of California San Diego (UCSD)
Hanna Tulis
Hannah Cranville, Penn State University
Hannah Herde, Brandeis University
Hannah Jellen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hannah Jeremiah, Artist
Hannah Johnson, University of Iowa
Hannah L. Helmy, Montclair State University
Hannah Lee, Jane Addams School of Social Work, UIC
Hannah Mayer
Hannah McMonagle
Hannah Parrott, University of Bristol, UK
Hannah Rosen, College of William and Mary
Hans Leo
Harmony Goldberg, CUNY Graduate Center & Bertha Foundation
Harmony Neal, Northfield United in Love
Harmony Stewart
Harper Jane Ciha, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Harrie Farrow
Harriet Bachner, Pittsburg State University
Harriet Bloom-Wilson
Harriet Brown, Syracuse University
Harriet Glosoff, Montclair State University
Harriet Goldberg
Harriet Hirsch
Harriet Lutzky
Harriet Malinowitz, Ithaca College
Harriet Murav, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Harriet Phinney, Seattle University
Harry Byrne
Harsimran Baweja, San Diego State University
Hasani Gough, MSW
Hasia diner, New York University
Hasmik Djoulakian, Syracuse University
Hathor Woods
Hayley Peterson, University of New Mexico
Hazel Carby
Hazel Greene
Heather A. Hartel
Heather Albanesi, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Heather Anger, College for Creative Studies
Heather Ann Thompson
Heather Averhoff, University of New Mexico
Heather Barta, Episcopal Church
Heather Belnap Jensen, Brigham Young University
Heather Blatt
Heather Brosché, Artist
Heather Brown Hudson, Associate Professor, Lindenwood University
Heather Cameron
Heather Can Uxem Lewis, Rutgers University
Heather Corwin
Heather Dalmage, Roosevelt University
Heather Davis, Pennsylvania State University
Heather Dell
Heather Evans, York University
Heather Ferguson, Claremont McKenna College
Heather Gardner, Retired Fairview HS English
Heather Hax, Towson University
Heather Hewett, SUNY New Paltz
Heather Higgins
Heather Houser, University of Texas at Austin
Heather J. Ludlam DVM
Heather J. Pinedo-Burns, Teachers College, Columbia University
Heather K. Olson Beal, Stephen F. Austin State University
Heather Kilgore
Heather Kleinberg
Heather Love, University of Pennsylvania
Heather MacKenzie
Heather Martel, Northern Arizona University
Heather May, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Heather McBride, Boise State University
Heather Miyano Kopelson, University of Alabama
Heather Mooney, Wayne State University
Heather Orr Terrebonne
Heather Overby
Heather Pelley
Heather Powers, Indiana Univ. of PA.
Heather Renwick
Heather Schell, George Washington University
Heather Steinmann, Western New Mexico University
Heather Sullivan-Catlin, State University of New York at Potsdam
Heather Sweeney
Heather Sykes, University of Toronto
Heather Thorp
Heather Tone, University of Iowa
Heather Zoller, University of Cincinnati
Heide Fasnacht, The New School University
Heide Solbrig, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Heidi Boisvert, City University of New York
Heidi Breuer, California State University, San Marcos
Heidi Burton
Heidi Ellen Stucki DVM
Heidi Emmerling Munoz, PhD, Professor of English, Cosumnes River College
Heidi Garcia
Heidi Haire, Florida State University
Heidi J. Nast, DePaul University
Heidi Klippert
Heidi Leuszler, Parkland College
Heidi M. Altman, Ph.D.
Heidi M. Ravven, Hamilton College
Heidi Marben
Heidi McKye
Heidi Petersen, National University
Heidi Rain
Heidi Ramsey
Heidi Rimke, University of Winnipeg
Heidi Shink, Author, Social Justice Advocate
heidi siegmund cuda
Heidi Tinsman, University of California Irvine
Heidi Wigham
Heike Peckruhn, Daemen College
Helana Darwin, Stony Brook University
Helen Carlile RN, MSN, FNP, University Californai San Francisco
Helen E. Richardson, Brooklyn College
Helen Elaine Lee, MIT
Helen H. Davis, Wilkes University
Helen Hedden
Helen Jackson, Wright State University
Helen K. Wilk
Helen Lauer, University of Dar es Salaam
Helen M. Kinsella, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Helen McFadyen, St. Stephen’s College
Helen Meekosha, UNSW Australia
Helen Patz Perrone
Helen Ramirez-Odell
Helen Tate
Helen Veit, Michigan State University
Helena Kallio
Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, University of Minnesota
Helene Moglen, University of California Santa Cruz
Hephzibah V. Strmic-Pawl, Manhattanville College
Hermine Muskat
Herschella G. Conyers, University of Chicago Law School
Hester Baer, University of Maryland, College Park
Hester Eisenstein, City University of New York
Hetty Cowan
Hila Keren, Southwestern Law School
Hilary Lustick, Texas State University
Hilary Schlinger, CNM, MS
Hilde Hein
Hillary A. Jones, California State University, Fresno
Hillary Harrison
Hillary Ostermiller, James Madison University
Hillary Procknow, The University of Texas at Austin
Hiram Perez, Vassar College
Hirut Melaku, Third Eye Collective
Holley A. Holland
Holley Vaughn, University of North Texas
Hollis Glaser, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Hollister Wells Turner, Former Assoc. Executive Director Women’s Sports Foundation
Holly Boruck, California State University Northridge
Holly Burdorff, University of Alabama
Holly Fisher, Artist
Holly Foster
Holly Garrett
Holly Hey, University of Toledo
Holly Hughes, Professor, University of Michigan
Holly Knight
Holly Larsen
Holly M. Boone
Holly Maluk, Ph.D., Emory University
Holly McCracken
Holly McSpadden, Missouri Southern State U.
Holly Neely
Holly Nelson
Holly Payne, Emerson College
Holly Scott
Holly Shope
Hon. Tina Marie Manus
Honey Judith Rubin
Honnie Goode, Activist
Honorable Kim Casey
Hope Hutchinson
Hope Yancey (formerly) University of Utah
Howard Belk, Trustee, University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Howard Moore Jr, Civil Rights Lawyer
Howard Winant, UC Santa Barbara
Hugh M. Murphy, Barry University
Hunter Bandy, Duke University
Hunter M. Currey, M.Ed.
Hyla Willis
I Dona Dailey
I Lori B Newman
I Nancy J. Curtin
Ian Alan Paul, PhD
Ian Barnard, Chapman University
Ian Hogan, Kent State University
Ian Levy, Teachers College, Columbia University
Ianna Hawkins Owen, UC Berkeley, English
Ida Ochoteco
Idalia Robles De León, University of California, Santa Barbara
Idee Winfield, College of Charleston
Ifat Peled, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Ifeyinwa Asiodu
Ikuko Asaka
Ila Berman, University of Virginia
Ilana Becker
Ilana Feldman, George Washington University
Ilana Goldman, Florida State University
Ileana Jiménez, Founder, Feminist Teacher
Ilene Feinman, CSU Monterey Bay
Iliana Cuellar, CSULA
Ilona Sakalauskas
Inderpal Grewal, Yale University
India Garnett, Civil Rights Activist, Clergy
Indigo Jade Kästel
Indrani Chatterjee
Ines Barbosa de Oliveira, President of Brazilian Association of Curriculum Studies, Professor at State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)
Ines Institoris, The New School
Ingrid Laubrock
Ingrid Nelson, University of Vermont
Ingrid Schorr, Brandeis University, Office of the Arts
Ingrid Semaan, University of Connecticut
Iraida López, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Irena Klepfisz, Barnard College
Irene Basile
Irene Lara, San Diego State University
Irene Mass Ametrano, Eastern Michigan University
Irene McHenry, Fielding Graduate University (formerly)
Irene Nordgren
Irene Smookler
Irene Violet Small, Princeton University
Iris Bull, Indiana University
Iris Fodor, Professor Emerita, New York University
Iris Lopez, City College-CUNY
Iris Mensing
Iris Polos, Artist
Iris van Rees
Iris Yob, Walden University
Irma Brasseur-Hock
Irma Mayorga, Dartmouth College
Irvin James Kroeker
Isaac Miller
Isaac Pool
Isaac West, Vanderbilt University
Isabel Babcock, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Isabel Constable
Isabel Espinal, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Isabel Jaén
Isabel Nelson, Artist
Isabel Nunez, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Isabel Rafferty
Isabel Sobral Campos, Montana Tech
Isabella Flisi, Ulster University
Isabella La Rocca, St. Mary’s College of California
Isabelle Casey
Isabelle Cata, Grand Valley State University
Isabelle Clark-Deces, Princeton University
Isabelle Zinn, University of Lausanne/EHESS
Isbel McKenzie, Portland State University
Isis Ferguson, University of Chicago
Ivan Arenas, Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, UIC
Iveta Silova, Arizona State University
Ivette Gonzalez, Rutgers University/ Baruch College School of Public Affairs
Ivone Margulies, Hunter College, CUNY
Ivuoma N. Onyeador, UCLA
Izzy Bravo
J. Richard Smith
J Willis
J. Alison Bess
J. Courtney Reid, SUNY Adirondack Community College
J. Kavanagh
J. Kehaulani Kauanui
J. Mijin Cha, Occidental College
J. Murphy, Brandman University
J. Park, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
J. Perry Spooner, University of Arizona
J. Preston Taub
J. Sunshine Cowan, Community/Public Health Program, Department of Kinesiology & Health Studies, University of Central Oklahoma
J.C. Wolfe, NEIU
J.L. Warren
J.S. Hoffman
J.T. Roane, Smith College
Jack Demarest, Monmouth University
Jack Jackson, Whitman College
Jackeline De La Rosa, University of Massachusetts
Jacki Thompson Rand, Department of History, University of Iowa
Jacki Ueng, University of California, Riverside
Jackie Furash
Jackie Lipton, Artist
Jackie Self, Florida Southern University
Jackie Stapleton, Bradley University
Jackie Waitts
Jacklyn Clark, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Environmental Health Sciences
Jackson Gay
Jaclyn Friedman
Jaclyn Wong, University of Chicago
Jaclynne Debra Madden
Jacob Fall, Independent critic and curator
Jacob J. Erickson, Trinity College Dublin
Jacob Sagrans
Jacquelin Downey
Jacqueline Anderson
Jacqueline Fox, University of South Carolina
Jacqueline Hidalgo
Jacqueline Lambiase, Ph.D.
Jacqueline Long, Loyola University Chicago
Jacqueline Millward
jacqueline miro
jacqueline oliva
Jacqueline Preston, Utah Valley University
Jacqueline Scott, Loyola University Chicago
Jacqueline Smith, The New School
Jacqueline Vickery, University of North Texas
Jacqueline Wernimont, Arizona State University
Jacqueline Williams
Jacqueline Woodfork, Whitman College
Jacquelyn Courtrell-Washington
Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Spruill Professor of History, UNC-Chapel Hill, Emerita
Jacquelyn Gill, University of Maine
Jacquelyn Urbani, Dominican University of California
Jacqui Calloway
Jacqui Hurst
Jacqui Pratt, University of Washington
Jacquie Rousseau, Artist
Jae Basiliere, Grand Valley State University
Jafari S Allen
Jaime Cantrell, The University of Mississippi
Jaime Cobb, D.C., D.O.M.
Jaime Guzmán, University of Denver
Jaime Shearn Coan, CUNY Graduate Center
Jaimee Garbacik
Jala A. Waleed
Jamee Eaton, Artist
James Mura
James Arrington
James B. Sparks, College of Mount Saint Vincent
James Burns, Florida International University
James Deaville, Carleton University
James DeFilippis, Rutgers University
James E. Burnside
James Gachau, Doctoral Candidate, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland
James L Thorson, Department of English, University of New Mexico
James Martell
James McPherson, Whitworth University
James Padilioni, Jr., College of William and Mary
James Patrick Thompson
James Perkinson
James Sheldon, University of Arizona
James Slowiak, The University of Akron
James Sterba, University of Notre Dame
James Wiltgen
James Zeigler
Jameta Barlow
Jamia Wilson
Jamie Capuzza, Ph.D., University of Mount Union
Jamie Dangler, SUNY Cortland
Jamie J. Hagen, University of Massachusetts Boston
Jamie Lee Robinson, Trinity Washington University
Jamie Lindemann Nelson, Professor of Philosophy, Michigan State University
Jamie Lombardi, New York University
Jamie Magnusson, University of Toronto
Jamie O’Quinn, University of Texas at Austin
Jamie Wakley
Jamila Tharp
Jamitrice Keating-Lynton
Jan Angevine
Jan Biederman
Jan Brooks
Jan Brooks, retired, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Jan Currie, Murdoch University (Australia)
Jan Estebo
Jan Forney, Geoscientist
Jan Haaken, Portland State University
Jan Jenkins
Jan Jones-Schenk DHSc, RN, NE-BC
Jan Kessel
Jan Lella, UniteWomen.org FL
Jan Peregrine, Artist
Jan Pogue
Jan Samet O’Leary, Retired Director, Beneficial-Hodson Library, Hood College
Jan Sanders, Arcadia University
Jan Schiller
Jan Thurman, Kapiolani Community College
Jan Toraason
Jan Villarrubia
Jan Woods
Jana Braziel, Miami University
Jana Hoffmann
Jana L. Byars
Jana N.Knubb, Assistant Professor;Community College Of Rhode Island
Jana Richman
Jana Silver, Hampshire College
Janae E. Bonsu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Janaka B. Lewis
Janaya Khan, Gender Justice LA
Jane A Petro MD FACS, New York Medical College
Jane A. Hartsock, IUPUI
Jane A. Montes
Jane A.Levine, Columbia Law School
Jane Accurso, Musician
Jane Allen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jane Altman Page
Jane Anderson Jones, Retired professor, State College of Florida
Jane Ariel
Jane Berger, Moravian College
Jane Bevans, Law Offices of Jane Bevans
Jane Caplan, Emeritus Professor of History, Bryn Mawr College
Jane Chin Davidson, California State University, San Bernardino
Jane Cope
Jane Cothron
Jane Ditri, Artist and former community college faculty in nursing
Jane Eigner Mintz
Jane Ellen
Jane Evans
Jane F. Conkey
Jane F. Melnick, Retired Professor
Jane Fulton Alt, Artist
jane gudge
Jane H. Hill, University of Arizona (Emerita)
Jane Harrington, Writer
Jane Hassinger, University of Michigan
Jane Larsen-Wigger
Jane Lehr, California Polytechnic State University
Jane Lohman
Jane M. Nichols
Jane Marcellus, Middle Tennessee State University
Jane McConnell
Jane McLeod, Indiana University
Janet Mura
Jane Norling, Artist
Jane Olmsted, Western Kentucky University
Jane Palmquist, Brooklyn College–CUNY
Jane Price
Jane Roets
Jane Root, Wabanaki Women’s Coalition
Jane Solorzano
Jane Stave-Viemeister, Sierra College, CA
Jane Stevens
Jane Ward, University of California, Riverside
Jane White
Jane Winslow
Jane Youngblood-Craford, Media Artist
Janell Jenkins
Janet Alfred
Janet Badia, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Janet Ballweg, Bowling Green State University
Janet Bennion, Lyndon State College
Janet Berry, University of Louisville
Janet Blank-Libra
Janet Cline
Janet Cox
Janet Crossen
Janet D. Allan, Dean Emeritus, University of Maryland, Baltimore, School,of Nursing
Janet Depew, University of La Verne
Janet Ghio
Janet Golden, Rutgers University
Janet Goldner, Artist
Janet Gomes
Janet Gray, The College of New Jersey
Janet H. Bell
Janet H. Johnson, University of Chcago
Janet Hatfield
Janet Heartson M.A.
Janet Hsiao, Michigan State University
Janet Huber Lowry, Retired Austin College
Janet J. Brown
Janet Kourany, University of Notre Dame
Janet Kruse
Janet L. Forbes
Janet L. Miller, Teachers College, Columbia University
Janet L. Staser
Janet Levine, University of the Witwatersrand
Janet Linde, Retired Art Teacher
Janet Lowe, Carnegie Mellon University, Alumni
Janet Lundeberg
Janet MacLaughlin Hooper
Janet Martz, BSN
Janet Neary, Hunter College, CUNY
Janet Ng Dudley, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Janet Ohle Green
Janet Pearce, Bridge Academy Hackney London
Janet Pierick Smith
Janet Reckmeyer, Glendale Community College, Arizona
Janet Robinson
Janet Spittler, University of Virginia
Janet T. Marquardt, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Eastern Illinois University
Janet Uhl
Janet Watson, University of Connecticut
Janet Werther, CUNY GC/Baruch College
Janet Winston, Humboldt State University
Janette Fischer
Janette La Vigne, Colgate University alumnus
Jani Scandura, University of Minnesota
Janice Bonsu, University of Pennsylvania
Janice Collins
Janice Connolly
Janice Czyscon
Janice D. Yoder
Janice Dilg
Janice Irvine, University of Massachusetts
Janice Jarrett, Ph.D.
Janice K Windborne, Otterbein University
Janice L. Core Dunbar
Janice Lombardi
Janice Monypeny
Janice Mundee, Atascadero Middle School
Janice Okoomian, Rhode Island College
Janice Radway, Northwestern University
Janice Sobel, Artist
Janice Steers, Moravian College; University of Southern CT
Janice Strazinsky
Janice Wetzel
Janice Williamson, English & Film Studies, University of Alberta
Janie M. Burcart, JD
Janie Vanpée, Smith College
Janine Bogart-Mandrik, JD
Janine Hamilton, Hunter College
Janine Larmon Peterson, Marist College
Janine Levin, M.Ed
Janine McDuffie
Janine Moeller Thomas
Janis Brenner, The Juilliard School, Janis Brenner & Dancers
Janis Chandler
Janis Crystal Lipzin
Janis Goodman, Corcoran College of Art
Janis Weller, McNally Smith College of Music
Janis Zavala
Jann C. Belcher, Utah Valley University
Janna Saslaw, Loyola University New Orleans
Janna Soeder, University of Maryland
Jaribu Hill, Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights
Jasbir Puar
Jasmina Tumbas, University at Buffalo
Jasmine Mahmoud, Washington University in St. Louis
Jasmine Mulliken, Stanford University
Jasmine Noelle Yarish, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jason Alley, Bucknell University
Jason Del Gandio, Temple University
Jason Farr, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Jason Kennedy, Auckland University of Technology, (US citizen)
Jason Stanley, Yale University
Jason Young, University at Buffalo
Jax J Gonzalez, University of Colorado, Boulder
Jay Baglia, DePaul University
Jay Groepper, UW Med School
Jay Putnam, High Point University
Jay Winston Driskell Jr., Historian
Jay Zussman, Duke University
Jaya Dubey, University of California, Irvine
Jayden Colby, University of Southern Maine
Jayeesha Dutta, University of New Orleans
Jayna Gearhart Fitzsimmons
Jazmin R. Price CPM, CLC
Jean Allman, Washington University in St. Louis
Jean Amato
Jean Beaman, Purdue University
Jean Berringer
Jean Bishop
Jean Boyack, University of Utah, MBA, JD
Jean C. Robinson, Indiana University, Bloomington
Jean E. Poppei, Psychology emerita, The Sage Colleges
Jean Entine
Jean Franco, Columbia University (retired)
Jean Gregorek, Canisius College
Jean Halley, College of Staten Island of the City University of New York
Jean Howard, Columbia University
Jean Kilbourne
Jean Lave
Jean Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jean Lovett
Jean Marie Pardee
Jean Nienkamp, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jean Oppermann, California College of the Arts, San Francisco
Jean Palm Malick, UNC-Colorado
Jean Quataert, Binghamton University, SUNY
Jean Roelke, University of North Texas
Jean S. Forward, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jean Tepperman
Jean Tuckerman
Jean Wagner, Bard College
Jeanette Lehn, Florida State University
Jeanette Moran
Jeanette Naumiec
Jeanette Palmer, Genesee Community College
Jeanie Ferretti
Jeanie Larson
Jeanie Williams
Jeanine Oleson, Parsons School of Design, The New School
Jeanine Viau, University of Central Florida
Jeanine Weller, UC Santa Cruz
JeanMarie Martello, St. Lawrence County Historical Assoc.
Jeanne Anderson Tippett
Jeanne Birnbach
Jeanne Brumbaugh q
Jeanne Bunch
Jeanne Cahill
Jeanne Hess, Kalamazoo College
Jeanne Heywood, National Art Educators of America
Jeanne Hilary
Jeanne Koopman, Boston University
Jeanne LeBlanc
Jeanne M. Lieberman, Champlain College
jeanne m. tucker
Jeanne Marecek
Jeanne Towar
Jeanne Willcoxon, Hamilton College
Jeannette Biemann, M.A.
Jeannette Estruth, NYU
Jeannette L. Aldous, MD
Jeannie Harms, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Emerita
Jeannie M. Chapman, University of South Carolina Upstate
Jeannie Sanders, University of Toledo
Jeannie Sargent Judge, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Jeannie-Marie Brown, Keene State College
Jeannine A. Gailey, Texas Christian University
Jeano Miller
Jeb Bettis
Jeff Spires
Jeff Tangel, Adjunct Political Science, Saint Xavier University
Jeff W. Hall, Cincinnati, OH
Jeff Warmouth, Fitchburg State University
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Bile, Spalding University
Jeffrey Cisneros, Indiana University – Bloomington
Jeffrey Dudas, University of Connecticut
Jeffrey Gauthier, University of Portland
Jeffrey Gonzalez, Montclair State University
Jeffrey Gore, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jeffrey Helgeson, Texas State University
Jeffrey Q. McCune, Jr., Washington University in St Louis
Jeffrey Skoller, UC Berkeley
Jehan Miah, CUNY Macaulay Honors College
Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, MFA, MATC
Jen Jack Gieseking
Jen Korn
Jen Liu, Parsons New School
Jen Schaefer
Jenae Dunlop, Portland State University
JeNeal Ann Granieri, University of Utah
Jenell Johnson
Jeni Hunniecutt, University of Denver
Jeni Rinner
Jenifer Linnenberg
Jennifer Mikkonen
Jenifer Roosevelt, Elementary Education, CA
Jenine Bressner, Rhode Island School of Design
Jenise DePinto, The College of Saint Rose
Jenissee Volpintesta, B.A., Alverno College
Jenn Anderson, South Dakota State University
Jenn Lindsay, PhD. Candidate, Boston University
Jenn M. Jackson, University of Chicago
Jenn Mallette, Boise State University
Jenna A. Johnston, West Virginia State University
Jenna Ewing, JD
Jenna Hunnef, University of Toronto
Jenna Juliet Wikler
Jenna Ledford, University of North Texas
Jenna M. Gibbs, Florida International University
Jennette Royster
Jenni Graham
Jenni Kempas
Jenni Quilter, New York University
Jenni Witzel, 3WF-Third Wave Feminism
Jennie C. Stephens, Northeastern University
Jennie Lightweis-Goff, University of Mississippi
Jennie Sweet-Cushman, Chatham University
Jennifer A. Hudson
Jennifer Adair, Fairfield University
Jennifer Aldrich, Louis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University
Jennifer Alterson, Frontier University
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Beamer, Oregon State University
Jennifer Blasi
Jennifer Bondy
Jennifer Borland, Oklahoma State University
Jennifer Bowman, Western Washington University
Jennifer Boyden, Eastern Oregon University
Jennifer Brier, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jennifer Brown, Marymount Manhattan College
Jennifer Burris, Athénée Press
Jennifer Butz
Jennifer C. Lena, Columbia University
Jennifer C. Boylan, University of Florida
Jennifer C. Dunn, Dominican University
Jennifer C. Winegardner
Jennifer Campbell, University of Denver
Jennifer Chmilar, University of Calgary
Jennifer Cohen, Miami University
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Conn, Kent State University
Jennifer Cowan
Jennifer Cumby, Lynchburg College
Jennifer D. Adams, City University of New York
Jennifer D. Williams, Morgan State University
Jennifer D. Harris, Washington State University Vancouver
Jennifer Danos, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Jennifer DeHaemers, University of MO – Kansas City
Jennifer DeVere Brody
Jennifer deWinter, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Jennifer Dickson, University at Buffalo
Jennifer Drayton
Jennifer Drydyk, Retired Educator
Jennifer Duffy
Jennifer E. Henton, Hofstra University
Jennifer Edwards, Stephens College
Jennifer Erickson
Jennifer Fang, University of Portland
Jennifer Ferris
Jennifer Foster, University of Kansas
Jennifer Foubert, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jennifer Frederick, University of Michigan
Jennifer Fronc, UMASS Amherst
Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
Jennifer Geringer, University of Wyoming
Jennifer Germann
Jennifer Gilken, Borough of Manhattan- CUNY
Jennifer Griffiths, New York Institute of Technology
Jennifer Gross
Jennifer Grzegorek, Michigan State University
Jennifer Guglielmo, Smith College
Jennifer Hamilton, School of Critical Social Inquiry, Hampshire College
Jennifer Hammer
Jennifer Hardacker, Pacific University
Jennifer Hart
Jennifer Henry, University of Minnesota
Jennifer Higginbotham, Ohio State University
Jennifer Holman Gunter, University of South Carolina
Jennifer Huff
Jennifer Hyland Wang
Jennifer J. Duncan
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson, University of Oregon
Jennifer Job, Oklahoma State University
Jennifer Jolly, Ithaca College
Jennifer K. Sweeney, Simmons College
Jennifer Kalmanson, Vice President, American Humanist Association
Jennifer Katz, SUNY Geneseo
Jennifer Kennelly, Ph.D.
Jennifer Kirker, Northern Illinois University
Jennifer Kitchen MD PhD
Jennifer Klein, Yale University
Jennifer Kontny, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, St. Olaf College
Jennifer L Shaw, Sonoma State University
Jennifer L Thilo
Jennifer L. Childress, New York State Art Teachers Association
Jennifer L. Miller
Jennifer L. Mintzer
Jennifer L. Morgan, New York University
Jennifer L. Pierce, University of Minnesota
Jennifer L. Rodgers, University of South Florida
Jennifer Lang-Rigal, James Madison University
Jennifer Leigh Selig, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Jennifer Lenow, New York University
Jennifer Levine
Jennifer Lois
Jennifer Luna Bregante, MA
Jennifer Lyons, Ithaca College
Jennifer M. Abbate, Teachers College
Jennifer M. Bonfilio
Jennifer M. Quinn
Jennifer M. Sandoval, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Jennifer M. Stefanow
Jennifer MacCormack
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer McCauley, MFA Theatre Virginia Commonwealth University
Jennifer Merchant, Université Paris 2
Jennifer Mertens
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller, Pratt Institute
Jennifer Mitchell, Union College
Jennifer Monson, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Jennifer Moore, Ohio Northern University
Jennifer Moore, University of New Mexico School of Law
Jennifer Mosley, University of Chicago
Jennifer Mueller, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Jennifer Munroe, UNC Charlotte
Jennifer Nash, Northwestern University
Jennifer Nelson, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Jennifer Nish, American University of Beirut
Jennifer O’Neill
Jennifer Perrenoud
Jennifer Peskin
Jennifer Philpott, M.S., M.F.A.
Jennifer Pitts, University of Chicago
Jennifer Potter, Towson University
Jennifer Randles, California State University, Fresno
Jennifer Reed, Chair, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, CSULB
Jennifer Reis, Morehead State University
Jennifer Rigdon
Jennifer Roberts, Saint Louis University
Jennifer Rogers-Brown
Jennifer S. Hendricks, University of Colorado Law School
Jennifer Sartori
Jennifer Scism Ash, History Doctoral Candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jennifer Scott, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jennifer Shashek, M.D.
Jennifer Shaw, MD, FACS
Jennifer Siegal, Adjunct Associate Professor, USC School of Architecture
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith, Eastern Illinois University
Jennifer Smith, Southern Illinois University
Jennifer Solheim
Jennifer Spitzer, Ithaca College
Jennifer Stoneking, University of Montana
Jennifer Tennant, Ithaca College
Jennifer Thigpen, Washington State University
Jennifer Thomas, University of Florida
Jennifer Tomás
Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Unger
Jennifer Vansteenkiste, University of Guelph
Jennifer W. Kyker, Eastman School of Music, The University of Rochester
Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, Penn State University
Jennifer Warner, Portland State University
Jennifer Watts
Jennifer Wild, University of Chicago
Jennifer Wilks, The University of Texas at Austin
Jennifer Wilson, Writer
Jennifer Wolgemuth, University of South Florida
Jennifer Yanco
Jennifer, University of Alabama
Jenny Braunginn, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jenny Dyck Brian, Arizona State University
Jenny Eggleston, Artist
Jenny Hoffman
Jenny Kijowski, NYU Gallatin
Jenny L. Maggiore
Jenny Lendrum, Wayne State University
Jenny McDougal, St. Catherine University
Jenny Rogers
Jeong-eun Rhee, Long Island University, Post
Jeremy C. Young, Dixie State University
Jeremy McGovern, Writer
Jeri L. Harrell
Jerica Coffey
Jerome Whitington, New York University
Jerry Rosiek, University of Oregon
Jes Matsick, Psychology and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Penn State
Jes Muse, Artist
Jess Barbagallo, The O’Neill Center
Jess Garden, Union Schools Board of Education
Jess Irish, Parsons School of Design
Jess T. Dugan
Jess Weiler, Western Carolina University
Jess Wilton, Carnegie Mellon University
Jessa Lingel, University of Pennsylvania
Jessalynn Keller, University of Calgary
Jessamyn Smyth
Jesse Cohn, Purdue University Northwest
Jesse Goodman, Indiana University
Jesse Lemisch, emeritus, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Jesse Ribot, University of Illinois
Jesse Stommel
Jesse Swan, University of Northern Iowa
Jessi Lee Jackson, University at Buffalo
Jessi Murray
Jessi Overman, University of MN
Jessica Abel, University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh
Jessica Ann James
Jessica Ann Levy, Johns Hopkins University
Jessica Beard, Former adjunct professor at SFSU/SFAI
Jessica Bitetto
Jessica Boettger
Jessica Brater, Montclair State University
Jessica Brophy, Bridgewater College
Jessica Buthmann, CUNY Graduate Center
Jessica C. Hume, Bellarmine University
Jessica C. Murphy
Jessica Cattelino, UCLA
Jessica Cavagnaro, Seton Hall University
Jessica ChenFeng, Marriage & Family Therapy, Cal State Northridge
Jessica Cuckler-Gibson
Jessica D. Moorman, University of Michigan
Jessica D. Thompson, Poet
Jessica Decker, California State University at San Marcos
Jessica Ellen Sewell, University of Virginia
Jessica Falconer, LMSW
Jessica Fletcher, University of Louisville
Jessica Furgerson, Western Kentucky University
Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas
Jessica Goodkind, University of New Mexico
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Herrmann
Jessica Heydt, Teacher, Math and Science Academy
Jessica Johnson, University of Denver
Jessica Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jessica Joslin
Jessica Kolb
Jessica Krohn
Jessica L. Carr, Lafayette College
Jessica L. Sturm, Purdue University
Jessica Lawless, Artist, Writer, Union Organizer
Jessica Lawmaster, University of Oklahoma
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lu, University of Maryland
Jessica Lucas
Jessica M. Prody, St. Lawrence University
Jessica Marglin, University of Southern California
Jessica Marie Johnson, Johns Hopkins University
Jessica Nickrand, University of Minnesota
Jessica Pabón, SUNY New Paltz
Jessica Pauly, Purdue University
Jessica Peet, University of Southern California
Jessica Piña, Loyola University Chicago
Jessica Pliley, Texas State University
Jessica Posner, Colgate University
Jessica Rauh, LCCE, The Ohio State University
Jessica Riemer
Jessica Robbins-Ruszkowski, Wayne State University
Jessica S Elkayam, Department of Philosophy, DePaul University
Jessica Santone
Jessica Spring, California Institute of Integral Studies
Jessica Staten
Jessica Streeter, Rider University
Jessica Taft, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jessica Thebus, Northwestern University
Jessica Tomback
Jessica Valiente
Jessica Watson, University at Albany
Jessica Williams, SUNY Old Westbury
Jessica Winegar, Northwestern University
Jessica Zaehringer, Loyola University Chicago
Jessie Crow Mermel, Forest City 350
Jessie Kindig, Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race
Jessie Ramey, Chatham University
Jewelle Gomez
Jewels Marcus
Jhennifer A. Amundson, Judson University
Jiba Molei Anderson, Chicago State University
Jigna Desai, University of Minnesota
Jiha Lee
Jih-Fei Cheng, Scripps College
Jill A. Kuhn, Ph.D.
Jill Baker
Jill Bennett
Jill Bennett Gaieski, University of Pennsylvania
Jill Briggs, San Diego City College
Jill E. Schneider, Lehigh University
Jill Gentile, NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
Jill Giegerich, Professor Emeritas, UC Riverside
Jill Godmilow, University of Notre Dame, Emerita
Jill Gordon, Colby College
Jill Haughie, UniteWomen.org FL
Jill Jepson, St. Catherine University
Jill M. Humphries, University of Toledo
Jill M. Stone
Jill M. Wood, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Penn State
Jill Mae Black
Jill Massino, UNC Charlotte
Jill Matejcek
Jill Muhm, Pacific Lutheran University
Jill Nelson, Writer
Jill Newton, Purdue University
Jill Nicholson, Portland Community College
Jill Plumb
Jill Post, Musician and Arts Advocate
Jill Rosenbaum, CSU Fullerton
Jill Salberg, New York University
Jill Saluck, Washington University School of Law
Jill Scott Stone, MSN, RN
Jill Slyter, Colorado School of Mines
Jill Smith, Georgetown University Law Center
Jill Stengel, Poet, Publisher, Parent
Jill Stewart
Jill Strauss, CUNY
Jill Strawn
Jill Suttie
Jill T. Brasky
Jill Whitcraft
Jill Williams, Clark Center NYC
Jill Yavorsky, The Ohio State University
Jillian Baez
Jillian Klean Zwilling, University of Illinois
Jillian McManemin, Pratt Institute
Jillian Post, M.S. Conflict Resolution, Creighton University
Jillian Sawyer
Jillian Schwedler, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Jillian Tullis, University of San Diego
Jimena Alvarado Chavarria
Jimmy Long
Jina B. Kim, Postdoctoral fellow, Mt Holyoke College
Jina Rabinoff
Jinah Kim, California State University Northridge
Jizell Albright
JJ Johnson, Novelist, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Jenna Hupp Andrews, Mott Community College
Jo Andres
Jo Ann Buysse, University of Minnesota
Jo Ann M. Jackson
Jo Ann Wise, Case Western Reserve University
Jo Anne Loundy
Jo Anne V. Simson, Professor emerita, MUSC
Jo Grofsky
Jo Oppenheimer
Jo Sellers, Artist, Lifelong Feminist, Activist
Jo Sullivan
Jo Trigilio, Simmons College
Jo Williams, University of Southern Maine
Joan Ariel
Joan Braderman, Hampshire College
Joan C. Callahan, Professor Emerita, University of Kentucky
Joan C. Grim, University of Tennessee
Joan D. Hedrick
Joan Dark
Joan Ditzion, Co-author, Co-Founder, Our Bodies Ourselves
Joan E. Biren (JEB), Artist &Activist
Joan Fultz, IBEW Local 82
Joan Haeger
Joan Hermsen
Joan Jacobs Brumberg, Cornell University
Joan Kimall, musician – director of Piffaro, The Renaissance Band
Joan Kleban, 350/Eugene
Joan Limbrick, Artist
Joan Lipkin
Joan Lowell
Joan M Roberts
Joan MacIntosh
Joan Meier, George Washington University Law School
Joan Melville
Joan Naylor
Joan Piekarczyk
Joan Purtell
Joan R. Gundersen, Professor of History, emerita California State University, San Marcos
Joan Roberts
Joan Sara Romm, University of Pennsylvania
Joan Sutton, Youngstown State University
Joan Tucker, MSW
Joan W. Scott, Institute for Advanced Study (retired) and Graduate Center, CUNY
Joan Weimer
Joanie Jones
Joanie Wiersma
JoAnn Carreon Reyes
JoAnn Furner
JoAnn Jaffe, University of Regina
Joann Mailhott
Joann Mudge, National Center for Genome Resources
Joanna Bartow, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Joanna Gardner-Huggett, DePaul University
Joanna Goff
Joanna L. Grossman, SMU Dedman School of Law
Joanna Marshall
Joanna Rankin, University of Vermont
Joanna Scheffler
Joanna Scott, University of Rochester
Joanna Thompson, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
JoAnne Akalaitis
Joanne Bagshaw, Montgomery College
Joanne Beaule Ruggles, Professor Emerita, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Joanne Bulley, MD
Joanne C. Weidig
Joanne Cox
Joanne Davidson
Joanne Ferguson Cavanaugh
Joanne Gold
Joanne Hall
Joanne Holmgren
JoAnne Jangula
Joanne Larson, University of Rochester
Joanne M. Folz
JoAnne McIntire, Teacher Specialist
JoAnne Myers, Marist College
Joanne Nelson
Joanne Rappaport, Georgetown University
JoAnne Reifsnyder, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Joanne Rizz, CUNYHunter, NYU and Adelphi
JoAnne Ruvoli
Joanne Savoie
Joanne Taylor Brown
Joanne Waugh, USF (Tampa)
Joanne Woiak, University of Washington
Jocelyn Ahlers, California State University, San Marcos
Jocelyn Linnekin, University of Connecticut
Jocelyn Marshall, University at Buffalo, SUNY
jocelyn mccluney
Jocelyn Morris, Chair, NOW, Racial Justice Committee
Jocelyn Thomas
Jocelyn Wills, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Jodi Grahl
Jodi Kanter, George Washington University
Jodi O’Brien, Seattle University
Jodi Reeves Eyre
Jodi Rightler-McDaniels
Jodi Solomon
Jodie Guest, Emory University
Jodie Lawston, California State University San Marcos
Jodie Traugott, Artist
Jodie Wigren, Emmanuel College
Jody A. Marin
Jody E. O’Callaghan
Jody Leader, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis
Jody Sokolower, Rethinking Schools
Joe Scanlan, Visual Art Program, Princeton University
Joe Soss, University of Minnesota
Joel Dawson, Retired Educator
Joel Neville Anderson, University of Rochester
Joel Wapnick, McGill University (professor emeritus)
Joella Tepper, Producer
Joelle Doherty, LMHC
Joelle Neulander
Joelle P. Taylor
Joelle Vitiello, Macalester College
Joely Barber
Joelyn K. Foy, Ph.D.
Joey Mogul, Director of the Civil Rights Clinic of DePaul University College of Law
Joey Paz, Humboldt State University
Joey Sprague, University of Kansas
Johanna Becker
Johanna Brenner, Portland State University
Johanna Drucker, UCLA
Johanna Fernandez, Dept. of History, Baruch College, City University of New York
Johanna Foster, Monmouth University
Johanna Garvey, Fairfield University
Johanna Haas
Johanna Lawlor-Moore
Johanna Ogden, Independent Historian
Johanna Schmertz
Johanna Schulman, MBA, CFP
John Andrews, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
John Beer, Portland State University
John Burdick, CUNY: Borough of Manhattan Community College
John Cant
John Castillo
John Chandler
John Cherry, Southeast Missouri State University
John Collins, Philosophy, Columbia University
John Erickson, Claremont Graduate University
John G Little, San Joaquin Delta College (adjunct)
John Hadlock, Duquesne University
John Hurst
John J. Lucich Jr.
John Jackson
John Joseph McCutcheon
John Lefebvre, Writer
John Locke, ABD, Union Institute and University
John M. Fritz
John McDargh, Boston College
John McMahon, Beloit College
John Mickus, Benedictine University
John P. McCormick, University of Chicago
John Paul Stadler, Duke University
John Reynolds, Iowa State University
John S. Blake, Virginia Commonwealth University
John Spackman
John V. Carlson, Adjunct Instructor, San Juan College
Johnetta G. Richards, Africana Studies, San Francisco State University
Johnna Langen, Artist
Johnny E. Williams, Trinity College
Joia Crear Perry, MD, National Birth Equity Collaborative
Jolanda Donovan, NEIU; UniteWomen.org FL
Jolene McCall, UC Irvine
Jon Pahl, PhD
Jon Pessah
Jon Wargo
Jonathan B. Singer, Loyola University Chicago
Jonathan Beecher Field, Clemson University
Jonathan Burton, Whittier College
Jonathan D. Gomez, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jonathan Dresner, Pittsburg State University, Kansas
Jonathan Glasser, College of William and Mary
Jonathan Lyons, Bucknell University
Jonathan Mayers
Jonathon Whooley, San Francisco State University
Jonelle Husain, Appalachian State University
Joni Caldwell, Monterey Peninsula College
Joni Christian
Joni Meyer
Joni Schockett
Joni Seager, Bentley University
Joni Vetne
Jonna Mason, LCSW
Jonnie Guerra, Cabrini University, retired
Jordan Amirkhani, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Jordan Dalton, University of Michigan
Jordan E Miller, PhD, Stonehill College, MA
Jordan Martin
Jordan Sanford
Jordan Shaw, Washington University in St. Louis
Jordanna Matlon, American University
Jordi Marí, North Carolina State University
Jordie Davies, The Black Youth Project
Jorge Nunez, University of California, Davis
Jorrit Dijkstra, Berklee College of Music
Jose A, Maldonado, Vice Chair, Department of Chicano Studies, Los Angeles Mission College
Jose Quiroga, Comparative Literature, Emory University
José R. Cartagena-Calderón, Pomona College
Josefina Lopez, Casa 0101 Theater
Josefine Garcia, M.S. CCC/SLP
Joselyn Leimbach, Institute for Women’s Studies, University of Georgia
Joseph Arechavala
Joseph Ayers, Parsons The New School
Joseph Heathcott, The New School
Joseph M. Incandela, Saint Mary’s College
Joseph Masco, University of Chicago
Joseph Nicholas DeFilippis, Seattle University
Joseph Ovalle, UT Austin
Joseph Rumenapp, Judson University
Josephine Arce, San Francisco State University
Josephine Halvorson
Josephine Norward, Kean University
Josh Loar
Josh Morrison, University of Michigan
Joshie South
Joshua B. Jones, Miami University of Ohio
Joshua Bergeron, PhD student, Department of History, University of Illinois at Chicago
Joshua Hall, CUNY, Queensborough
Joshua Keiter, Binghamton University
Joshua Wolff, Adler University
Josie Gregory
Josie Rush
Joss Thomas
Jourdan Montgomery, Bennett College for Women
Joy Anderson, MD
Joy D. Hummer, Ed.D., SJSU
Joy E. Myers
Joy George
Joy Gregory, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL
Joy Katz, Carlow University
Joy Koesten, University of Kansas
Joy Ladin, Yeshiva University
Joy Meeker, Saybrook University
Joy Pasini
Joy Robinson-Lynch
Joy Rome, M.A. NCC
Joy Sales, Northwestern University
Joy Shain, Oregon Educator
Joy Vaughan, Artist/Educator
Joy Winer
Joy Young
Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Joyanna Koralesky
Joyce A. Berkman, University of Massachusetts
Joyce Antler, Brandeis University
Joyce Bayles, Southwestern College
Joyce Benson-Fox
Joyce Bialik
Joyce Chan, University of Texas – TMC
Joyce Conlon, Artist
Joyce Daubert
Joyce Follet, Smith College
Joyce Goff
Joyce Goglin, Certified Nurse Midwife, graduate of Marquette University
Joyce Harkins
Joyce King, UC Santa Barbara
Joyce M. Barry, Hamilton College
Joyce M. St. John
Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz
Joyce Schaedler
Joyce Strand, UMD
Joyce Thomson
Joyce Volmut
Joyce Zucker
Joye Bowman, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Juan Martinez, City Colleges of Chicago
Juana Alicia, Muralist, Berkeley City College
Juana Goergen, Associate Professor Dept. MOL, DePaul University
Jude Berman
Jude Blasutti, University of Waterloo
Jude Henzy
Jude Tallichet, Professor Emeritus, Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Judelith Ezeki, Wright State University / Université de Toulouse – Jean Jaurès
Judi Addelston, Valencia College
Judi Gretz, BSN, MPH
Judi Otton
Judie Alpert, New York University
Judith A. Cardinal
Judith A. Jerome, Information Specialist/Dunham Public Library
Judith A. Miller, Emory University
Judith Ann Griffith, Artist & Conservationist
Judith Arcana, Independent Scholar/Writer
Judith Benchaar, University of Notre Dame
Judith Berlowitz, Mills College, retired
Judith Billson, Cerritos College, CA., (retired)
Judith Black
Judith Black, Wellesley College, Emerita
Judith Bush, Educational Theater Outreach
Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley
Judith Byfield
Judith C. Stark, Ph.D., Seton Hall University
Judith Caldwell, Indiana University
Judith Caruso Simon, Oakland Community College, English
Judith Casselberry, Bowdoin College
Judith Coe, University of Colorado Denver
Judith DeGroat, St. Lawrence University
Judith Diamond
Judith Draper, retired educator
Judith E. Baker
Judith E. Barlow, University at Albany, SUNY
Judith E. Sanderson, Seattle University, Professor Emerita
Judith E. Smith, Professor of American Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston
Judith Eileen Anderson, Poet
Judith Ezekiel, Wright State University, Université de Toulouse-Jean Jaurès
Judith F. Stone
Judith Grant, Ohio University
Judith Graves Miller, New York University
Judith Grisel, Bucknell University
Judith Grossman
Judith Haber, Tufts University
Judith Hauck
Judith Hirshman
Judith Hodges, Prescott College
Judith Ion, Formerly Australian National University
Judith Kauffman Baker, Boston Public Schools, retired
Judith Kegan Gardiner
Judith Kraft
Judith Kyle, LPN
Judith L Wagner
Judith Lessow-Hurley
Judith Levine, writer
Judith Logue, Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of NJ
Judith M Roy, Century College
Judith M. Bennett, Emerita Professor, UNC-CH and USC
Judith Nelson
Judith Newton, Professor, Emerita, UC Davis, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
Judith Offer
Judith P Hallett, University of Maryland, College Park
Judith Plaskow, Manhattan College, emerita
Judith Rodenbeck, UC Riverside
Judith Rohrer, Emerita, Emory University
Judith Rollins, Wellesley College
Judith Rose
Judith S. Jones, MA, MFT
Judith Sayad, University of Illinois at Chicago
Judith Stokes, Rhode Island College
Judith Stuart Boroson, Long Island University, Professor Emeritus
Judith Trepp
Judith Watts, Middlebury College
Judith Webb, UNC Chapel Hill
Judith Weisenfeld, Princeton University
Judy Albrecht
Judy Aulette, UNCCharlotte
Judy Battaglia, Loyola Marymount University
Judy Bederman
Judy Carrino
Judy Diamond
Judy E. Walters
Judy Hatcher
Judy Hill
Judy Hoffman, University of Chicago
Judy Hutchinson
Judy Isaksen, High Point University
Judy K. Pfaff, Michigan State University
Judy L. Postmus, Rutgers University, School of Social Work
Judy M. Williams
Judy Mike
Judy Nelson Gramo
Judy Norsigian, Co-founder and former executive director, Our Bodies Ourselves
Judy Rohrer
Judy Silvan
Judy Steer
Judy Trewartha
Judy Valek, Cornell University
Judy Walker, Artist
Judy Wheatley
Judy Willis
Judy Wilson, Southwest Minnesota State University
Judy Wodyn
Jules Odendahl-James
Juley Fulcher
Juli Carson, UC Irvine
Juli Grigsby, Haverford College
Julia A Lindsey, Professor Emerita, Miami University, Oxford OH
Julia Alvarez
Julia Bloch, University of Pennsylvania
Julia Brennan
Julia Bryan-Wilson, University of California, Berkeley
Julia Cole
Julia DeCook, Michigan State University
Julia DePinto, Artist, University of Dayton
Julia Dietz Beckel, Southern Methodist University
Julia F. Weber
Julia Foulkes, The New School
Julia Grant Ph.D.
Julia Gutierrez, Arizona State University
Julia H. Zay, The Evergreen State College
Julia Hudson-Richards
Julia Jones Tester
Julia Jordan, The Lilly Awards Foundation, Dramatists Guild of America
Julia Kowalski, North Dakota State University
Julia Kunin, Pratt Institute
Julia Levine
Julia Lynch, University of Pennsylvania
Julia M. Allen, Professor Emerita, English Dept., Sonoma State University
Julia Mickenberg, University of Texas at Austin
Julia Ott, New School for Social Research
Julia Pinsky, Artist, Therapist
Julia Simon
Julia Steinmetz, Pratt Institute
Julia Stone, Princeton University
Julia Storberg-Walker, George Washington University
Julia van der Ryn, Dominican University of CA.
Julia Vyse, Concordia University – Montreal, QC, Canada – Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Julia Watts, Author
Julian B. Hogan RN, LCSW
Juliana Espana Keller, University of Melbourne, VCA
Juliana Snapper
Juliane Hammer, UNC Chapel Hill
Juliann Emmons Allison, University of California, Riverside
Julianne Noto
Julianne Warren, Writer
Julie Cutter
Julie A. Charlip, Department of History, Whitman College
Julie Abraham, Sarah Lawrence College
Julie Adams
Julie Akers, Portland State University
Julie Ann McGovern, Northeastern University, EdD., student
Julie Anstaett
Julie Batws, MSG
Julie Bell
Julie Benotti
Julie Berebitsky, University of the South
Julie Bindeman, Psy-D, George Washington University
Julie Boddy, The Library of Congress/ Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee
Julie Burns
Julie Carr, University of Colorado, Boulder
Julie Coghlan, Asawa Sota
Julie Conrady
Julie Cooper-Fratrik, Independent scholar
Julie Crawford, Columbia University
Julie Digilormo
Julie Dumois-Sands, MA, MSW, LCSW
Julie Dunne, University of Bristol, UK
Julie Elberson
Julie Foh, Penn State
Julie Foss, Saginaw Valley State University
Julie Freeman
Julie Gallagher, Penn State University, Brandywine
Julie Gocey, University of Wisconsin
Julie Harms Cannon, Seattle University
Julie Harrison
Julie Heffernan, University of Oregon
Julie Horwitz, Rhode Island College
Julie J. Henry, SUNY Buffalo State
Julie Kerekes
Julie Kilmer, Central Seminary Ann Arbor Michigan
julie kmetzko
Julie Kristin Flint, MSW, LICSW, Duluth, Minnesota, Life House, Inc.
Julie L Taylor, BSN
Julie Leiter
Julie Levin
Julie Lewis, De Anza College
Julie Livingston, NYU
Julie Love-Hilliker
Julie M French, UCSF
Julie M. Davis
Julie Marie Frye, IUPUI
Julie Mollenkamp, University of Central Missouri
Julie Novkov, University at Albany, SUNY
Julie Prebel, Occidental College
Julie R. Enszer
Julie Rothstein-Daniels, M.F.A.
Julie Schantz
Julie Shayne, University of Washington Bothell
Julie Skogsbergh, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Julie Skurski, CUNY Graduate Center
Julie Starbird
Julie Theoret, Johnson State College
Julie Tietz, Cottey College
Julie Todd, Iliff School of Theology
Julie Veile
Julie Walsh-Messinger, University of Dayton
Julie Wauchope, Austin Community College, Texas
Julie Webber
Julie Williams, University of New Mexico
Julieanna Preston
Juliet C. Dorris-Williams
Juliet Donaldson
Juliet Hooker, University of Texas at Austin
Juliet K. Stone
Juliet Lynd, Illinois State University
Juliet McMullin, University of California, Riverside
Juliet Rohde-Brown, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Juliet Smith
Juliet Zavesky
Jun Sunseri, University of California, Berkeley
June Gillam, San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA
June Owens, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Dallas
June Sylvester Saraceno, Sierra Nevada College
Junghee Kim
Jurgen von Mahs, The New School
Justin Freitas, The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
Justin Kelly, University of Detroit Mercy
Justine Beach de Cruz
Justine D’Arrigo-Patrick, Cal State University, San Bernardino
Justine Dymond
J.V. Fuqua, Queens College, City University of New York
Jyl Lynn Felman
Jyoti Puri, Simmons College
Jyotsna Ruth Ambriz
K. Diamond
K. E. Allen, University of Michigan
K. T. Ewing, Tennessee State University
K.A. Thompson
K.C. Wright, MSW
K.L. White, Writer
Kaaren Allen
Karen Thompson, St. John Fisher College
Kaeleen Kosmo, University of Pittsburgh, School of Law
Kaethe Weingarten, The Witnessing Project
Kagiso Johnson
Kaiama L. Glover, Barnard College, Columbia University
Kaila Philo, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Kailah Carden
Kaitlin Williams, The Evergreen State College
Kaitlyn Ballenger
Kaitlyn Patia
Kaitlyn Wittig Menguc
Kaleena Narwani
Kali Bertelsen, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Kali Nicole Gross, Wesleyan University
Kally Duling
Kamitra Rowe
Kandace Creel Falcón, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Kandice Chuh, CUNY/The Graduate Center
Kara A. Cochran, Temple University, Widener University, Delaware County Comm. College
Kara Ayers, University of Cincinnati
Kara Bond, University of New Mexico
Kara Cantrell, Kennesaw State University
Kara K. Cox, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kara Mitchell Viesca, University of Nebraska Lincoln
Kara Takasaki
Kara Thompson, College of William and Mary
Kara Van Cleaf, Monmouth University
Karalyn Kendall-Morwick, Washburn University
Karen (Shasteen) Faruzzi Kimball
Karen A. Randolph
Karen Abato
Karen Anne Wolf
Karen Arredondo-Starr, Technical Director-Theatre at Alamo Colleges
Karen B. Hanna, University of California, Santa Barbara
Karen Barad, University of California at Santa Cruz
Karen Borca, Member of Arts for Art, NYC
Karen Braucher Tobin
Karen Bray, Wesleyan College
Karen Braziller, Persea Books
Karen Brodkin, UCLA
Karen Bryce Funt
Karen Buhler, Artist
Karen Burch
Karen Burke, CSJ, EdD
Karen C. Lang
Karen Cangialosi, Keene State College
Karen Carlson MN, ARNP, University of Washington
Karen Chow, De Anza College
Karen Clarke
Karen Collman
Karen Cordes Spence, Drury University
Karen D. Hayes
Karen D. Taylor, Artist-Activist
Karen Daniels
Karen DeMoss
Karen Donnelly
Karen Dunn
Karen Dutt-Doner, Canisius Colege
Karen Dwyer
Karen E. Hennessy
Karen E. Koskoff, Esq.
Karen E. Smyth, Saint Louis University
Karen Engel
Karen f. Stein, University of Rhode Island
Karen Faherty, PhD
Karen Faulk
Karen Frame
Karen Franchot, NOW
Karen Funkhouser Campbell, Vanderbilt University
Karen G. Gates, Youngstown State
Karen Gears Siegfried, LISW-S
Karen Graubart, University of Notre Dame
Karen Graves, Ph.D.
Karen Greenwalt, PhD candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago
Karen Gregory, University of Edinburgh
Karen Groce
Karen Grossaint
Karen Gutfreund, Karen Gutfreund Art
Karen Hadden, Activist
Karen Hadley, University of Louisville
Karen Hampton, Artist
Karen Hatch, InterPlay
Karen Hedrick
Karen Hefner
Karen Herwerden
Karen Heuler, NYU
Karen Hjelm, MA
Karen Hoving, Ph.D.
Karen Hudson, University of Kentucky
Karen Huston Karydes
Karen J. Leader, Florida Atlantic University
Karen J. Leong, Arizona State University
Karen Jasinski-Hennessy
Karen Johnon, North Hennepin Community College, retired
Karen Johnson, IUPUI
Karen K. Miller, Boston College
Karen K.L. Sellers, Creative Writing Teacher, Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington KY
Karen Kaapcke, Artist and independent instructor
Karen Keifer-Boyd, Professor of Art Education and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at The Pennsylvania State University
Karen Kelsky, Author of The Professor Is In
Karen Kennedy, BA – DePaul University
Karen L Wood, Willamette University
Karen L. “Kate” McCoy, LMP, CNMT
Karen L. Tonso, Wayne State University, Professor Emerita
Karen Larson, Retired Elementary Teacher; Co-Founder Chino Community Theatre and Children’s Theatre
Karen Libman, Grand Valley State University
Karen Lightner, Free Library of Philadelphia
Karen Lillis Bravo, Stanford University
Karen Lovaas, San Francisco State University
Karen Malpede, Theater Three Collaborative & John Jay College, CUNY
Karen Mary Davalos, University of Minnesota
Karen Mingst, University of Kentucky, retired
Karen Monkman, DePaul University
Karen Musalo, U.C. Hastings, College of the Law
Karen Myers-Bowman
Karen Nelson
Karen O’connor, America Nurses Association
Karen Olson, MA
Karen Overbey, Tufts University/The Material Collective
Karen Platt
Karen Proulx-Santana
Karen R. Grace, Northern Vermont University at Johnson
Karen Rogers, Texas A&M University
Karen Rosenberg, University of Delaware
Karen Ruero
Karen Russikoff, Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona
Karen S. Brown, Professor Emerita, Northern Illinois University
Karen Samonds, Northern Illinois University
Karen Schairer, Northern Arizona University
Karen Sheaffer
Karen Snyder
Karen Sophia Smith
Karen Sotiropoulos
Karen Stauffer
Karen Steinberg
Karen Stocker, California State University, Fullerton
Karen Strassler, CUNY
Karen Tronsgard-Scott
Karen V. Hansen, Brandeis University
Karen Vedus LMFT
Karen Weiser
Karen Welch, University of Texas
Karen West, Women’s Studies & Philosphy, Professor (retired)
Karen Wootton, Educator
Karen Zuckerman, BSN, NYU
Karenna Malavanti, Carson-Newman University
Karey Riemersma
Karherine Heenan, Arizona State University
Kari Lerum, University of Washington Bothell
Kari Reardon
Kari Storla, University of Southern California
Kari Trevino, Activist
Kari Turner
Karie Boone, Colorado State University
Karin Eriksson, University of Washington
Karin L. Brewster, Florida State University
Karin Rosemblatt, University of Maryland
Karin Schneider, The New School
Karin Spitfire
Karina Martin Hogan, Fordham University
Karina Walker
Karinya Champoux
Karishma Desai, Teachers College, Columbia University
Karl Bryant, State University of New York
Karl Ericson, University of Detroit Mercy
Karl Hillstrom
Karla B. Hackstaff, Northern Arizona University
Karla McKinney MSN RN
Karla Parsons Hubbard, Oberlin College
Karla Steffens
Karly Drabot, University of Cambridge
Karlyn Adams-Wiggins, University of Texas
Karlyn Peterson, CNM, IBCLC
Karma Lochrie, Indiana University
Karma R. Chavez, University of Texas – Austin
Karmen Berger
Karoline Feyertag
Karon Jolna, Ms. magazine
Karra Bikson
Karra Shimabukuro, University of New Mexico
Karrie Marie Stafford, Notre Dame de Namur University
Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead, Loyola University Maryland
Karuna Tina Britton
Karyn Ball, University of Alberta
Karyn E. Williams
Karyn L. Ginesi
Karyn Valerius, Hofstra University
Kasey Allee-Foreman, University of Oklahoma
Kasey Evans, Northwestern University
Kasey Lou Lindley, Feminist and Artist, MFA – University of Connecticut
Kassidy Friend, San Francisco State University, CA.
Kasturi Ray, San Francisco State University
Kat Adams
Kat Blake, SUNY Oswego
Kat Buckley, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Kat Griefen, Queensborough Community College / Rutgers University
Kat Talley-Jones
Katarina Forsberg
Kate Boyle Grutz retired, Retired adjunct faculty, Seattle University
Kate Anderson, Artist
Kate Bariletti
Kate Blair, Artist
Kate Bredeson, Reed College
Kate Brown
Kate Brown, Hamilton College
Kate Casanova, Minneapolis College of Art & Design / University of Minnesota
Kate Crehan, Professor Emerita, College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Kate Drabinski, UMBC
Kate Dunnigan, Professor of History, Community College of Rhode Island
Kate Flack
Kate Fricke, CD (DONA)
Kate Garretson, CUNY
Kate Gilbert, Writer
Kate Glazer, LCSW, Advanced Candidate Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
Kate Grater
Kate Grauvogel, Indiana University Bloomington
Kate Harris
Kate Henne, University of Waterloo
Kate Jobe, Artist & Holistic Healer
Kate Krause, University of New Mexico
Kate leavitt, Skidmore College
Kate Lehman Landishaw, Artist
Kate Maddalena, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Kate Meehan, La Fenice
Kate Morgan-Knowles, M.F.A., M.A, Southern Illinois University, Indiana University
Kate Moriarty, Justice Institute Anti-Racist Collective, St. Louis, MO.
kate mott
Kate O’Brien
Kate Okeson
Kate Parsons, Webster University
Kate Peirce-Burleson, Texas State University
Kate Pernice
Kate Pierson
Kate Pinkerton
Kate Quimby, Messiah College
Kate Ramsey, University of Miami
Kate Random Love
Kate Reid
Kate Rutherford MSW
Kate Sampsell-Willmann
Kate Southall
Kate Southwood, Writer
Kate Stewart, Artist/ Professor, West Chester University
Kate Tucker
Kate Wickham, Artist
Kate Wintz
Kate Youngdahl Stauss
Kate Zittlow Rogness
Katelyn Fournier, New York University
Katelyn Jo, Rutgers University
Kateryna Sylaska, Reed College
Katha Pollitt, The Nation
Katharina Dulckeit
Katharine Beutner, UH Mānoa
Katharine Brown
Katharine Irene Ransom, MBA, California Institute of Integral Studies
Katharine Kuharic
Katharine M. Cutia
Katharyn Harlow
Katherine Andrews, Ronin Institute
Katherine Bussard
Katherine C. King, Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature, UCLA
Katherine Cramer
Katherine Davidson, University of Florida Law
Katherine Dieckmann, Columbia University School of the Arts, Film Program
Katherine E. Kelly, Texas A&M University, Retired
Katherine Fama
Katherine Gilbert, Drury University
Katherine Gregg, Holton- Arms School, Bethesda, MD
Katherine Hodges-Kluck, University of Tennessee
Katherine I. Lee, UC Davis
Katherine Kelaidis
Katherine Kurs, Eugene Lang College The New School University
Katherine Lineberger, PhD, Florida International University
Katherine Liontas-Warren, Cameron University
Katherine Mack, U Colorado Colorado Springs
Katherine Mallory, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Katherine Marie Alexander, University of New Mexico
Katherine McKittrick
Katherine Mellen Charron, NC State University
Katherine Morris, University of Oklahoma
Katherine Munter
Katherine Parkin, Monmouth University
Katherine Schneider
Katherine Schroeder
Katherine Seidemann
Katherine Stevens
Katherine T. Acey, BCRW Senior Activist Fellow Emerita, Barnard College
Katherine Terrell, Hamilton College
Katherine Verdery
Katherine White Rouzie
Katherine White, RN, CHPN, University of California, San Francisco
Katherine Zerebiec
Kathi Ryan
Kathie McLeod
Kathleen A. Welsch, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Kathleen Roberts, California State Polytechnic University
Kathleen Bahler, MSSW
Kathleen Battles, Oakland University
Kathleen Becker
Kathleen Blackburn, CRCST
Kathleen Blessing
Kathleen Blumreich, Professor, Grand Valley State University
Kathleen Calabrese, PhD, Brain-Body Health Technology Institute, LLC
Kathleen Campbell, Professor Emerita, Austin College
Kathleen Cernak
Kathleen Clarke, University of New Mexico
Kathleen Coll, University of San Francisco
Kathleen Collwran
Kathleen Crawford
Kathleen Daus Bartos M.S., D.V.M., Halifax Veterinary Center, Port Orange, FL
Kathleen DeKalb
Kathleen Dunn, Loyola University Chicago
Kathleen F. Anderson
Kathleen Finn Jordan, Jordan Associates
Kathleen Fritz
Kathleen Fuller, MCCKC-Maple Woods, MO
Kathleen Gallagher Elkins
Kathleen Grint MSN, FNP-BC
Kathleen Guinan, Crossway Montessori Communities
Kathleen Hayes
Kathleen Hull, University of Minnesota
Kathleen Ivanoff, Eastern Michigan University
Kathleen J. Conneally
Kathleen J. Turer, Davidson College
Kathleen Kelley, Montclair State University
Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kreiser, MFA, New York University
Kathleen Kuhnen
Kathleen Laziza
Kathleen Long, Cornell University
Kathleen M. Brown, University of Pennsylvania
Kathleen M. Brian, Western Washington University
Kathleen MacPherson RN, California State University Los Angeles
Kathleen Manning, University of Vermont
Kathleen McConnell, San Jose State University
Kathleen McGuire, Australian Catholic University
Kathleen McHugh, UCLA
Kathleen McInerney, Saint Xavier University
Kathleen McMath, Activist
Kathleen Mueller
Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel
Kathleen O’Connell
Kathleen Oehler
Kathleen Pelley
Kathleen Powell, Denver University
Kathleen Rospenda, University of Illinois at Chicago
Kathleen Sands, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Kathleen Schuh-Ries, Milwaukee Public School Administrator-Retired
Kathleen Scura, RN, EdD, GNPC, Retired faculty
Kathleen Sherin, Artist
Kathleen Snyder, Retired, Johns Hopkins University
Kathleen Spring, Linfield College
Kathleen Staudt, University of Texas at El Paso
Kathleen Sterling, Binghamton University
Kathleen Sullivan, Independent academic book publisher
Kathleen Sweeney, The New School University
Kathleen Turco-Lyon
Kathleen Turkel, University of Delaware
Kathleen Watkins
Kathleen Wilson, Stony Brook University
Kathleen Young
Kathleen Young Rybarczyk, BS, MA
Kathleen Zenz, Manzano Day School
Kathlyn Oco, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kathrin Levitan, College of William and Mary
Kathryn D. Kelly, West Viginia University, Marshall University
Kathryn A. Hindenlang
Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, University of Washington
Kathryn C. Heekin, Psy.D.
Kathryn Clancy, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Kathryn Cowles, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Kathryn Davis
Kathryn Davis, SJSU
Kathryn Day
Kathryn Dudley, Yale University
Kathryn Everly, Syracuse University
Kathryn Feltey, The University of Akron
Kathryn Gaffney
Kathryn Gemar
Kathryn Goldfarb, University of Colorado Boulder
Kathryn Herr
Kathryn Hobson
Kathryn J. McKnight, University of New Mexico
Kathryn Kerr
Kathryn Kerr, Illinois State University–retired
Kathryn Knoll
Kathryn L Robyn, poet at large
Kathryn La Barre, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kathryn Laity, College of Saint Rose
Kathryn M. Gantz
Kathryn Macapagal, Northwestern University
Kathryn March, Cornell University
Kathryn Maxwell
Kathryn McElveen
Kathryn Mensinger
Kathryn Moeller, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kathryn Montovan, Bennington College
Kathryn Moore
Kathryn Neff Dawson
Kathryn Niemeyer, Ferris State University
Kathryn Parisi, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Kathryn Pisaro, California Institute of the Arts
Kathryn Pogin, Northwestern University
Kathryn Quina, University of Rhode Island
Kathryn Ramey, Emerson College
Kathryn Reklis, Fordham University
Kathryn Sorrells, California State University Northridge
Kathryn Strom, California State University East Bay
Kathryn Sue Updike, Early Childhood Educator, retired
Kathryn Vaughn, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Kathryn Wall
Kathryn Wichelns, University of New Mexico
Kathryne Lim
Kathy Brown Krieg
Kathy Custren
Kathy Eads
Kathy Emery, PhD, San Francisco State University
Kathy Engel, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Chair, Dept. of Art & Pubic Policy
Kathy Feeley, University of Redlands
Kathy Fieler
Kathy Fischer-Brown
Kathy High, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kathy Howard
Kathy Ilg
Kathy Kerwin
Kathy Lange, Retired Educator
Kathy Lytle
Kathy McDonough, Wheelock College
Kathy Miller-Dillon, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Kathy Murrah
Kathy O’Dell, UMBC
Kathy Popoff
Kathy Puzey, Utah State University
Kathy Rusiska
Kathy Schultz
Kathy Schwartz
Kathy Sheikh
Kathy Stewart Shupe
Kathy Stockman
Kathy Woodman
Katia Fowler, University of Chicago
Katie Anderson, “Autism Mom”
Katie Baskerville
Katie Beckman-Götrich
Katie Bird
Katie Brunner, Simpson College
Katie Burrows-Stone, University of Pennsylvania
Katie Bush, Artist
Katie Cortese, Texas Tech University
Katie D. Brun, Uppsala University
Katie Entler Woods, Rhode Island School of Design
Katie Friedman, Adjunct Instructor
Katie Gentile, John Jay College, CUNY
Katie Gilchrist, Artist
Katie Graham, Film Fatales
Katie Hanson
Katie Hawkinson
Katie Hogan, UNC Charlotte
Katie Hovencamp, Keystone College, Harrisburg Area Community College
Katie Hunter
Katie Johnstone
Katie Kaufman Rogers, University of Texas at Austin
Katie Kleinkopf, UT
Katie M. Gordon, Stony Brook University, Department of Sociology
Katie Marie Blake
Katie Nicole Stahl-Kovell, University of California, Riverside
Katie Spencer White
Katie Terezakis, Rochester Institute of Technology
Katie Unruh
Katie Vagnino, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Katie Winters, Portland State University
Katja M. Guenther, University of California, Riverside
Katja Vujic
Katrin Voelkner, Northwestern University
Katrin Wehrheim, UC Berkeley, Mathematics
Katrina Daly Thompson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Katrina Gardner
Katrina Graham, Suffolk University
Katrina Kimport, University of California San Francisco
Katrina Sanford, Lake Tahoe Unified Schools
Katrina Watson, Benedictine College
Katrine Barber, Portland State University
Katy Allen
Katy Ryan, West Virginia University
Katya Soll
Kaushik Sunder Rajan, University of Chicago
Kay Izlar
Kay L. Tomlinson
Kay M. Osborne
Kay Sasser
Kay Snyder, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Indiana University of PA
Kaya Stern-Kaufman
Kaye Briegel, Emerita, California State University, Long Beach
Kayla D’Aprile, Eastern Washington University women and gender studies, student
Kayla M. Weiner
Kaylie Ann Warfield
Kayte Terry, University of the Arts
Kazue McGregor, Exploring College Choices
KC Councilor, UW-Madison
KC Lynch, University of Washington
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, African American Studies, Princeton University
Keffrelyn Brown
Keira Flynn-Carson, Brookline High School
Keisha Farmer-Smith, University of Illinois at Chicago
Keisha Hicks
Keith Green, Rutgers University, Camden
Keith Woodward, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Kelle Kerr
Kelley Chrouser, Ph.D., Learning on the Edge, Inc.
Kelley Neil, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Kelli Phillips
Kelli Wilder, St. Philip’s College
Kellie Carter Jackson, Hunter College, CUNY
Kellie N. Gallagher, Portland State University
Kelly Anderson, Hunter College, CUNY
Kelly Bezio
Kelly Blessinger, Louisiana State University
Kelly Cameron, North Dakota State University
Kelly Carlson-Reddig, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Kelly Costello, Institute of Design, IIT
Kelly Cutler
Kelly Dennis, University of Connecticut
Kelly Denton-Borhaug
Kelly Doyle
Kelly F. Davidson Devall
Kelly Feeley
Kelly Glynn, Prescott College
Kelly Hall
Kelly Happe, University of Georgia
Kelly Hoynoski, RN, American Woman
Kelly Jo Woodside
Kelly Kerwin
Kelly Lane
Kelly Malec-Kosak, Columbus College of Art & Design
Kelly Mason, Writer
Kelly McBride Folkers, NYU Center for Bioethics
Kelly McCall, Louisville SURJ
Kelly Mussόn, Activist
Kelly O. Sullivan
Kelly Opdycke, California State University, Northridge & Claremont Graduate University
Kelly Otter, Georgetown University
Kelly Quinn, University of Maryland Baltimore
Kelly Rae Kraemer, College of St. Benedict/ St. John’s University
Kelly Ross Kantz Roy
Kelly Sears, University of Colorado – Boulder, Film Studies
Kelly Shannon Gurza
Kelly Supplee
Kelly Watson, UCLA
Kelsang Virya, Kadampa Buddhist Nun
Kelsay Myers, PhD student, California Institute of Integral Studies
Kelsey Chatlosh, City University of New York
Kelsey Waninger, University of Denver
Ken Heard, Treasurer, Philadelphia Chapter, National Writers Union
Ken Horii, Rhode Island School of Design
Ken Neubeck, Emeritus Professor University of Connecticut
Ken Samonds, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (retired)
Kency Cornejo, University of New Mexico
Kendall Atterbury, New York University
Kendall Thomas, Columbia University
Kendra Bell, Estrella Mountain Community College
Kendra Dodsworth, Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Art History, Golden Gate University
Kendra Hall
Kendra Knight, DePaul University
Kenneth Pass, Northwestern University
Kenneth R. Peterson, University of Kansas Medical Center
Kennetta Hammond Perry, East Carolina University
Keona K. Ervin
Keri Mathis, University of Louisville
Keri Sanburn Behre, Marylhurst University
Keri Waltner
Kerri Lynne Thorp, Mills College
Kerrie B. Wrye, Oregon State University
Kerrie J. McLaughlin
Kerry Chappell, Centre for Creativity, Sustainability and Educational Futures, University of Exeter, UK
Kerry EarthSoul
Kerry Ferris, Northern Illinois University
Kerry Fulton, Columbia University and School of Visual Arts
Kerry Higgins Wendt
Kerry L. Robishaw
Kerry Langan
Kerry Manzo, Texas Tech University
Kerry Moore
Kerry Noonan, Champlain College
Kerry Strand, Hood College
Kerry Woodward, California State University, Long Beach
Kesho Y. Scott, Grinnell College
Ketti North
Keumjae Park
Kevan Manwaring, University of Leicester, England
Kevin A Gould, Concordia University
Kevin D. Larkin
Kevin Dorst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kevin Funk, Spring Hill College
Kevin Kumashiro, University of San Francisco School of Education
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Primus
Kevin Schultz
Kevin Welner, University of Colorado Boulder
Key Jo Lee, Yale University
Khairah Klein
Khelsea Clinker, University of Hawaii
Kia Darling-Hammond
Kica Matos, Center for Community Change
Kidada E. Williams, Wayne State University
Kieffer, Artiste plasticienne, master, ParisVIII
Kiersten Greene, State University of New York at New Paltz
Kim Birkelund
Kim Brindley,, University of Michigan
Kim C. O’Halloran, Montclair State University
Kim Cary Warren, University of Kansas
Kim Danner
Kim Edwards, Novelist
Kim Freeman, University of California, Berkeley
Kim Gerecke, Associate Professor Neuroscience, Rhodes College
Kim Golombisky
Kim Griswold Dotson, LCSW
Kim Halvorson
Kim Hollstein
Kim Keeling
Kim Loveland
Kim Luzzi
Kim Miller, Wheaton College
Kim Romano
Kim Schmucker, Historian and Social Sciences teacher
Kim Spencer
Kim Stewart
Kimala Price, San Diego State Unversity
Kimba Livesay
Kimberlee A. Cloutier-Blazzard, Simmons College
Kimberlee Pérez, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Kimberley Dilley
Kimberley Hannah-Prater
Kimberly A. Williams, Mount Royal University
Kimberly Ackert, Parsons School of Constructed Environments
Kimberly Becker, Artist
Kimberly Brusk, Fellow at Everytown
Kimberly Clark
Kimberly Coates, Stony Brook University
Kimberly D. Thompson, East Carolina University
Kimberly DaCosta Holton, Rutgers Univeristy
Kimberly Dark, CSU San Marcos
Kimberly Feilmeyer, Librarian, Hamline University
Kimberly Gaubault
Kimberly Gauderman, University of New Mexico
Kimberly Jannarone, University of California, Santa Cruz
Kimberly Jensen, Western Oregon University
Kimberly Kolor, University of California, Berkeley
Kimberly Lucas, Brandeis University
Kimberly M. Lowe
Kimberly McClanahan, Pathways, INC., CEO
Kimberly McInerney
Kimberly Morse Jones, Sweet Briar College
Kimberly Neely
Kimberly Nichele Brown, Virginia Commonwealth University
Kimberly Poitevin, Salem State University
Kimberly Probolus, The George Washington University
Kimberly Radek-Hall, Illinois Valley Community College
Kimberly Sansoucy
Kimberly Simmons, University of Southern Maine (WGS Affiliated Scholar)
Kimberly Smith Williams
Kimberly Thomas McNair, Dickinson College, Africana Studies
Kimberly Wiles
Kimberly Willardson
Kimberly Wolbers, University of Tennessee
Kimerer LaMothe
Kira Dallaire, Eastern Michigan University
Kira Dralle, University of California Santa Cruz
Kira Jones, Emory University
Kira Little Sky, BFA, MA
Kira Mitchel, Barnard College
Kira Smith
Kiran Asher, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kiran Cunningham, Kalamazoo College
Kirby Morrow
Kiril Kolev, Hendrix College
Kirsten Aaboe, University of California, San Diego
Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney
Kirsten Cole, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Kirsten Dyck, James Madison University
Kirsten Frazier
Kirsten Frederiksen
Kirsten Helmer
Kirsten Isgro, State University of New York, Plattsburgh
Kirsten Kaschock, PhD, Drexel University
Kirsten Lind Seal, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Kirsten Lynch
Kirsten Paterson Klym, Western Oregon University
Kirsti Cole, Minnesota State University
Kirstin Franklin, Morton College
Kisha Delain, University of St Thomas
Kit Myers
Kit-Bacon Gressitt
Kitt Shaffer, Boston University
Kitty Broadbent
Kitty Krupat, City University of New York, Murphy Institute
K.J. Hodge, Southern New Hampshire University
K.J. Surkan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kjerstin Gruys, Stanford University
Kleomichele Leeds, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Kolu Zigbi, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
Korey Barrett, University of Northern Iowa
Kory Hess
Koushi Sunder
KP Devlin, Musician/Artist
Kris Bauer, University of Michigan
Kris Ewing, NAU
Kris Kellejian, University of Washington Bothell
Kris McAbee, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Kris McDaniel-Miccio, University of Denver Sturm College of Law
Kris Parker, Purdue University
Kris Pintacura, University of Michigan, Oakland University
Krishanti Dharmaraj, Center for Women’s Global Leadership
Krista Collard
Krista Kane, University of Louisville
Krista Madsen
Krista Munger
Krista Scott, Texas Christian University
Kristan Kennedy, Curator, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art / Professor, Portland State University School of Art & Design
Kristeen Willis Crosser
Kristen Abatsis McHenry, Spelman College
Kristen Cheney, International Institute of Social Studies
Kristen Conway-Gomez, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Kristen Cordes
Kristen Downer, Northern Arizona University
Kristen E. Kvam, Saint Paul School of Theology
Kristen Froebel
Kristen Gilbert, Augusta University
Kristen Harrison, University of Michigan
Kristen Herrera
Kristen Hoerl, Butler University
Kristen Hylenski, University of Minnesota Duluth
Kristen Laine
Kristen Loveland, Harvard University
Kristen M Quinn
Kristen Roles, University of New Mexico
Kristen Schilt, University of Chicago
Kristen Skjonsby, Cerritos College, GoldenWest College
Kristene Gugliuzza, MD
Kristi McKay
Kristi Shaw
Kristidel McGregor, University of Oregon
Kristin Aardema Faigh, Missouri Mid-South Conference, United Church of Christ
Kristin Adele Okoli, University of Central Arkansas
Kristin Andrews, York University
Kristin E. Pitt, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Kristin Froehlich
Kristin Horton, New York University
Kristin J. Wilson, Cabrillo College
Kristin Keefe
Kristin Kohman
Kristin L. Krueger, Loyola University Chicago
Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D., Central New Mexico Community College
Kristin Langellier, University of Maine
Kristin Long
Kristin Lorent, University of Pennsylvania
Kristin Lucas, The University of Texas at Austin
Kristin Mann, DePaul University
Kristin McGee, University of Groningen
Kristin Patton
Kristin E. Pitt, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Kristin Poor, Princeton University
Kristin Ray, MA, LMHC
Kristin Scherrer, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Kristin Terris
Kristin Tinderholt
Kristin Van Ness
Kristina Bell
Kristina Campbell, Suffolk University
Kristina Faragher, Claremont Graduate University
Kristina Graves
Kristina Gupta, Wake Forest University
Kristina Hallett
Kristina Huang, CUNY
Kristina Khan
Kristina Lewis, University of Pennsylvania
Kristina Lyons, University of California, Santa Cruz
Kristina S. Brown, Adler University
Kristina Shull, University of California, Irvine
Kristina Wirtz, Western Michigan University
Kristine Baranowski, UMO, USAF
Kristine Haig
Kristine Kotecki, Hawaii Community College
Kristine Larsen, Central CT. State University
Kristine Mills, The University of New Mexico
Kristine Petersen
Kristine Quintero
Kristine Reaume, MM, University of Texas at Austin
Kristine Schomaker, California State University, Northridge
Kristofer Petersen-Overton, CUNY Graduate Center
Kristopher Purzycki, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Kristy K. Bartley
Kristy King, Arizona State University
Kristy Shih, Central Michigan University
Kristy Smuth
Krys Méndez Ramírez, University of California, San Diego
Krystle Everett, Chicago Chapter of the National Organization of Women
Krystyna Mazur
K-Sue Park
KT Pinion, Stony Brook University
kumru toktamis, Pratt Institute
Kurt Conklin, MPH, MCHES, Montclair State University Dept. of Public Health
Kyla andrus
Kyla Wazana Tompkins, Pomona College
Kyle Ciani, Illinois State University
Kyle Fiore, University of New Mexico
Kyle Larson, Miami University (OH)
Kyle Scott, Northwestern University
Kylie Carrithers, Indiana State University
Kyra D. Gaunt, Baruch & Hunter College
Kyra Morris
Kyrah Daniels
Kysa Nygreen, University of Massachusetts
L. C. Wiltshire
L. Clare Bratten, Professor Emeritus, Middle Tennessee State Univerity
L. Kate Meador
L. Nelsen
L. Syd Johnson, Michigan Technological University
L.D. Burnett, adjunct, University of Texas at Dallas / Collin College
L.Shapley Bassen
Lacey Peters
Lael Alon Winer-Cyr
Lahra Smith, Georgetown University
Laila Awar, MAAT
Laila Farah, Associate Professor, Depaul University
Laila Haidarali
Lainey Papageorge
Lainey Rudolph
Lais Williams
Lakeesha Harris
Lakesia D. Johnson, Grinnell College
Lakin Khan, Napa Valley College
LaKisha Simmons
Lama Karma Chotso
Lamont Loyd-Sims
Lan Duong, UC Riverside
Lana Bissell
Lana Chisholm
Lana Dee Povitz, NYU
Lana Rakow
Lana Schroeder, JD, University of Louisville
Lane Simone Johnson
Lani Cartwright
Lani Roberts, retired, Oregon State University
Lanie Carlson
Lara Deeb, Professor of Anthropology, Scripps College
Lara Dodds, Mississippi State University
Lara Frater, Author, Fat Chicks Rule
Lara Green
Lara Mancinelli
Lara Scott, University of Southern Maine
Lara Sheehi, The George Washington University
Lara Trout
Larena Grirshaber, Northeast State Community College, TN.
Larisa Castillo, UC Irvine
Larise Kia, Bindupont, Center for Presence
Larissa Bablak
Larissa McGhee
LaRonika Thomas, University of Maryland
Larry Gross, University of Southern California
Larry Knopp, Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma
Larry R. Oberg
Lars Mackenzie
Lateesha Thomas, Chicago State University
LaToya Eaves
Laura Anderson Barbata
Laura Ansley, College of William and Mary
Laura Arbios
Laura B. Schiavo, The George Washington University
Laura Baker, Westfield State University
Laura Barger, John Jay College (CUNY)
Laura Barraclough, Yale University
Laura Beth Gatzke, M.Div.
Laura Bierema, University of Georgia
Laura Briggs, University of Massachusetts
Laura C. Bowman, M.D., DABMA
Laura Carter
Laura Castaneda, USC Annenberg
Laura Catlow, Activist
Laura Chipley
Laura Chrisman, University of Washington
Laura Ciolkowski, Columbia University
Laura Cochrane, Central Michigan University
Laura Colmenero’s-Chilberg, Black Hills State University
Laura Combs
Laura Coppinger, General Manager of The Monocle Performance Venue & Bar
Laura Cotton, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Laura Crary, Presbyterian College
Laura Cummings Nelson University, University of Maine
Laura Curran, Artist
Laura Curry, University at Buffalo
laura duncan
Laura E. Conkey, Dartmouth College, Emerita
Laura E. Ruberto, Berkeley City College
Laura Elrick, Pratt Institute
Laura Enriquez, UC Irvine
Laura Ertz
Laura Figuli
Laura Forbes
Laura Frader, Northeastern University
Laura Galgano, Charlottesville, VA
Laura Gomez, University of California, Los Angeles
Laura Gomez, University of California, Merced
Laura Grindstaff, UC Davis
Laura Hartmann-Villalta, Northeastern University
Laura Heinemann, Creighton University
Laura Herron
Laura Hinton, Professor of English, The City College of New York (CUNY)
Laura Hitt, West Virginia University
Laura Hope, Loyola University New Orleans
Laura Hudson
Laura Hughes, M.A.
Laura J. Olson, University of Colorado
Laura Jackson, Illinois Wesleyan University
Laura Jannone, Monmouth University
Laura Jenkins, University of Cincinnati
Laura Jennings, University of South Carolina Upstate
Laura Joans, MSN, Geriatric APRN, University of Kentucky
Laura Jones
Laura Jorgensen, University of Texas at Austin
Laura K. Landolt, Oakland University
Laura Kalman, University of California, Santa Barbara
Laura Kane, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Laura Kessler, University of Utah College of Law
Laura Kina, DePaul University
Laura L. Ellingson, Santa Clara University
Laura L. Joss, Baldwin Wallace University
Laura Larson, Ohio University
Laura Lee Palmer, Fielding Graduate University
Laura Lomas, Rutgers University-Newark
Laura Lovett, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Laura M. Hartman, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Laura Malone-Miller
Laura Mamo, SFSU
Laura Mauldin, University of Connecticut
Laura McGough, University at Buffalo
Laura McMurray, Artist
Laura Mejia, Activist
Laura Miller
Laura Miller, University of Missouri St. Louis
Laura Minor, Florida State University, University of Florida, Sarah Lawrence College
Laura Moriarty
Laura Neack, Miami University
Laura Radcliff
Laura Register
Laura Reneau
Laura Renée Chandler, South Dakota State University
Laura Rister
Laura Ross
Laura Rotering
Laura S. Brown, Independent scholar
Laura Sánchez González, Bethel University
Laura Schwager, University of Kentucky
Laura Shatkus, ArkansasStaged
Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida
Laura Slatkin, New York University
Laura T. Smith, Stevenson University
Laura Tamberelli, UNC Charlotte
Laura Tepfenhart
Laura Tesman, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Laura Tetreault, University of Louisville
Laura Vazquez, Northern Illinois University
Laura Wagner, Duke University
Laura Wexler, Yale University
Laura Wilson
Laura Wright, Western Carolina University
Laura Wynfield, Metro State College Denver
Laura Y. Liu, The New School
Laura Zimmerman
Lauralynn White, GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
Laurel Beckman, UCSB
Laurel DenHartog
Laurel Leff, Northeastern University
Laurel Morton, Adjuncts United, Syracuse University
Laurel Ramsey, MSW
Laurel Romney, University of Utah College of Social Work
Laurel Watson, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Laurel Wilson, Arcstudio
Laurel Zmolek-Smith
Lauren A. Ross
Lauren Acker, Grinnell College
Lauren Anderson, Connecticut College
Lauren Anderson, University of California, Irvine
Lauren Benoist, Adler University
Lauren Berlant, University of Chicago
Lauren Berliner, University of Washington Bothell
Lauren Bernofsky
Lauren Bronson, BS, RDH
Lauren Burke
Lauren DeFilippo, filmmaker
Lauren E. Parker
Lauren Eggert-Crowe
Lauren Ginsberg, University of Cincinnati
Lauren Gooch, M. Ed, Juma Ventures
Lauren Guilmette, Florida Atlantic University
Lauren Hamilton Edwards, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Lauren Hunter, University of Maryland
Lauren J. DeCarvalho, University of Arkansas
Lauren Jade Martin, Penn State University, Berks
Lauren Jannette
Lauren Klein, Georgia Tech
Lauren Meyer, Yale University
Lauren Munro
Lauren Paytes
Lauren Pfendner
Lauren Rogers-Sirin, The College of Staten Island, City University of New York
Lauren Rosenblum, Adelphi University
Lauren Shouse
Lauren Tilger
Lauren Tivey
Lauren von Bernuth
Lauren Weinzimmer, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Lauren Whitmer, University of Michigan
Laurena E Bernabo, University of Iowa
Laurence J Kensington, Columbus Community Radio
Laurence Thienot
Laurette McGuire, California State University San Marcos
Laurette Spillum-Sebastienne
Lauri Hornik
Lauri Lindquist, Ph.D.
Laurie Carmichael, CPNP, MSN
Laurie Essig, Middlebury College
Laurie Farber
Laurie Green
Laurie Hines
Laurie J. Baker
Laurie J. Sears, University of Washington
Laurie Jones Neighbors, Health Education Department, San Francisco State University
Laurie Kocher, Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC
Laurie Lindeen, University of St. Thomas
Laurie Lytel, UNLV
Laurie Marhoefer, University of Washington
Laurie Moser
Laurie Mufson, Mercersburg Academy
Laurie N. Taylor, University of Florida
Laurie Norton Moffatt
Laurie Ouellette, University of Minnesota
Laurie Pettine
Laurie Pierce, PhDc, MSN, RN, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Laurie Reinhardt, Gallaudet University
Laurie S. Stoff, Arizona State University
Laurie Sage
Laurie Salen
Laurie San Martin, University of California, Davis
Laurie Schultz Hayes
Laurie Sheridan, Retired, University of Massachusetts Boston
Laurie Stevens
Laurie Stone
Laurie Stras, University of Southampton
Laurie Turner
Laurie Wheeler Burrington
Laurin Kier, Elon University
Laurita Moore, South Mountain Community College, CIS Faculty
Lawrence Beemer, University of New Hampshire
Lawrence L Piper
Layne Craig, TCU
LB Klein
LB Thompson, Parsons / The New School
Lea Marshall, Virginia Commonwealth University
Lea Masiello, Indiana University of PA, emeritus
Leaf Seligman, Keene State College
Leah Anderst, Queensborough Community College, CUNY
Leah DeVun, Rutgers University
Leah E. Bryant, DePaul University
Leah Garrett, Professor of Jewish Studies, Monash University
Leah Goldman, Reed College
Leah Gress, Michigan State University
Leah Haggerty
Leah Harrison
Leah Middlebrook, University of Oregon
Leah Montange, University of Toronto
Leah P. Hunter, Ph.D
Leah Perry, SUNY Empire State College
Leah Richards, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
Leah Rogne, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Leah Shelleda, Emerita, College of Marin, CA
Leah Sneider, Montgomery College Maryland
Leah Taylor Best
Leah Ulansey, Maryland Institute College of Art
Leah Wasburn-Moses, Miami University
LeConte J. Dill, SUNY Downstate
Leda Ramos, Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies, Cal State University, Los Angeles
Lee Ann Roripaugh, University of South Dakota
Lee Anne Bell, Barnard College
Lee Anne Walker, Juris Dr.
Lee Beckwith RN, BA Women’s Studies UMASSFIVE/Boston
Lee Carpenter Mitchell, MFT, RYT, DTR
Lee Frantz
Lee Karalis, Writer
Lee Kottner
Lee Laielli
Lee Ritscher, CSU Monterey Bay
LeeAnn Bartolini, Dominican University of California
Leena Dallasheh, Humboldt State University
Leena Jayaswal, American University
Leena Mazid
Leendert De Die
Leigh A.R. Cominiello
Leigh Ann Wheeler, Binghamton University
Leigh Burrill, West Valley College
Leigh Fought, Le Moyne College
Leigh Gilmore
Leigh Kimberg, MD, University of California, San Francisco
Leigh McKenzie
Leigh Nouveaux
Leigh Patel, Boston College
Leigh Potvin, Cape Breton University
Leigh Prentiss
Leigh Raiford, UC-Berkeley
Leigh Sheridan, University of Washington
Leigh Silverman
Leigh Williams, Stephen F. Austin State University
Leila A. McNeill
Leila H. Kilgore
Leilani Barnett
Leilani Hubbard Ruesink
Leilani L. Shapley
Leilani Salvo Crane, PsyD
Leisa D. Meyer, The College of William and Mary
Leisa Thompson
Leisy Abrego, UCLA
Leith Mullings, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Lela Zaphiropoulos, The Women’s Therapy Center Institute
Len Berkman, Smith College
Lena Palacios, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Lena Wolff, Artist
Lenka Reznicek
Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Rutgers University
Lenni B. Benson, New York Law School
Lenora Perry-Samaniego, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX.
Lenore Blake, MS, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Leo Spitzer, Dartmouth College
Leola Johnson, Macalester College
Leona Busulas
Leonard Lawlor, Penn State University
Leonard Means
Leonie Fleischmann
Leonore Tiefer, NYUSOM
Leora Auslander, University of Chicago
LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant, Williams College
Les Field, University of New Mexico
Lesa Smith
Leshu Torchin, University of St Andrews (UK)
Leslee Moore
Lesleigh Franklin, East Bay Family Institute
Lesleigh Owen
Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick
Lesley Wolff, Florida State University
Leslie A. Bates, JD
Leslie A. Donovan
Leslie Andrews
Leslie Ball, United Theological Seminary
Leslie Burton
Leslie C. Mechem, Skidmore College
Leslie Cagan
Leslie Choquette
Leslie Fedorchuk, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
Leslie Flibotte, UniteWomen.org FL
Leslie Funk
Leslie Gardner, Centre Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex
Leslie Gates, Binghamton University
Leslie Gray-O’Neil
Leslie H. Malcolm
Leslie Horst, former Women’s Studies Professor
Leslie Hull, MFA
Leslie J. Reagan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Leslie Kendall Dye, Artist
Leslie Lopez, University of California, Santa Cruz
Leslie Lovejoy
Leslie M. Harris, Northwestern University
Leslie Norman
Leslie Page Moch, Michigan State University
Leslie Powers
Leslie Rice
Leslie Salzinger, Gender and Women’s Studies, UC Berkeley
Leslie Schwalm, University of Iowa
Leslie Stoupas
Leslie Townsend
Leslie Tuttle, Louisiana State University
Leslie V.S. Millar, Artist
Leslie Wirpsa, Ph.D., Independent Scholar
Leslie Yamashita, California State University Northridge
Leta Hong Fincher, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Leticia Alvarado, Brown University
Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez
Leticia Wiggins, Ohio State University
Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Writer
Lety Stanton-Verduzco
Levin S Kinsey
Lewis Roberts, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Lexine Trask
Leyre Castro, The University of Iowa
Lezlie Frye, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Li Cornfeld, McGill University
Lia Kozatch
Lia Willebrand
Liam Oliver Lair
Lidice Aleman, Wayne State College
Lilia Cai-Hurteau, Phillips Academy
Lilia Raquel Rosas, St. Edward’s University
Lilian Lawrence Wdowiak, Retired German and Spanish teacher
Lilian van Oostende-Beijnsberger, Fontys University of Applied Science, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Liliana M. Garces, Pennsylvania State University
Lill M. Hewko
Lilliam Alfaro
Lillian Manzor, University of Miami
Lillian Rigling, North Carolina State University
Lillian Vega Castaneda, California State University, Channel Islands
Lillie Johnson Edwards, Prof. Emerita, Drew University
Lily Fernald, Colby College
Lily Oster, Emory University
Lin Reicher, Ed.D
Lin Zhang, University of Southern California
Lina ramona Vitkauskas, Poet
Linda A. Benedict
Linda A. Edwards
Linda A. Bell
Linda Anderson
Linda Ann Sampson Goette
Linda B. Sherby
Linda Bacon, University of California, Davis
Linda Barry
Linda Bell, Retired from Georgia State University
Linda Bennett
Linda Bosniak, Rutgers University
Linda Bourassa, Hiram College
Linda Briel
Linda Brooks Alred, Artist
Linda Buchanan, The Theatre School, DePaul University
Linda C. Middleton, Ph.D.
Linda Carlson
Linda Cathey, LMFT, ME.d.
Linda Chapman
Linda Charnes, Indiana University, Bloomington
Linda Dittmar, University of Massachusetts–Boston
Linda Dunne
Linda Dunwoodie, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
Linda F. Hartman
Linda Forsberg
Linda Gordon
Linda Goss, Western Michigan University
Linda Griffith, LCSW, DCSW
Linda Gyimoty, MA
Linda H Brady, Emerita, Drake Universityy
Linda H. Parrish, Regents Professor Emerita, TX. A&M-College Station
Linda Haas Manley
Linda Harris
Linda Hershman
Linda Holler, Professor Emerita, Department of Religious Studies, San Diego State University
Linda Horwitz, Lake Forest College
Linda Ialacci
Linda J. Smith, Wright State University
Linda K. Kerber, University of Iowa
Linda K. Crafton, University of Wisconsin Parkside
Linda Kekic, Western Michigan University
Linda Klein, MS
Linda Kunicki
Linda L. Nelson
Linda Lescher O’Keefe
Linda Leslie
Linda Leslie Brown
Linda Long, University of Oregon
Linda LoPresti, NYCDOE
Linda M Perkins, Claremont Graduate University
Linda M. G. Zerilli, University of Chicago
Linda M. Goldenhar
Linda Martín Alcoff, City University of New York
Linda Mattos-Lind
Linda Meacher
Linda Mercadante, Methodist Theological School
Linda Merrill, NYU
Linda Messis
Linda Metzke, Lyndon State College
Linda Mitchell, MBA, PhD
Linda murray
Linda Nenno, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
Linda Nespole
Linda Nicholson, Susan E. and William P. Stiritz Distinguished Professor of Women’s Studies and Professor of History
Linda Norcross, University of Minnesota
Linda Novak
Linda Oakleaf, Missouri Western State University
Linda Olson Levy, California State University, Long Beach
Linda Olson, Castleton University
Linda Paris
Linda Parker
Linda Price
Linda Pursley
Linda Quinlan, Roberts Wesleyan College
Linda R. Thornburg
linda rae nelson clark
Linda Rockwell Warner
Linda Rose-Winters, Educator
Linda S. Spassil
Linda Sciaroni
Linda Secord, University of Washington
Linda Spar, Hood College
Linda Steiner, University of Maryland
Linda Strauss
Linda Stremmel
Linda Sturtz, Macalester College
Linda Trevillian, California State University, Los Angeles; Pasadena City College
Linda Vann Odom
Linda von Geldern
Linda Waite, University of Chicago
Linda Welch
Linda White, Middlebury College
Linda Yeager
linda yun
Linde Ostro
Linden Higgins, University of Vermont
Lindsay Brandon Hunter, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Lindsay Hamm, North Carolina State University
Lindsay Knisely
Lindsay Mayott, Purdue University
Lindsay N. Merritt, Portland State University School of Social Work
Lindsay Naylor, University of Delaware
Lindsay Reckson, Haverford College
Lindsay Repko, MFT
Lindsay Skog, Portland State University
Lindsey Ahearn
Lindsey Allen
Lindsey Dillon, UC Santa Cruz
Lindsey Duel, Generation Q, Queens Community House
Lindsey Gay, University of Texas at Austin
Lindsey Joy Taylor
Lindsey Patterson, Portland State University
Lindy Griffith
Linh Hua, Loyola Marymount University
Linn Bobo
Linne Jensen
Linnea Graham, UCLA
Linnea Olson, Artist
Linnea Palmer-O’Neill
Linnea Zeiner, San Diego State University
Linzi Juliano, University of California, Los Angeles
Lisa A. Flores, University of Colorado Boulder
Lisa Aikin, University of MA, Amherst
Lisa Baker
Lisa Barcy, DePaul University
Lisa Bell
Lisa Biggs, Michigan State University
Lisa Blankenship, Baruch College, CUNY
Lisa Bloom, University of California, Los Angeles
Lisa Brinton
Lisa Brock, Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, Kalamazoo College
Lisa Brooten, Southern Illinois University
lisa burke
Lisa Byrne
Lisa Clark Diller
Lisa Cohen, Wesleyan University
Lisa Comparini
Lisa Crawford, Cal Poly, Pomona
Lisa Crossman
Lisa D. Springer
Lisa Daily, George Mason University
Lisa Darragh, Universidad de Chile
Lisa Deloucas
Lisa Diedrich, Stony Brook University
Lisa Dodson
Lisa Doris Alexander, Wayne State University
Lisa Dressner, LCSW, Institute for Family Services
Lisa Duggan, New York University
Lisa Ehrlich
Lisa Englert
Lisa Erickson, MS, LMHC
Lisa Freiman, Virginia Commonwealth University
Lisa Frey, University of Oklahoma
Lisa Fronzaglio
Lisa Frye
Lisa Gartner
Lisa Goodman, Boston College
Lisa Gray Millimet
Lisa Guerrero, Washington State University
Lisa Hagan
Lisa Hargus
Lisa Hawash, Portland State University
Lisa Haymaker
Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College
Lisa Henderson, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Lisa Henry Benham, University of Utah
Lisa Hiton, Harvard University
Lisa Hoch
Lisa Hurtado, Pierce College, Puyallup, WA
Lisa Jones, University of Alberta
Lisa Karlan, UCLA
Lisa Kitinoja, PhD
Lisa Kretz
Lisa Kron
Lisa Lemisch-Lazarus
Lisa Levenstein
Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lowe, Tufts University
Lisa M. Anderson, Arizona State University
Lisa M. Burns, Quinnipiac University
Lisa M. Fine, Michigan State University
Lisa M. Glidden, SUNY College at Oswego
Lisa M. Schroot, University of Kentucky
Lisa M. Stulberg, New York University
Lisa McElaney, Founder, Vida Health Communications
Lisa McLaughlin, Miami University-Ohio
Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller, Artist
Lisa Moore, The University of Texas at Austin
Lisa Morris, University of Southern Maine
Lisa Mueller, Macalester College
Lisa Newton
Lisa Nikolidakis, University of Evansville
Lisa Olstein
Lisa Ortiz, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Lisa Overholt Dillon
Lisa Patton, Saint Mary’s University of MN
Lisa Poirier, DePaul University
Lisa Portes, DePaul University
Lisa R Arnold, North Dakota State University
Lisa R. Barry, California State University Channel Islands
Lisa R. Pruitt, University of California, Davis
Lisa Rambo
Lisa Reed
Lisa Rofel, University of California, Santa Cruz
Lisa Rozich-Klingbiel
Lisa Rubin, New School for Social Research
Lisa Schelbe, Florida State University
Lisa Schoonmaker
Lisa Schott, University of Minnesota
Lisa Servon, University of Pennsylvania
Lisa Shopov
Lisa Skemp
Lisa Smulyan, Swarthmore College
Lisa Sokolov, New York University
Lisa Sun-Hee Park, University of California, Santa Barbara
Lisa Surwillo, Stanford University
Lisa Swerdlow
Lisa Taylor-Swanson, University of Washington
Lisa Tetrault, Carnegie Mellon University
Lisa Unger Baskin
Lisa V. Blitz, Binghamton University
Lisa W. Loutzenheiser, University of British Columbia
Lisa Wedeen, The University of Chicago
Lisa Wiggins
Lisa Withrow, MTSO
Lisa Wolf PhD., RN
Lisa Yun Lee, University of Illinois at Chicago
Lisa Ze Winters, Wayne State University
Lise Vogel, Professor (retired), Rider University
Lissa D’Amour, University of Calgary
Liv Beha, University of Southern California
Liv Lansdale
Liva Niquidet, University of Calgary
Livia Corredor, Forest City Ratner Companies, Associate General Counsel
Liysa Swart
Liz Brown, Indiana State University
Liz Bukowski
Liz Burgess, Ginko Gallery & Studios
Liz Conor, La Trobe University
Liz Diesel, LMSW
Liz Green, Los Medanos College
Liz Huston
Liz Knight
Liz Lerman, Arizona State University
Liz Massey
Liz McGovern
Liz Smith-Pryor, Kent State University
Liz Soldwish-Zoole, M.Ed., CSC, NCC, RN
Liz Sweibel, LIM College
Liz Willner, Oklahoma City University
Liza Raino-Ogden, Harvard Graduate school of Education
Lizabeth Roemer, University of Massachusetts Boston
Lizbeth Razovich
Ljiljana Grozdanic, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Llana Barber
Loan Dao, University of Massachusetts Boston
Lochlann Jain, Stanford
Lois Baer Barr, Emerita, Lake Forest College
Lois Graydon
Lois MacLean, MA
Lois Rita Helmbold, UNLV, retired
Lois Rudnick, University of Massachusetts Boston
Lois Scozzari
Lois Sellers, clerk, Swarthmore Monthly Meeting of Friends
Lois Weiner, New Jersey City University
Lola Fields
Lola Van Wagenen, Clio Visualizing History
Lolly Brown
Lonna Malmsheimer, Professor Emerita Dickinson College
Lonnie Mathieson, Chamberlain College of Nursing
Lora Bex Lempert, University of Michigan – Dearborn
Lora Brody, Visiting Scholar, Brandeis University Studies Research Center
Loraine Hutchins, Montgomery College
Loraine K. Obler, CUNY Graduate Center
Loralie Lawson, PhD
Lorecia Roland
Lorelei Stewart, University of Illinois at Chicago
Loren Cannon, Humboldt State University
Loren Redwood, University of WA, Bothell
Loren Sackett, University of South Florida
Lorena C. Guerrero, PhD, ARNP, FNP, Pacific Lutheran University
Lorena Howard-Sheridan
Loretta Capeheart
Lori A. Felton
Lori A. Lotts
Lori A. Thombs, University of Missouri
Lori Anzini
Lori Askeland, Wittenberg University
Lori B.
Lori Bowen Ayre
Lori Bradley, Bridgewater State University
Lori Brown, Eastern Michigan University
Lori Custodero, Teachers College, Columbia University
Lori Desrosiers, Westfield State University
Lori Don Levan, Penn State University
Lori Ginzberg, Penn State University
Lori Gruen
Lori Johnson
Lori Kimbrell
Lori Marso, Union College
Lori Poloni-Staudinger
Lori Sinatra, Salem State University
Lori Wahila, SUNY Broome
Lori Wright, Texas A&M University
Lori Zornado, LCSW
Lorie McDaniel, RN, HTPA
Lorie Novak, NYU
Lorien Cuneo
Lorienne Schwenk
Lorna Cutler Combi
Lorna M Peterson, Ex Dir, Emerita, Five Colleges Inc.
Lorraine Bayard de Volo, University of Colorado Boulder
Lorraine Code, York University
Lorraine Cohen, LaGuardia Community College
Lorraine Duso Kitts, University of Central Arkansas
Lorraine Eady, Mohawk Valley Community College
Lorraine M. Cox, Union College
Lorraine M. Walsh
Lorraine Robinson
Lorraine Wdowiak Lawrence, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Lorraine Yang, University of Leeds
Lorretta Morgan
Lorrie Smith, Professor of English, Saint Michaels College
Lorrin Thomas, Rutgers University
Lou Ann Carter, MSW
Louisa A. Burnham, Middlebury College
Louisa Abbott
Louise Antony, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Louise Dimiceli-Mitran
Louise F. Fitzgerald, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Emeritus)
Louise Fortmann, University of California, Berkeley
Louise Lamphere, University of New Mexico
Louise Lipman
Louise lorenz
Louise M. Doire, College of Charleston
Louise Miller
Louise Pare, Center for Women in the Global Community
Louise Vincent, MPH
Louise Yelin, Emerita, Purchase College, SUNY
Lourdes Sprandel-Healy
Love Sechrest
Lowell Rojon
Luana Ross, University of Washington
Luana Zellner, Sam Houston State University
Lucca Raventinkie
Lucette Bailliet
Lucia Binotti, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lucia Daly
Lucille A. Riccitelli
Lucinda Hitchcock, RISD
Lucinda Murray
Lucinda Perry Patterson
Lucinda Young, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Lucy Hogg, Artist, Researcher, Former Adjunct at UMD, AU, Corcoran College of Art & Design, ECUAD, MICA
Lucy Pick, University of Chicago
Lucy R. Lippard
Lucy Salazar
Lucy Salyer
Lucy Thompson
Luisa Deprez, Retired, Professor Emerita, Sociology, University of Southern Maine
Luise Eichenbaum, The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute, NYC
Luke Martel-Riskalla
Luz Acosta, University of Illinois at Chicago
Luz M. Betancourt, PhD, CUNY, Graduate Center
Luz Porras
Lyda Peters, Cambridge College
Lydia Barnett, Northwestern University
Lydia Bornick
Lydia Brassard, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Lydia Busch
Lydia French
Lydia Grey
Lydia Hicks, MFA, Film and Video
Lydia Kelow-Bennett, Africana Studies, Brown University
Lydia Matteoni, Indiana University of PA
Lydia McDermott, Whitman College
Lydia Murdoch, Vassar College
Lydia Neiheisel
Lydia Pelot-Hobbs, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Lyn Foley, Artist
Lyn Mikel Brown, Colby College
Lyn Murray
Lyn Spillman
Lynda Dodd, The City College of New York – CUNY
Lynda Jarsocrak
Lynda Morgan, Mount Holyoke College
Lynda Parker, Denver
Lynda Sturnet, Provincetown Theater
Lynda Worthington
Lyndsay Cowles
Lynet Uttal, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lynette Jackson, University of Illinois at Chicago
Lynette Jett
Lynette Phillips, Kent State University
Lynn A. Cowles
Lynn B. Cooper, Emeritus Professor, California State University Sacramento
Lynn Botelho, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Lynn Brooks
Lynn C. Lewis, Oklahoma State University
Lynn Cockett, Juniata College
Lynn Comella, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lynn Crowder
Lynn Darrow Reina, SUNY Alfred
Lynn Fitzgerald, Professor, City Colleges Chicago
Lynn Harris Ballen, Feminist Magazine Radio KPFK
Lynn Hershman, Emeritus Professor, University of California Davis
Lynn Holler Zurowski
Lynn Houston
Lynn Kunstman
Lynn M. Eckert, Marist College
Lynn M. Thomas, University of Washington
Lynn Madden, Yale University and APT Foundation
Lynn Miller MSW, MS (retired)
Lynn Morrison
Lynn O’Brien Hallstein, Boston University
lynn ocken
Lynn Orion
Lynn Passy, PhD
Lynn Perkins, University of San Francisco
Lynn Roberts, PhD, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy
Lynn Sacco, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Lynn Stanley
Lynn Warner, Ph.D.
LynnDianne Beene, University of New Mexico
Lynne Byall Benson, University of Massachusetts Boston
Lynne Chase
Lynne Feinberg
Lynne Harkless, Ph.D., Florida Psychoanalytic Center
Lynne Heller
Lynne Henderson (Prof. emerita), UNLV-Boyd School of Law
Lynne Huffer, Emory University
Lynne Jacobs, Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Lynne Jambor
Lynne Layton, Harvard Medical School
Lynne Parsons Psy.D
Lynne Presley
Lynne R. Dickman, B.A. and M.S., U. of Mont., geologist
Lynne St Clair Darden, Interdenominational Theological Center
Lynne Tirrell, UMass. Boston
Lynne Yermanock Strieb
Lyra Hill, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Lyra McKee, Dartmouth College (BA) and University of British Columbia (MA candidate)
Lysa Mulling Martinelli
M. Faye Hadley
M Tobin Stanley
M. Belinda Tucker, UCLA
M. Brinton Lykes, Boston College
M. Candace Christensen, University of Texas San Antonio
M. Cookie Mankowski, West Virginia University
M. Heather Carver, University of Missouri
M. Isabel Orozco-Vela, Loyola University Chicago
M. Joan Hess-Homeier, Ph.D.
M. Kathleen Murphy, Activist, Gender Justice Board Chair
M.L. Pflanzer
M. Louise Krippenstapel
M. Nora Bouchard
M. Renee Patrick, Southeast Missouri State University
M. Shawn Copeland
M.K. Geneva, RN, BSN
Mabel Wong, University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore
Mackenzie Burton, Portland State University
Mackenzie F.C. Szymanski, Butler University, IUPUI
Mackenzie Packard
Madelaine Mayer
Madeleine (Mandy) Mercier
Madeleine Charney, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Madeleine Cohen, In geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies
Madeleine Dobie, Columbia University
Madeline Abel-Kerns, Southern Oregon University
Madeline Flannery, Hazard Community Technical College
Madeline Fox, Brooklyn College CUNY
Madeline Garrett, Artist
Madeline Hanna Brink, The Florida State University
Madeline Lopes, Women and Gender Studies, San Francisco State University
Madelyn Detloff, Miami University
Madelyn Prezioso Cordeiro, Michigan State University
Madhuchhanda Mitra, College of Saint Benedict
Madi Simmons
Madiha A. Khan, University of Texas Medical Branch
Madison Kremer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Madonna Buhr
Mae Gibson Wall, M.Div.
Mae S. Chaplin, California State University, Sacramento
Maeona K. Kramer
Maeve Eberhardt, University of Vermont
Maeve Howett, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Maga Esberg, Artist and curator, European Union
Magdalena Diaz Araujo, Professor, UNCuyo / UNLaR Argentina
Magdalena Moskalewicz, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Magdalena Schmidt, RN-BSN
Magdalena Zegarra, University of Michigan
Magdalene Brandeis, Stony Brook University
Magdalene Redekop, University of Toronto
Maggi Lunde
Maggie A Labinski, Fairfield University
Maggie Bresz, Western Michigan University alumni
Maggie Dickinson, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Guttman Community College, CUNY
Maggie Griffith Williams, Northeastern University
Maggie Louden
Maggie M. Williams, William Paterson University
Maggie Maloney
Maggie Parke, PhD, Bangor University (Wales)
Maggie Puckett
Maggie Struck
Mahala Dyer Stewart, University of Massachusetts
Máire O’Brien, PhD
Mairead E. Walsh
Mairi Pileggi, Dominican University of California
Maisha Correia, MD
Maja Lund Loekkegaard
Majken Peterzen, Artist
Makoto I. Nikaidoh
Malaika McKee, University of Illinois
Malaika Mitchell
Malayna Pottschmidt, Butler University
Malenna A. Sumrall, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, retired
Malia Bruker, Florida State University
Malia Lee Womack, Ohio State University
Malini Ranganathan, American University
Manal Hamzeh, New Mexico State University
Mandalyn Bunker
Mandy Manning, Whitworth University
Mandy Mitchell, California State Polytechnic U, Pomona
Mandy Nourse Berwald
Manisha Sinha, University of Connecticut
Manon Gatto
Manuel Alvarez
Manuel S. Almeida, Universidad del Este, Carolina, Puerto Rico
Mara Buchbinder, UNC Chapel Hill
Mara Buenaseda, Loyola Marymount University
Mara de Gennaro, NYU
Mara Einstein, CUNY
Mara Goldman, University of Colorado-Boulder
Mara Simob, Teachers College, Columbia University
mara stolurow
Marc Coronado, PhD, Chair, Women’s Studies, De Anza College
Marc Ellen Hamel
Marc Matera, University of California, Santa Cruz
Marc Ratkovic, Princeton University
Marcela Brusa
Marcella Sherman
Marcelle Maese Cohen, University of San Diego
Marcelline Berg, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater
Marcia Bedig
Marcia Chatelain, Georgetown University
Marcia D. Nichols, University of Minnesota Rochester
Marcia Folsom, Wheelock College, Boston
Marcia Guerry
Marcia Hagedorn
Marcia Homeer
Marcia Knight
Marcia L. Miller
Marcia M. Gallo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Marcia Michaels
Marcia Mitrowski, Univ at Buffalo- Education Opportunity Center
Marcia Moen, University of Hartford
Marcia N. Levin
Marcia Newfield, PSC-CUNY
Marcia Ochoa, University of California, Santa Cruz
Marcia Stephenson, Purdue University
Marcia Tanner
Marcia Wilcox
Marcia Winter, Social Work, University of Alabama, retired
Marcie Cain Dobbs
Marco Roc, University of Illinois at Chicago
Marcy Kelly
Mardge Cohen, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Margalo Willard, PsyD
Margaret A. Ellis, Bell Laboratories (retired)
Margaret A. Hanni, Simmons College
Margaret Adair Quinn
Margaret C. Carpenter, Literacy Links, LLC
Margaret Carlisle Duncan, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Margaret Carr
Margaret Coble, Artist
Margaret Comer, University of Cambridge
Margaret Cullen, Stanford University
Margaret Duperly, Stetson University
Margaret E Vitek, PT
Margaret Furumo
Margaret Glenn
Margaret Goehring, New Mexico State University
Margaret Golden, Dominican University of California
Margaret Graham, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Margaret Hanzimanolis, De Anza College
Margaret Hedstrom, University of Michigan
Margaret Jo Harper, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Margaret K. Willard-Traub, University of Michigan Dearborn
Margaret L.J. Hayes, MD, Psychiatrist and Author
Margaret L. Woodhull, University of Colorado Denver
Margaret Lane, RN
Margaret Lirones
Margaret Lubbers Quesada, University of Georgia
Margaret M. Gullette
Margaret Madden, Siena College
Margaret Marek, Illinois College
Margaret Marshall, University of Washington Alum.
Margaret Nelson, Middlebury College
Margaret Nielsen
Margaret Olin, Yale University
Margaret Power, Illinois Institute of Technology
Margaret Randall, Independant Scholar and Writer
Margaret Rhee, University of Oregon
Margaret Rhein, Artist – Terrapin Paper Mill
Margaret Ronda, University of California-Davis
Margaret Ronzino
Margaret Rose Gladney, Professor Emerita American Studies, University of Alabama
Margaret Smith, Director, Regional Training Program
Margaret Somers, University of Michigan
Margaret Stevenson
Margaret Susan Thompson, Syracuse University
Margaret Swan
Margaret Tedesco, 2nd floor projects, San Francisco
Margaret Temple
Margaret Terry Orr, Bank Street College
Margaret Wiley, Associate Professor Emerita, Colby-Sawyer College
Margarita Azmitia, University of California at Santa Cruz
Margarita Berta-Avila, Sacramento State University
Margarita Saona, University of Illinois at Chicago
Margaux Cowden, Ohio University
Margery Gebhard
Margery Kronengold
Margi Nowak, University of Puget Sound
Margie Cohen
Margie Meadow
Margie Shepherd, National Education Association
Margie Wade
Margo Jefferson
Margo Mann
Margo Okazawa-Rey, Fielding Graduate University
Margot Backus, University of Houston
Margot Canaday, Princeton University
Margot Enbom
Margot Weinshel, New York University Medical Center
Margot Weiss, Wesleyan University
Marguerite Gresham
Marguerite Pickering
Marguerite S. Shaffer, Miami University, Oxford, OH
marguerite stewart
Mari Ann Banks, Clayton State University
Mari Castaneda, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mari Jo Buhle, Emerita, Brown University
Mari Newton
Maria Adamowicz
Maria Alejandra Zanetta, The University of Akron
Maria Avila, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Maria Brandt, Monroe Community College
Maria C. Gonzalez, University of Houston
Maria Cejmer, Michigan State University
Maria Contel, Professor, Chemistry Department, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Maria Correa
Maria Cortes
Maria Cuevas, Yakima Valley College
Maria D. Ortiz
Maria Damon, Pratt Institute of Art, UMN emerita
Maria DePriest, Portland State University
Maria E. Hill
Maria Elena Soliño
María Elena Torre, The CUNY Graduate Center
Maria G. Jones
Maria Hantzopoulos, Vassar College
Maria Hutsick, Medfield high school
María I. Reinat-Pumarejo, Colectivo Ilé
Maria Joaquina Villaseñor, California State University, Monterey Bay
Maria José Botelho, Language, Literacy, & Culture Concentration, College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Maria Jose Ramos, University of New Mexico
Maria Lombardo
María Luisa Zúñiga, San Diego State University
Maria Luiza Süssekind, Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State -UNIRIO/Curriculum Research Group
Maria Maisto
Maria Martinez
Maria Paula Saffon, Princeton University
Maria Striar
Maria Tarapacki
Maria Teresa Martinez Garcia, TAMUC
Maria Timmons Flores, Western Washington University
Maria Trapanotto
Maria Vailakis-Wippick
Maria-Fernanda Lander, Skidmore College
Mariah McKay
Mariah Zeisberg
Mariam Eqbal, Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond
Mariam Stein
Marian (Meck) Groot, New England Region Unitarian Universalist Association
Marian Bleeke, Cleveland State University
Marian Carcel
Marian Douglas-Ungaro
Marian Nichols Jackson
Marian Schwartz
Marian Willmott
Mariana Becerra
Marianna Boncek
Marianna Ellenberg, Pratt Institute
Marianne Bentley
marianne bernstein
Marianne Haissman Stefancic
Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University
Marianne Murphy Zarzana, Southwest Minnesota State University
Marianne Pita, Bronx Community College, CUNY
Marianne Smith, University of Michigan
Marianne Whelchel, Professor Emerita, Antioch College
Marie Barrera, Bastyr University ND candidate/AOM Acupuncture candidate
Marie Berry, University of Denver
Marie Blazek, Children’s Advocacy Interpreter
Marie Buscatto, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
Marie Cartier, California State University Northridge
Marie De Santis
Marie Francois, California State University Channel Islands
Marie Gagnon
Marie Garlock, UNC Chapel Hill
Marie Gasper-Hulvat, Kent State University at Stark
Marie Hooper, Professor Emerita, Oklahoma City University
Marie Kennedy
Marie Lemenu
Marie Martin, Artist
Marie McKay
Marie Ostby, Connecticut College
Marie Taylor
Marie Thibeault, California State University
Marie Traina
Marie Trudeau
Marie-Christine Hyland, New York University
Marie-Ève Blais, auteure et libraire co-fondatrice de l’Euguélionne, librairie féministe
Mariel Carranza
Mariellen Langworthy
Marifran Connolly
Marijke van Roojen
Marilyn Abeshouse Elprin
Marilyn Booton
Marilyn Borchardt, Food First
Marilyn Bradbard, Professor Emerita, Auburn University
Marilyn Bruguier Zimmerman, University of Montana
Marilyn Charles, Harvard University and University of Monterrey
Marilyn Crnich Nutter, Women’s Studies/Social Science, San Jose State University
Marilyn Daniels, National Organization for Women
Marilyn Dunn
Marilyn E. Thornton
Marilyn Fitterman, Past President, New York State NOW
Marilyn Friedman
Marilyn Frye, emerita, Michigan State Univesity
Marilyn G. Farrar, Framingham Union Hospital School of Nursing
Marilyn Hacker, CUNY Graduate Center
Marilyn Harper
Marilyn Jesmain, PhD
Marilyn L. Drumm
Marilyn Lessem
Marilyn Levy
Marilyn Magoffin MSN, FNP, CWOCN
Marilyn Matevia
Marilyn Mulvihill
Marilyn Newcomer Culp
Marilyn Noah
Marilyn Norrod
Marilyn P. Safir, PhD, University of Haifa
Marilyn Pinaud, Artist
Marilyn Power, Sarah Lawrence College
Marilyn Sloane Lisman
Marilyn Starrett, Retired, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Marilyn Stewart, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Marilyn Zimmerwoman, Wayne State University
Marilynn Johnson, Boston College
Marina Cunningham
Marina Dorian, PhD, California School of Professional Psychology
Marina Kumskova
Marina P Franchild, Jewish Feminist Brunch, Capital District New York
Marina Vujnovic
Mario Orallo-Molinaro, Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Marion Kaplan
Marion M. Perrin
Marion Walsh
Marion Wells
Marire Kelleher, California State University, Long Beach
Marisa A. Rinkus, Michigan State University
Marisa Brandt, Michigan State University
Marisa Hebb
Marisa J. Fuentes, Rutgers University
Marisa Macias, American Museum of Natural History
Marisa Richmond, Middle Tennessee State University
Marisela Chávez, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Marisela Ramos
Marisha Zimmerman, CPhT
Marissa A. Gutierrez-Vicario
Marissa Chibas, California Institute of the Arts
Marissa Cruz
Marissa Engel
Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, Community College of Philadelphia
Marita Gronnvoll, Eastern Illinois University
Maritsu Arce
Maritza Stanchich, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras campus
Mariya Kozak
Marjorie Graff, Petersburg College
Marjorie Hanft, Eastern Illinois University-Emeritus Faculty Psychology
Marjorie Jolles, Roosevelt University
Marjorie Josaphat
Marjorie Keiter
Marjorie Lear, Sonoma State University
Marjorie Manifold, Indiana University, Bloomington
Marjorie McKenzie
Marjorie Methven, MAEd
Marjorie Procter-Smith, Southern Methodist University (Emerita)
Marjorie Ringer
Marjorie Saunders
Marjorie Suriyamongkol
Mark A. Boyle, Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Choral and Vocal Activities, Seton Hill University
Mark A. Rhoda, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Mark Abelson, MSW, Department of Social Work, California State University, Northridge
Mark Allen Peterson, Miami University
Mark Daniel Cohen, The European Graduate School
Mark Denaci, St. Lawrence University
Mark Hiebert
Mark Hudson, Progressive Librarians Guild
Mark I. Wallace, Swarthmore College
Mark Kaufman, Esq.
Mark Lance, Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University
Mark Lewis, University of Pennsylvania
Mark Moosburner, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Mark Peters, PA-C
Mark Read, New York University
Mark Rifkin, UNCG
Mark Roeder
Mark Schuller, Northern Illinois University
Mark T. Fisher, University of Kansas Medical Center
Mark Thalacker
Mark Webb
Marla Allison JD, LICSW, Mount Holyoke
Marla Dekker
Marla J. Gold, MD, Drexel University
Marla Jaksch, The College of New Jersey
Marla Kohlman
Marla McMackin
Marla Vannucci, Adler University
Marlene Bell
Marlene G. Fine, Professor Emerita, Simmons College
Marlene Gerber Fried, Hampshire College
Marlene Head
Marlene Levick
Marlo D. David, Purdue University
Marlon M. Bailey, Arizona State University
Marni Schroeder
Marnie E. Roth Bethel, Albuquerque Academy
Marnie Siegel
Marsha Beery, Evergreen State College, MPA
Marsha Davis, MSW
Marsha Graham, Activist
Marsha R. Swanson, University of Washington
Marshele Labovitz, University of Phoenix
Marta Alexander
Marta Gutman, City College and City University of New York
Marta Holt, Gimme Shelter: Homelessness Awareness in Kitsap County
Marta Kvande, Texas Tech University
Martha Ackelsberg, Professor of Government, Smith College, emerita
Martha Albertson Fineman, Emory University School of Law
Martha Bermudez Gallegos, Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero
Martha Biondi, Northwestern University
Martha Borst, Simmons College
Martha Buskirk, Montserrat College of Art
Martha Chevlin
Martha Chlipala
Martha D. Escobar, California State University, Northridge
Martha E. Harding
Martha Easton
Martha Edwards, Choreographer
Martha Hanba
Martha Howell, Columbia University
Martha J. Grove
Martha K Huggins, Tulane University Emerita
Martha L. Sayles, Phd
Martha Lisa
Martha Livingston, SUNY Old Westbury
Martha Lynn, PhD
Martha McKay Canter, Florida State University
Martha Nunn, Creighton University
Martha Rice Sanders, Academic Librarian
Martha S. Jones, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Martha S. Look
Martha Santa Maria
Martha Stephens Goodwin
Martha Vicinus, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Martha Wagner Alibali, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Martha Welsh
Martha Zavala Perez, CSU Channel Islands
Martha Zettelmaier, University of Michigan
Marthe Reed, Syracuse University
Marti Gilley Smith, Instructor at Faulkner Community College
Marti Grace Ashby
Marti Lyons
Marti Mogensen
Martin Benson, Stony Brook University
Martin Carroll
Martin Duberman, Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus
Martin Dufresne
Martin Francis Casey
Martin Summers, Boston College
Martin T. Olliff, Troy University Dothan Campus
Martin Tomszak, Loyola University Chicago
Martina Angela Caretta, West Virginia University
Martina Sciolino, The University of Southern Mississippi
Martina Tanga
Marty Salter
Mary A. Jackson, Prescott College
Mary A. Rashid
Mary allain smith, AAUW West Chester Chester County Branch, PA.
Mary Androff, MD
Mary Anglin
Mary Ann Baumiller
Mary Ann Dixon
Mary Ann Dzuback, Washington University
Mary Ann Heiss, Kent State University
Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Mansfield
Mary Ann Marchel, PhD., LGSW, College of Saint Scholastica
Mary Ann Wallace, McNeese State University
Mary Anne Campbell, Homeschooling mother
Mary Anne Rebernak
Mary Auker-Endres
Mary Barr
Mary Baumann, Retired, Multicultural Coordinator, Northwest College, Powell, Wyoming
Mary Bentley, Ithaca College
Mary Beth Easley
Mary Beth Emmerichs, Professor Emerita, UW Sheboygan
Mary Beth Swofford, The University of the Incarnate Word
Mary Billyou, Lang College
Mary Bleier
Mary Bowman, DePaul University
Mary C. Galligan, Writer
Mary Carroll
Mary Caston, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Mary Celeste Kearney, University of Notre Dame
Mary Christianakis, Occidental College
Mary Clare Powell, Lesley University
Mary Clare Sullivan, College of DuPage
Mary Cunningham
Mary D Galvin, Librarian, University of Oregon
Mary D’Avanzo Gillmon
Mary Dickman, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mary Donahue
Mary Dore
Mary E. Hobgood, associate professor emerita, College of the Holy Cross
Mary E. Hunt, Co-director Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)
Mary Ella Feinleib, Professor Emerita, Tufts University
Mary Ellen Carges
Mary Ellen Kimble
Mary F. Callaghan
Mary F. Lenihan
Mary Filippo
Mary Fillmore
Mary Forst
Mary Frances Agnello
Mary Gaines, retired minister
Mary Gallucci, University of Connecticut
Mary Gerard
Mary Gibson, John Jay College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Mary Gill
Mary Grace Elliott
Mary Grace Hebert
Mary Greenfield, Ph.D.
Mary Gretchen Segars, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Adjunct Faculty
Mary Grinnell
Mary Harrell, State University of New York at Oswego
Mary Hawkesworth, Rutgers University
Mary Henson, Instructor, Native American Literature, Sinte Gleska University
Mary Herak Sand, Retired, Salish Kootenai College
Mary Hess, SUNY Oswego
Mary Hess-Powers, West Bloomfield Public Schools, retired teacher
Mary Hunter
Mary J. Parish, Duquesne University
Mary Jane Holcomb
Mary Jane Moore
Mary Jane Willig
Mary Janell Metzger, Western Washington University
Mary Jarett Whisler
Mary Jo Bang, Washington University, St Louis
Mary Jo Klinker
Mary Jo Loughran, Chatham University
Mary Jo Schleicher
Mary Jo Schmid, EdD
Mary K Helmin, University of Minnesota Medical Center
Mary K. Meyer McAleese, Eckerd College
Mary K. Coffey, Associate Professor of Art History, Dartmouth College
Mary K. Kuykendall, Teacher, Austin Community College
Mary Kathryn Cirksena, Independent research consultant
Mary Kay Barton
Mary Kay Vaughan, University of Maryland College Park, emerita
Mary Kelley, University of Michigan
Mary Kilmer
Mary King
Mary Kite
Mary Klehr
Mary Klug
Mary Koenig, University of Puget Sound
Mary L. Kowalski, Vanderbilt School of Nursing
Mary L. Prosser Flaim, former adjunct, OK. City University
Mary Lebrato
Mary LeCloux, West Virginia University
Mary Linehan
Mary Logan Rothschild, Arizona State University, emerita
Mary Logan-Mendoza
Mary Lou Boughton
Mary Lou Gross
Mary Lou Parks
Mary Lou Veal, Retired Professor, Middle Tennessee State University
Mary Lou Vignola
Mary Louise Pratt, New York University
Mary Lynn Babcock
Mary M. Balkun, Seton Hall University
Mary MacKinnon
Mary Margaret Fonow, Arizona State University
Mary Martin
Mary Matzeder, PhD
Mary Mc
mary melia
Mary Nolan, NYU
Mary Norman
Mary North
Mary ONeill
mary p. williams
Mary P. Freier
Mary Patten, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Mary Pattillo, Northwestern University
Mary Phillips, Lehman College, CUNY
Mary Pratt Miller, PhD, LPC
Mary Price, M.S.
Mary Queen, American University of Kuwait
Mary Quinn
Mary R. Harvey, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medicsl School and Founding Director, Violence Transformed, Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) at Northeastern School of Law
Mary R. Martin
Mary Richardson, University of Washington
Mary Roll
Mary Romero, Arizona State University
Mary Romeyn, MD, University of California San Francisco (Retired)
Mary Russo, Hampshire College
Mary Ruth Warner, University of Delaware
Mary S. Hartman, Founding Directory, Rutgers Institute for Women’s Leadership
Mary Shaffer, Shaffer Studios, formerly NYU & UNM
Mary Sherman
Mary Sies, University of Maryland, College Park
Mary Strine, Professor Emerita
Mary Testa
Mary Tharp
Mary Tinucci, St. Catherine University/University of St. Thomas
Mary Treiber
Mary Tworek-Tupper
Mary V. Gelinas, Humboldt State University
Mary Valentine
Mary Valerie Richter
Mary Van Note
Mary Vavrus, University of Minnesota
Mary W. Matthews
Mary Watkins
Mary Watkins, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Mary Weaks-Baxter, Rockford University
Mary Weismantel, Northwestern University
Mary Wiles, University of Canterbury
Mary Windmiller
Mary Zerkel, artist, popular educator, organizer
Marya McPherson
Maryam Kashani, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Maryann Feola, College of Staten Island / City U of NY
Maryann Letellier
Maryann Riker, Artist
MaryAnn Schwartz
MaryAnne Lyons, University of Illinois at Chicago
Mary-Catherine Harrison, University of Detroit Mercy
Marye Flowers, MChS, Chaplain, retired
MaryElaine De Good-Wheatley
MaryEllen Bragho, BFA, University of Wyoming
MaryEllen Casselman, Emmanuel United Church of Christ
Mary-Jane Forbyn, Educator
Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, Harvard University
Maryland Adams, Artist
Marylin Famosi
Mary-Pat Green
Maryse Richards, Loyola University Chicago
Maryvonne Ardouin
Masha Vlasova, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Mathew Kuefler, San Diego State University
Matilsha Marxuach
Mats Johansson
Matt Eckerberg, University of Minnesota
Matt Smith, LCPC
Matthew C. Pinkerton
Matthew Clements, California State University, Northridge
Matthew D. Glass, Miami Dade College
Matthew Gordon Phillips
Matthew Gutmann, Brown University
Matthew Houdek, University of Iowa
Matthew J. Jones, Miami University
Matthew P. McAllister, Penn State
Maura Doern Danko, Artist
Maura Doherty
Maura Finkelstein, Muhlenberg College
Maura Lee Bee
Maura McCreight
Maura Mullaney
Maureen A. Flanagan, Illinois Institute of Technology
Maureen A. Flannery
Maureen Barry, Wright State University
Maureen Cahill Wightman
Maureen Casey
Maureen Costura
Maureen Fitzgerald, College of William & Mary
Maureen Kast
Maureen Keane-Sexton, University of Dayton
Maureen Merrill
Maureen N. McLane, New York University
Maureen O’Connell
Maureen Reilly
Maureen Wall
Maureen Washburn, LCSW
Maurice Hamington, Portland State University
Mauro Altamura, New Jersey City University
Mavis Davis, Community College Feminist Educator
Maxine Chernoff, SFSU
Maxine Phillips
Maxine Savage, University of Washington
May Barakat, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine
May Seikaly, Wayne State University
Maya Cointreau
Maya Larson
Maya Manian, University of San Francisco School of Law
Maya Schenwar, Truthout
Maylei Blackwell, University of California, Los Angeles
Mayra Alejandro, Retired United Nations Political Affairs Officer
McKenzie Campbell, Eastern Michigan University
Meagan Cain
Meaghan Elliott Dittrich, University of New Hampshire
Meaghan Meachem
Meaghan Perry, State University of New York College at Buffalo
Meaghan Shaughnessy, Regis University
Medea Benjamin, author, co-founder CODEPINK
Mediha Pinar Sorma, University of Washington Seattle
Meenakshi Gigi Durham, University of Iowa
Meg Birnbaum
Meg Conkey, University of California, Berkeley
Meg Cristofalo
Meg Evans
Meg Galasso, Holy Cross College at the Indiana Women’s Prison
Meg Howlett, BA, Indiana University
Meg Ricks, Artist
Meg Stein, Artist
Meg Welch, Hunter College – Special Education
Megan A. Perry, East Carolina University
Megan Bang
Megan Convey
Megan Craig, Stony Brook University
Megan Davison
Megan Donelson, Middle Tennessee State University
Megan Dunn
Megan E. Morrissey
Megan Faver Hartline
Megan Florance, University of Missouri – Kansas City
Megan Gallagher, Brown University
Megan Haselschwerdt, Auburn University
Megan Hobza, Catalyst Network of Communities
Megan Hoffman
Megan Hyska, University of Texas at Austin
Megan K. Schraedley, University of Missouri-Columbia
Megan Kaminski, University of Kansas
Megan Kate Nelson, Writer
Megan Kay, The Pennsylvania State University
Megan L. Hussey
Megan Leffin
Megan Lorraine Debin, Fullerton College
Megan Lynd Meier
Megan Mockaitis
Megan Moodie, University of California, Santa Cruz
Megan Novell, University of Detroit Mercy
Megan Pennings, Cal State Los Angeles
Megan Reilly, Macalester College
Megan Robb, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Megan Schoettler, Miami University of Ohio
Megan Small, RN, BSN
Megan Thomas, University of California, Santa Cruz
Megan Vossler, Macalester College
Megan Welsh
Megan Williams, Connecticut College
Megan Williamson, Artist
Megan Willoughby, Universitu of New Mexico
Megan Wills, University of Michigan
Megan Wiltshire
Meggie Mapes
Meghan Daniel, University of Illinois at Chicago
Meghan Hanawalt
Meghan Hughes, Citrus College
Meghan Krausch, University of Wisconsin-Superior
Meghan Lempa
Meghan M. Sullivan, MPA, CHES, CPP
Meghan Quinlan, Kennesaw State University
Meghan Wilson, Brown University
Meida McNeal, Honey Pot Performance
Meiver De la Cruz, Oberlin College
Mel Michelle Lewis, Goucher College
Melanie Bernier, The Pennsylvania State University
Melanie Blood, SUNY College at Geneseo
Melanie Brenner
Melanie Chikofsky
Melanie Conroy, University of Memphis
Melanie Dailey
Melanie Dalton-Tackett
Melanie Finney, DePauw University
Melanie Gibson
Melanie Heath, McMaster University
Melanie Joseph
Melanie K. Yazzie, University of California Los Angeles
Melanie Lynn Danza, The City College of New York
Melanie Maynor, J.D., M.A.
Melanie Muench, Illinois State University
Melanie Nettle
Melanie S. Morrison
Melanie S. Percy, Rutgers University
Melanie Sage, University of North Dakota Department of Social Work
Melanie Shaw, Hunter College
Melanie Shepard
Melanie Springer Mock, George Fox University
Melanie Taylor, University of South Florida
Melba Gandy
Melek Ortabasi, Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada)
Melina A Patterson, University of Mary, Washington
Melina Reyes, University of California, Riverside, alumna
Melinda Chateauvert, Front Porch Research Strategy
Melinda Evans
Melinda Henrickson, College of William and Mary
Melinda Luisa de Jesus, California College of the Arts
Melinda Marks
Melinda Papaccio
Melinda Robinson, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO.
Melinda Strauss, LCSW
Melisa Brown
Melisa Casumbal
Melissa A. Hampton, LMFT
Melissa Axelrod, University of New Mexico
Melissa Barfield, McKendree University
Melissa Barlett, Mohawk Valley Community College
Melissa Bellante, NCCC, Southern New Hampshire University
Melissa Bokovoy, University of New Mexico
Melissa Borgia-Askey, Thiel College
Melissa Bradshaw, Loyola University Chicago
Melissa Brooks, BSLA, Arizona State University
Melissa Bruninga
Melissa Burchard, University of North Carolina, Asheville
Melissa C. Thompson, University of Maine-Farmington
Melissa Coco, LICSW
Melissa D. Ho
Melissa Eleftherion, Mills College
Melissa Fortner, Transylvania University
Melissa Gilbert, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Melissa Glenn
Melissa Irwin, Kansas University
Melissa J. Grey
Melissa Jay Craig, Artist
Melissa Johnson, Illinois State University
Melissa Johnson, Southwestern University
Melissa kagerer, Mommy Long Legs, feminist punk band
Melissa Kravetz, Longwood University
Melissa L. Beall
Melissa M. Crow, BA, MLIS
Melissa M. Wilcox, University of California, Riverside
Melissa Maebori
Melissa Matthewson, Southern Oregon University
Melissa Medaugh
Melissa Miller, Lasell College
Melissa Miller-Waters, Houston Community College
Melissa Miracle, PhD
Melissa Morris, Columbia University
Melissa Munkvold
Melissa Najera
Melissa Nesrallah, Women & Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto
Melissa Pagán, Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles
Melissa Parrish, Rutgers University
Melissa Pratt
Melissa Radey
Melissa Rollosson
Melissa Sellew, University of Minnesota
Melissa Sheedy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Melissa Short
Melissa Steele-Ogus, University of Washington
Melissa Stein
Melissa Stone, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Melissa Strobel
Melissa T. Brown, BMCC-City University of New York
Melissa Totten
Melissa W. Wright
Melissa Wood
Mellis Schmidt, Retired, Northern New Mexico College
Melodi Hickey, MSW
Melodie M. Toby, PhD
Melodie Stenger, University of Montana, philosophy
Melody Axe
Melody Gibbs
Melody McElroy
Melody Stratton, Artist
Mercedes Katis
MeredethTurshen, Rutgers University
Meredith A McCabe, MA, LPC, ACS, CCYT
Meredith Benjamin, Barnard College
Meredith C. Knauf
Meredith Drum, Arizona State University
Meredith H. Ozier, LCMHC, CCMHC, NCC
Meredith Jordan
Meredith M. Gadsby, Oberlin College
Meredith Martin, Princeton University
Meredith Minister, Shenandoah University
Meredith Palmer, UC Berkeley
Meredith R. Small
Meredith Ray, University of Delaware
Meredith Redlin, South Dakota State University
Meredith Rogers
Meredith Sadin, University of California, Berkeley
Meredith Shockley-Smith, Miami University, Oxford
Meredith Sinclair, Southern Connecticut State University
Meredith Tax, Writer
Meredith Tweed
Meridith I. Styer, University of Maryland, College Park
Merja Toivonen-Jackson
Merle L. Bowen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Merri Bender Brown, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Merriam Ansara
Merrick Dean
Merriwether Williams
Merry Gerard
Meryl Fischer
Meryl J. Irwin, James Madison University
Meryl Schwartz Baer
Meryl Soto-Schwartz, Lakeland Community College
Metka Zupancic, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
Mez Baker-Médard, Middlebury College
MG Wade
Mharon Murphy
Mia Angélica Sosa-Provencio, University of New Mexico
Mia Brett, Stony Brook University
Mia Carter, University of Texas at Austin
Mia Charlene White, The New School
Micaela di Leonardo, Anthropology and Performance Studies, Northwestern University
Micca Leider, University of Minnesota-Duluth Women’s Studies
Micha Cárdenas, University of Washington, Bothell
Micha Espinosa, Arizona State University
Michael A Roman, Kaila Enterprises
Michael A. Ryan, University of New Mexico
Michael Agnew
Michael Belle
Michael Blank, University of Pennsylvania
Michael Bronski, Harvard University
Michael Carosone, St. John’s University
MIchael Casselli, Antioch College
Michael Corcoran
Michael Dawson, University of Chicago
Michael Dorn
Michael Elliott, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Michael G. Lowry, University of Kansas
Michael Garcia, Wayne State University, CFPCA
Michael Helquist, historian, author
Michael Hulshof-Schmidt, Portland State University
Michael J Rulon, Northern Arizona University
Michael J. Dumas, University of California, Berkeley
Michael J. Joseph
Michael Kimmel, Stony Brook University
Michael L. Broderick, James Madison University
Michael Loadenthal, Miami University of Oxford
Michael Malek Najjar, MFA, PhD
Michael Orwicz, University of Connecticut
Michael Paris, College of Staten Island (CUNY)
Michael Peterson, University of Wisconsin
Michael Rieck, Drake University
Michael S. Jeffress, Nicholls State University
Michael S. Wolf, PharmD, PhD, EJD
Michael Siegers, Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Germany)
Michael Simanga
Michael Tolley, Northeastern University
MIchael Vavrus, Evergreen State College
Michael W. Busch
Michael Willoughby
Michaela Appeltova, University of Chicago
Michal Lemberger, Stetson University
Michel Chenelle
Michele Ann Swain
Michele Baker
Michele C. Deramo, Director of Diversity Education, Virginia Tech
Michele Eliason, San Francisco State University
Michele Harmon, Founder of Alabama Coast United
Michele Joseph, MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio
Michele Knoll, M.Ed.
Michele Landis Dauber, Stanford University
Michele Mallette Sherman
Michele Martindill, retired, University of Missouri
Michele McArdle Stephens, History and Latin American Studies, West Virginia University
Michele Miller
Michele Mitchell, New York University
Michele Morano, DePaul University
Michele Paetow, Community Organizer
Michele Petrucci, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Michele Rene Weston, Writer
Michele Tracy Berger, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Michele Van Hoeck
Michele Warch, MCC
Michele Y. Breault, Truman State University
Michelle Acuff, Whitman College
Michelle Ahearn
Michelle Armstrong, Artist
Michelle Bigenho, Colgate University
Michelle Bonczek, Western Michigan University
Michelle Boyd, InkWell, Academic Writing Retreats
Michelle Canfield
Michelle Caswell, UCLA
Michelle Chihara, Whittier College
Michelle Clayton, Brown University
Michelle Colpean
Michelle Comstock, University of Colorado Denver
Michelle Demers, Community College of Vermont
Michelle Eaton
Michelle Falter, North Carolina State University
MIchelle Fine
Michelle Flood, Western Illinois University
Michelle Foster
Michelle Graves
Michelle Gutru, University of Colorado at Denver
Michelle H. Mamberg, Bridgewater State University
Michelle Hazuka, LPC
Michelle L. Bowles
Michelle L. Byrne, University of Oregon
Michelle Larkins, Michigan State University
Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lilly, Northern Illinois University
Michelle Lockhart, University of Southern New Hampshire
Michelle M. Martin, University of New Mexico
Michelle Magallanez
Michelle McGowan, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and University of Cincinnati
Michelle McKinley, University of Oregon School of Law
Michelle McKnight Davis, University of North Alabama
Michelle McKnight Davis, University of North Alabama
Michelle Miyd, Indiana University, Bloomington
Michelle Morton, Cabrillo College
Michelle Moshon
Michelle Oberman, Santa Clara University
Michelle Parkin, San Diego, small business owner
Michelle Puckett, Poet, Visionary Organizing Network, Boggs Center Fellow
Michelle R. Jacobs, Wayne State University
Michelle Riedlinger, Associate Professor, University of the Fraser Valley
Michelle Rodino, Penn State University
Michelle Rodrigues, University of Illinois
Michelle Ronda, Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY
Michelle Rozic, California State University, Northridge
Michelle S. Johnson, Independent Scholar
Michelle San Pedro, University of Connecticut
Michelle Serra, Executive Director, Sonia Plumb Dance Company
Michelle Singleton
Michelle Tellez, University of Arizona
Michelle M. Tokarczky, Goucher College
Michelle Thelen
Michelle Varrin
Michelle Wilson, Stanford University
Michelleanne L. Bradley
Miciah Hussey, Baruch College, CUNY
Mick Hurbis-Cherrier, Hunter College – CUNY
Mickey Baker
Mickey Stellavato, University of Oregon
Micky Cokely
Midge Wilson, DePaul University
Miglena Sternadori
Mignon Kennedy
Mignonne A. Scarbrough
Miguel Pinzon, PhD
Mihaela Moscaliuc, Monmouth University
Miho Iwata, Towson University
Mike Lew
Mike Rodriguez, Santa Ana Ethnic Studies Now!
Mike Whitney
Mikele Rauch
Miki Kaneda, Boston University
Miki Powell
Milagros Peña
Mildred Williamson
Milena Santoro, Georgetown University
Miliana Johnson
Miliann Kang, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Millery Polyne, New York University
Millicent Carmouche, PhD, Alabama A&M University
Millicent P. West, retired
Mimi Abramovitz, Hunter College, CUNY
Mimi Arbeit, University of Virginia
Mimi Colletti
Mimi Dean
Mimi Hinchcliff-Pelias
Mimi Marinucci, Eastern Washington University
Mimi Nielsen, Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media, University of Washington
Mimi Schippers, Tulane University
Mimi Shapiro, Millersville University
Mimi Sheller, Drexel University
Mina Morita, Artistic Director, Crowded Fire Theater
Mindy Crandall, University of Maine
Mindy Fried
Mindy Hall, Ohio Education Association
Mindy Holliday, Portland State University, Social Work
Mindy Kephart, California State University Northridge
Mindy Malone
Mindy Tauberg, UC Irvine
Minita Sanghvi, Skidmore College
Minna Harmon
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Minyong Lee, University of Chicago
Miranda Barry
Miranda Bergman
Miranda Cunningham, Portland State University
Miranda Joseph, University of Arizona
Miranda Weinberg, University of Pennsylvania
Miriam Abelson, Portland State University
Miriam Cohen, Vassar College
Miriam Duignan
Miriam Felton-Dansky, Bard College
Miriam Frank, New York University
Miriam Klein
Miriam Levering, Emerita, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Miriam Mara, Arizona State University
Miriam Neptune
Miriam Queensen, University of Minnesota
Miriam Tessmer
Mirtha Castro
Mischelle Taylor Stone, Ph.D., Ferris State University
Mishaa Degraw
Missy Morton, Professor Inclusive Education, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Misty Anderson, University of Tennessee
Misty Foley-McKenna, LMSW, The University of Oklahoma
Misty Krueget
Misty Luminais, Case Western Reserve University
Misty Thomas
Mitchell Bogard
Mitchell Hoffman, University of New Mexico-Women Studies
Mitchell Robinson, Chair, Music Education, Michigan State University
Mitzi Pasternak
Mitzi Zohar
Miyabi Yamamoto, Ph.D.
MJ Murphy
ML Papusa Molina, Kanankil Institute
Moana Luri de Almeida, University of Denver
Moe Angelos, Artist
Moki Radu
Mollie M. Monahan-Kreishman, Ph.D.
Mollie Pepper, Northeastern University
Molly Barnett
Molly Burke, MFA, University of Arizona
Molly Campbell, University of New Hampshire
Molly Claire Benjamin
Molly Doane, University of Illinois-Chicago
Molly Dragiewicz, Queensland University of Technology
Molly Farrell, Ohio State University
Molly Flaspohler, Librarian, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Molly Gebrian, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Molly Gray, Portland State University
Molly Greening, Loyola University Chicago
Molly Halsey
Molly Hankwitz, Bad Subjects
Molly Kelly, Miami University
Molly Koler, UCSC
Molly L. Kelton, Washington State University
Molly Lyons, Artist
Molly Oberweiser Kennedy, Doctoral Candidate, Portland State University School of Social Work
Molly Pellettiere
Molly Quinn
Molly Shanahan, Wayne State University & Temple University
Molly Shea, San Francisco State University
Molly Walsh Donovan
Molly Yanity, Quinnipiac University
Mona L. Russell, East Carolina University
Mona Thornton, LCSW
Monica A Martinez
Monica A. Medina, Indiana University-IUPUI
Monica Alexander
Monica Barron, Truman State University
Monica Bock, University of Connecticut
Monica Frisell
Mónica García, Brandeis University
Monica Grayless, Columbia College Chicago (retired)
Monica Heller, University of Toronto
Monica Hernandez, Grossmont College
Monica Huerta, Princeton University
Monica J Casper, University of Arizona
Monica Lee, Independant researcher
Monica Matta
Monica Parmley, Portland State University, School of Social Work
Monica Rafeedie, Southwestern Law School, Houston Law Center
Monica Russel y Rodriguez, Northwestern University
Monica Taylor, Montclair State University
Monica Vilhauer
Monica Wiesblott
Monica Zikpi, University of Oregon
Monika Black, PhD, DePaul University
Monique A. Guishard
Monique Calais
Monique Jiménez, PsyD, Adler University
Monique Lawrence, Siena College
Monique Moultrie
Monique Roelofs, Hampshire College
Monique S. Kaye, M.S., CCC, SLP
Monique Sidy, Artist
Monisha Bajaj, University of San Francisco
Mor Sheinbein, Columbia University School of the Arts
Morell E. Mullins
Morgaan Sinclair
Morgan Blue, Independent Researcher
Morgan Griffin
Morgan Gwenwald, State University of New York
Morgan Halstead, Malcolm X College
Morgan Jenness
Morgan Schultz, Duke University
Morgen Brodie
Moriah Gonzalez-Meeks, San Diego State University
Movindri Reddy, Occidental College
Moyra Davey
Ms. Andy Feast BA, MA, University of Manchester
Muhammad Khalifa, University of Minnesota
Muriel Lederman, Emerita, Biology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Virginia Tech
Muriel Schmid
Myokei Cainei-Barrett
Myra Avery
Myra Emmons
Myra Washington, University of New Mexico
Myriam J. A. Chancy
Myrl Beam, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
Myrna R Cruz Morales, MSC-UPR , Former Administrator of the Public Health School
Myrna Willerton
Myrto Koumarianos, University of Toronto
Mythri Jegathesan, Santa Clara University
N. Le Baron, AIA- Columbia University
N. Carlotta Parr
Nada Elia
Nadeem Zaman
Nadia Dowshen, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Nadia E. Brown, Purdue University
Nadia Mahdi, Georgetown Day School
Nadia Stevens, Duke University
Nadine Gallo, U. Mass Amherst
Nadine Hubbs, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Nadine Naber, University of Illinois at Chicago
Nadine Swahnberg
Nahed Eltantawy
Naima Barnes
Nairuti Shastry, College of William & Mary
Nalsey Tinberg, Occidental College
Namascar Shaktini
Nan B. Adams, Southeastern Louisiana University
Nan Bauer-Maglin, Professor Emerita, CUNY
Nan Binder-Smith , LCSW, MSW Inc.
Nan Elizabeth Woodruff, Pennsylvania State University
Nan Jenkins
Nan Joy, Artist
Nan LeClaire Hirst
Nance Cedar
Nanci Hogan
Nanci M. Burk, Glendale Community College
Nancy A Hilliard
Nancy A. Naples, University of Connecticut
Nancy Antle, Writer
Nancy Appelbaum, Binghamton University, State University of New York
Nancy Ares, University of Rochester, NY
Nancy Atkinson, Director, Education and Training, USAF Retired
Nancy B Weber, University of Vermont
Nancy B. Baker, Artist
Nancy Barton, NYU Art & Prattsville Art Center
Nancy Bell, RN, LCSW
Nancy Benjamin
Nancy Bird
Nancy Bowen, Purchase College, SUNY
Nancy Bowman
Nancy Brady, University of New Mexico
Nancy Burke, PhD, Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis
Nancy Bushman
Nancy Caro Hollander, Ph.D., Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California
Nancy Carroll, WHNP, MS
Nancy Coffin, Princeton University
Nancy Comorau, Ohio Wesleyan University
Nancy Cushwa, Femail Art Productions
Nancy Dixon
Nancy Drigotas
Nancy E. Churchill, CUNY, College of Staten Island
Nancy E. Stoller, University of California, Santa Cruz
Nancy Ehrenreich
Nancy Elizabeth Bedford, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Nancy Ewert, The University of Texas at Austin
Nancy Felipe Russo
Nancy Forrester, Environmental Education, Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden, Key West
Nancy Francis
Nancy Frohlich
Nancy G. Calleja, University of Detroit Mercy
Nancy Gallagher, UCSB
Nancy Garner, Wright State University
Nancy Giunta, City University of New York
Nancy Gomez
Nancy Hoehne, educator, biologist, feminist
Nancy Holmstrom, Rutgers University, emerita
Nancy Holschuh, University of Florida
Nancy Horne, CSULB
Nancy Hudspeth, California State University Stanislaus
Nancy Huse, Augustana College (IL), Retired
Nancy Hutchinson Erdmann, Independent Activist
Nancy J. Hirschmann, The University of Pennsylvania
Nancy J. Holland
Nancy J. Legge, Idaho State University
Nancy Janus, Eckerd College
Nancy Jervis
Nancy Johnson
Nancy K. Bereano
Nancy Keller
Nancy Kreml
Nancy L. Stockdale, University of North Texas
Nancy Lautenbach, artist
Nancy Leff
Nancy Lendved
Nancy Lloyd
Nancy M. Thompson, St. Olaf College
Nancy Mandeville Caciola
Nancy Marie Mithlo, Occidental College
Nancy Maryott
Nancy Merbitz
Nancy Meyer
Nancy Meyer-Emerick, Cleveland State University
Nancy Millar, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School
Nancy Miriam Hawley, Our Bodies Ourselves
Nancy Murnane
Nancy Murphy Spicer, Artist and Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Nancy Murray
Nancy Newman, University at Albany
Nancy Palmeri, University of Texas Arlington
Nancy Pipkin-Hutchinson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Nancy Presnell
Nancy Princenthal
Nancy R Schick
Nancy Rabinowitz, Hamilton College
Nancy Raquel Mirabal, University of Maryland, College Park
Nancy Richardson
Nancy Ries, Colgate University
Nancy Robinson, B.A., M.A. University of Pittsburgh
Nancy Rocke, University of Kentucky
Nancy Rose Stein, artist
Nancy Rosenberg, Brown University, Roger Williams University
Nancy Ruggeri, Northwestern University
Nancy Runkle
Nancy Sanchez, University of Illinois at Chicago
Nancy Schauman
Nancy Scroggs
Nancy Sharts-Hopko, Villanova University
Nancy Smith, University of Florida
Nancy Stanton
Nancy Stern, The City College of New York, CUNY
Nancy Sullivan, Northern Arizona University
Nancy Vaughn Clark
Nancy Wadsworth, University of Denver
Nancy Wahlstrom
Nancy Weiss Hanrahan
Nandini Sikand, Lafayette College
Nandita Bhargava, Kalamazoo College alumni, University of Hawai’i alumni, Columbia University alumni
Nandita Sharma, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Nanette Eisenhart, Georgia Southern University
Nanette Funk, CUNY (Brooklyn College)
Nanette Gartrell MD
Nansi Stretcher
Naoko Shibusawa, Brown University
Naoko Wake, Michigan State University
Naomi Andre, University of Michigan
Naomi Andrews, Santa Clara University
Naomi Braine, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Naomi Extra, Rutgers University-Newark
Naomi Goldenberg, University of Ottawa
Naomi Katz, Artist
Naomi Milstein
Naomi Murakawa, Princeton University
Naomi Penner
Naomi Quinonez, California State University East Bay
Naomi Scheman, Emerita, University of Minnesota
Naomi W. Nishi, University of Colorado Denver
Naseem Jamnia
Nasrin Shahinpoor, Hanover College
Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor, Clark University
Nat Baldwin
Nat Hansuvadha, California State University, Long Beach
Nata Traub
Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Chicana/o Studies Department at UC Davis
Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, The New School
Natalia Mendez
Natalia Rachel Singer, St. Lawrence University
Natalie Coulter, York University
Natalie D. Baker, Virginia Commonwealth University
Natalie Firstenberg, M.A.
Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz
Natalie Fizer, Parsons New School for Design
Natalie Giugni, St. Peter’s University, New Jersey
Natalie Helena Smith, UW University
Natalie Lira, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Natalie Tombasco, Butler University
Natanya Duncan, Lehigh University
Natasha Beck, Co-president,Portland branch,Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Natasha C. Pratt-Harris, Morgan State University
Natasha Howard, Community College of Baltimore County
Natasha Korda, Wesleyan University
Natasha Kotecki
Natasha Lorca Yannacañedo, Hostos Community College
Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, National Lawyers Guild
Natasha Myers
Nate Furman, University of Utah
Nathalie op de Beeck, Pacific Lutheran University
Nathan Grant Smith, University of Houston
Nathan Ross
Nathan Singer, Northern Kentucky University
Nathaniel Adam Tobias C -, Birmingham City University
Nathaniel Bryan, University of South Carolina
Nava Renek, Brooklyn College/CUNY
Nayeon Yang
Nealene Orinick
Nectar Knuckles, Barnard College
Neddy Seagoon, University of Colorado, Boulder
Nedra Deadwyler
Neel Ahuja, UC Santa Cruz
Neela Manendo
Neema Begum, University of Bristol
Neil C. Robertson
Nell Irvin Painter
Nell Walton
Nell-Anne Toegel-Haida Gwaii, Canada
Nellie I. Solovjov, DDS
Nerissa Balce, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Nerissa Russell, Cornell University
Nessa McCasey, International Academy for Poetry Therapy
netta yerushalmy, Artist
Neva Walden, State University of New York, ESC (retired)
Neverne Covington
Nhing Tuyet Tran, University of Toronto
Nia Holt
Nicholae Cline, Indiana University Bloomington
Nicholas Christie-Blick, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Nicholas Cragoe, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Nicholas D. Rombes, Jr., University of Detroit Mercy
Nicholas Glastonbury, Hunter College, CUNY
Nicholas Taylor, NC State University
Nichole Marie Shippen, LaGuardia CC, City University of New York
Nick J. Sciullo, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies Program, Illinois College
Nick Miller, Hollins University
Nick Mitchell, University of California, Santa Cruz
Nick Taylor, North Carolina State University
Nicki Nathan, King’s College, London
nicky giraffe, Artist
Nicky Sa-eun Schildkraut
Nicoelle Danielle Cohen, Pratt Institute
Nicol Hammond, University of California, Santa Cruz
Nicol Thomas Patterson
Nicola Denzey Lewis, Brown University
Nicola Harwood, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver, Canada
Nicole Allagree
Nicole Audrey Spector, Journalist, Author
Nicole Baran, Stanford University
Nicole Brennan, MA
Nicole D Legnani, Princeton University
Nicole Diamond
Nicole Erhardt, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Nicole Fabricant, Towson University
Nicole Freeman, Ohio State University
Nicole Freund
Nicole Garret
Nicole Gray, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nicole Greenwald
Nicole Grewling, Washington College
Nicole Jackson, Bowling Green State University
Nicole L. Novak, University of Michigan
Nicole Langley Peralta
Nicole Lapwing, Music Director
Nicole Lowman, University at Buffalo
Nicole M. Koschmann, Ithaca College
Nicole Marie DeSpain
Nicole Marroquin, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Nicole Nguyen, University of Illinois-Chicago
Nicole Panter, California Institute of the Arts
Nicole Spencer, Independent writer/artist
Nicole Spigner, Columbia College Chicago
Nicole Vilencia Hazard, Artist, Narrator, Activist
Nicole Walker, Washington University in St. Louis
Nicole Werth
Nicole Willey
Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Dickinson College
Nielan Barnes, CSU Long Beach
Nigel Poor, California State University Sacramento
Nik Ribianszky, Georgia Gwinnett College
Nikki Juen, Rhode Island School of Design and Vermont College of Fine Arts
Nikki Lane, American University
Nikki McArthur, North Carolina State University
Nikki Young, Bucknell University
Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd
Nikola Hobbel, Humboldt State University
Niloufer Siddiqui
Nils-Hennes Stear, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UNAM
Nimanthi Rajasingham, English Department, Colgate University
Nina Aronoff, Wheelock College
Nina Asher, University of Minnesota
Nina Berman, Columbia University
Nina Cornyetz, New York University
Nina Fonoroff, University of New Mexico
Nina Glick Schiller, Anthropological Theory, U. of Manchester
Nina Janowsky Snegg
Nina Kushner, Clark University
Nina Mack Leonard
Nina Menkes, California Institute of the Arts
Nina Sylvanus, Northeastern University
Ninotchka Rosca
Nirmala Erevelles, The University of Alabama
Nisha Sajnani, Lesley University
Nishani Frazier, Miami University of Ohio
Nishaun T. Battle, Virginia State University
Noah Guynn, University of California, Davis
Noah Zatz, UCLA School of Law
Noe Montez, Tufts University
Noel Blair, The Sage Colleges
Noel Gough, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Noela N. Evans, Writer
Noelle Arnold, The Ohio State University
Noelle Jacobsen, DNP, CNM
Noelle Krimm
Noelle Perry
Noelle St. Amant-Aden
Noga Wizansky, California College of the Arts
Nola Hansen
Nomi Stolzenberg, USC Law School
Nona Olivia, Phd
Noor Hashem
Noor-Aiman Khan, Colgate University
Nora Gelperin, Advocates for Youth
Nora Jupiter
Nora Madison
Nora Murphy, University of Maryland, College Park
Nora Samaran
Nora Wendl, University of New Mexico
Nora Zulema Garcia
Noreen M. Sugrue, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Noreen McKnight
Noreen Staples
Noreen Townsend
Norma A. Price, M.D.
Norma Edwards
Norma Finkelstein
Norma Froelich, Northern Michigan University
Norma Hernandez, Estrella Mountain Community College
Norma Jennings
Norma Morein
Noura Erakat, George Mason University
Nyla McCarthy, Institute for Ethical Leadership
Oghenetoja Okoh, University of Akron
ÔKay Williams
Oksana Lutsyshyna, University of Texas at Austin
Oksana Yakushko, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Olga Ehrlich, RN, CHPN
Olga Sanchez Saltveit, University of Oregon
Olga Vannucci
Oliva M. Espin, San Diego State University
Olivia Alsip, University of Chicago
Olivia Bloechl, University of Pittsburgh
Olivia Clements
Olivia Diamond
Olivia Holmes, Binghamton University
Olivia Murphy, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Olivia Or, University of Toronto
Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, UCLA
Omar Taweh, University of Connecticut
Omega S. Burckhardt
Omie Hsu, University of Chicago
Omnia El Shakry, University of California, Davis
Oneka LaBennett, Cornell University
Or Zubalsky
Oren Barnoy
Osizwe Raena Harwell
Ottilie Mulzet
Ozlem Goner, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Pablo Barcenas
Paddy McClelland
Page May
Paige A Reynolds
Paige Martin
Paige Morgan, University of Miami
Paige Namuth
Paige Vyas
Paige West, Barnard College and Columbia University
Pallas Stanford
Pam Allyn, Author, Educator
Pam Brooks, Oberlin College
Pam Martinez
Pam Minty, Portland State University & Northwest Film Center
Pam Walaski
Pam Westbrook
Pamela Annas, Professor Emerita of English, University of Massachusetts Boston
Pamela Block, Stony Brook University
Pamela Bramble, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
Pamela Brown Blackburn
Pamela C. Sieving, Independent Biomedical Librarian
Pamela Causgrove
Pamela Coldwell
Pamela Doty-Nation, Center for the Development of the Female Spirit
Pamela Glaven
Pamela Hanes, Adjunct Professor, University of Colorado-Denver
Pamela Harris Kaiser, M.A., M.Ed.
Pamela Hovland, Yale University
Pamela J. Spence
Pamela J. Taylor, MS EdPsych.
Pamela Joy Robertson, Min. Of Metaphysics, University of Metaphysics
Pamela L. Caughie, Loyola University Chicago
Pamela Laskin, The City College
Pamela M Badger, San Diego State University, Alumni
Pamela Mann, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Pamela McCann, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Pamela Nation
Pamela Paris
Pamela R. Lightsey, Boston University, School of Theology
Pamela Siderski
Pamela T. Crosset, University of Illinois, Chicago
Pamela Thoma, Washington State University
Pamela Voekel, Dartmouth College
Pamela Wynne Butler, University of Notre Dame
Pamela Y. Cook, Sojourner Truth Community
Pamela Yenser, Fawkes Press
Pamila Gupta, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Pannill Camp, Washington University in St. Louis, MO.
Paola Bacchetta, UC Berkeley
Paola Cascinelli, Arcadia University, Rome
Paola Ehrmantraut, University of St. Thomas
Paromita Sen, University of Virginia
Pascha Bueno-Hansen
Pat Alderete
Pat Beaupre Becker, Beaupre Coaching
Pat Calchina
Pat Cone, University of Georgia
Pat Falk, Emeritus, SUNY
Pat Fitzsimmons
Pat Gahan
Pat Herndon
Pat Kunstenaar, PhD
Pat Lasch, UMass
Pat Murray
Pat Odman
Pat Pernicano
Pat Pickren
Pat Schmatz
Pat Shapiro, Yale University
Pat Zavella, University of California, Santa Cruz
Patia Tabar, Northern Kentucky University
Patrice Buford
Patricia A. Gott, University of WI-Stevens Point
Patricia A. Schechter, Portland State University
Patricia A.Groves, University of Toledo
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Axsom O’Brien
Patricia Battersby
Patricia Boverie, University of New Mexico
Patricia Bower Cooley, New York University
Patricia Brooke, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Patricia Brundage
Patricia Buck, East Tennessee State University
Patricia C. Albers
Patricia Clare Ingham
Patricia Cleland
Patricia Collins, Pellissippi State
Patricia Cooper, University of Kentucky, retired
Patricia Croft
Patricia Cronin, Brooklyn College of The City University of New York
Patricia Dailey, Columbia University
Patricia Dappen, New Mexico Highlands University
Patricia Deines-Marquart, Wellesley College
Patricia Deldin, University of Michigan
Patricia Diart
Patricia Dorsey Nanoff, St. Catherine University
Patricia Dudley
Patricia Fancher, University of California Santa Barbara
Patricia Favors
Patricia Fero, University of Michigan
Patricia Fetters Sundeen
Patricia Friel
Patricia G. Romero
Patricia Geller
Patricia Griffin
Patricia Heavener
Patricia Heilman, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Patricia Herminghouse, Professor emerita, University of Rochester
Patricia Holt, CU Boulder
Patricia Hopkins Lattin, Retired, Brooklyn College of CUNY
Patricia Hornak, College of Mount St. Joseph
Patricia J. Finley, Artist
Patricia J. Brumbaugh
Patricia J. Ullman, Dalhousie University Law School
Patricia Jennings, University of Virginia
Patricia Joan Simpson Smith, LCPC
Patricia K. Perrone
Patricia K. Doyle, MT-BC
Patricia Katsky, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Patricia Kelley
Patricia Kinser, Virginia Commonwealth University
Patricia Kitt
Patricia Kobe, Retired elementary school teacher
Patricia Kyrk
Patricia L Hickman, University of Hawaii, Emeritus Professor
Patricia Levine
Patricia M. Carlson, Illinois State University (retired)
Patricia Maher
Patricia Martin
Patricia Matteson, Independent Scholar
Patricia Maxwell
Patricia McClelland Miller
Patricia McGinnis, University of Idaho
Patricia McNamara McPherson, University of Michigan-Dearborn, & Wayne State University, Detroit
Patricia McSweeney Arenth, University of Pittsburgh
Patricia Morrow
Patricia Mumby
Patricia N. Klingenberg, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Patricia Noble, College of Lake County
Patricia O’Brien, University of Illinois – Chicago
Patricia O’Mealey, MA
Patricia Pettijohn, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Patricia Pierson, University of California, Irvine
Patricia Potter
Patricia R. Cardozo, Department of Women’s Studies, San Diego State University
Patricia R. Zimmermann, Ithaca College
Patricia Richards, UGA
Patricia Roberts
Patricia Rodriguez, Ithaca College
Patricia Rodriguez, M.S.
Patricia S. Schwadron
Patricia Shehan Campbell
Patricia Sherman
Patricia Shine, Lyndon State College
Patricia Sloane-White, University of Delaware
Patricia Stadelman Urdzik, University of North Texas
Patricia Strauch
Patricia Theiss-Nyland, San Francisco State University
Patricia Tilburg, Davidson College
Patricia Ulbrich, University of Pittsburgh, Visiting Scholar
Patricia Valentyn
Patricia Van Diest
Patricia Vigder, MD
Patricia Walsh
Patricia Welsh Droz, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Patricia West
Patricia Whalen
Patricia White, Swarthmore College
Patricia Williams
Patrick Baltazar, Akamai University
Patrick Berger
Patrick Chappelle, Kingdomz X Arts & Entertainment
Patrick Grizzell
Patrick Grzanka, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Patrick Hasburgh
Patrick Mahaffey, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Patrick O’Connor
Patrick Proctor, Boston College
Patrick Query
Patrick Tschida, Walden University College of Health Sciences
Patrycja Humienik, University of Colorado-Denver
Patsy Bjork
Patsy Griffin-Young
Patsy Williamson, Professor of English, Community College of Allegheny County
Patti Stober
Patty Culbertson, Activist
Patty D. Mendoza
Patty Smith
Patty Stokes, Ohio University
Paul Bartels
Paul Booth, DePaul University
Paul D. Jackson, University of Maryland, College Park
Paul Dolan
Paul G. Kreuzer, Lehman College/CUNY (retired)
Paul Marini
Paul McDermott
Paul O’Halloran, University of Melbourne
Paul Tubig, University of Washington
Paula A. Magee, Indiana University – Indianapolis
Paula A. Michaels
Paula Benson
Paula Birnbaum, University of San Francisco
Paula Cisewski
Paula Cobia, Attorney
Paula Duzinski
Paula Finn
Paula Gândara, Miami University
Paula Gutlove, Simmons College, School of Management
Paula Higgins, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Paula J. Del Prete, Framingham Public Schools
Paula Kagan, DePaul University
Paula Lombardo
Paula M. Rayman, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Paula Marie Seniors, Phd, Associate Professor Africana Studies, Virginia Tech
Paula R. Rhodes, International Human Rights Educator, Advocate & Attorney
Paula R. Elliott
Paula Schermerhorn
Paula Shafransky
Paula Silva
Paula Spears
Paula Tognarelli
Paula Treharne
Paula Webster
Paula Yoder, LivingStone International University
Paulette Feeney
Paulette Taylor
Pauline “Polly” Lytle, Associate Professor, American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, SFBA
Pauline Lipman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Pauline Martinelli
Pauline Smolin, University of Cincinnati, retired
Pavithra Prasad, California State University, Northridge
Pavithra Vasudevan, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Peg Crilly, Drew University Theological School Alumni
Peg McKinley
Peggy A. Sissel, Ed.D., Founder and CEO, Words To Grow On, LLC.
Peggy Aker
Peggy Anders
Peggy Ann Berry, PhD, RN, MSN, COHN-S, SPHR-CSP
Peggy Campo, Norco College/RCCD
Peggy Chinn, Advances in Nursing Science, Editor
Peggy Delaney
Peggy Dimock
Peggy Dylan
Peggy Gould, Sarah Lawrence College
Peggy Howland
Peggy L. Murray
Peggy Lemanski
Peggy M.Clarke, Corpus Christi Independent School District
Peggy Mangan, RN
Peggy McCollum
Peggy McCracken, University of Michigan
Peggy Palmer
Peggy Paver, Homer Council on the Arts
Peggy Walker
Penelope Boyer
Penelope Lloyd, Researcher
Penelope Parmes
Penelope Stowell
Pennie Leggett, MFT Colorado River Indian Tribes
Penny B. Jameson, Ph.D.
Penny Breiman
Penny Cash
Penny Ghinaudo
Penny Howell Jolly, Skidmore College
Penny M. Freedman, Florida Psychoanalytic Institute
Penny Mason
Penny Pasque
Penny Perkins, University of North Florida
Penny Seay, University of Texas at Austin and Iliff School of Theology
Penny Slezak
Penny Von Eschen, Cornell University, Department of History
Perry Bard, Pratt Institute
Perry Berkowitz, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership (retired) The College of Saint Rose
Perry Threlfall
Peter Albert Casanave, PolyArtist, University of New Orleans
Peter Appelbaum, Arcadia University
Peter Brooks, Princeton University
Peter Gunther
Peter Lloyd
Peter M. Newlove, University of Colorado Denver
Peter Odell Campbell, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh
Peter P. C. Carlson, California Lutheran University
Peter Simonson, University of Colorado Boulder
Peter H. Sporn, MD, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine
Peter Takács, Oberlin College
Peter Taubman
Petra Kuppers, University of Michigan
Petra Mutch
Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, Ithaca College
Phebe Szatmari, Director, Cinematographer, Performer, Writer
Phil Smith, Eastern Michigan University
Philip Classen, Ph.D., C. Psych.
Philip Krieg
Philip Lynch, Artist
Philip M. Kayal, Ph.D., Seton Hall University
Philip Sugden, Professor of Art, Bluffton University
Phillipe Copeland, Boston University School of Social Work
Phoebe Bronstein
Phoebe Carroll
Phoebe Lickwar
Phoebe Wooding
Phoenix Perry, Goldsmiths University of London
Phyllis B. Frank
Phyllis B. Kriegel
Phyllis Harjo Nabilsi
Phyllis Hey
Phyllis K. Boyajian
Phyllis M. Gropp, Queens University, MFA
Phyllis Meiners, Author & Publisher, Multicultural Grant Guides
Phyllis Mollen
phyllis Rackin, University of Pennsylvania
Phyllis Russo Petito
Phyllis Schneider, Professor Emerita
Phyllis Stein
Pia Lindquist Wong, Sacramento State University
Pierre Van der Steichel
Pina Holway
Piotr Orloff
Pippa Wainwright
Pius Zaleski
Pixie Alexander
Piya Chatterjee, FGSS, Scripps College
Polina Kehayova
Polli A. Goen
Polly Attwood, Northeastern University
Polly Kellogg, retired, St. Cloud State University and OccupyMN
Prabu Vasan
Precious Duncan
Premilla Nadasen, Barnard College
Preston McClanahan, RI School of Design
Priscilla B. Perez
Priscilla Carrier
Priscilla Day, University of Minnesota
Priscilla Dowden-White, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Priscilla Murolo, Sarah Lawrence College
Priscilla Sakezles, University of Akron
Priscilla Yamin, University of Oregon
Priya Lal, Boston College
priya sen
Priyanka Anne Jacob, The College of Wooster
Professor Jutta Weldes, University of Bristol
Prudence A. Moylan, Professor emerita, Loyola University Chicago
Prudence Browne, Teachers for Social Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago
Punam Khosla
Puneet Gill
Purabi Basu, Nari Magazine, New York, NY
Q. Tien Le, University of Southern California
Queen Meccasia Zabriskie
Quincy Mills, Vassar College
Quinn Montana, University of Arkansas
R. Danielle Egan, St. Lawrence University & The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
R. Ruth Linden
Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Arab & Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, San Francisco State University
Rabbi Nina Mandel
Rabi’a Keeble, MAsc.
Rachael Baskind
Rachael Carnes
Rachael Groner
Rachael Postman, Oregon Health & Science University
Rachael Rice, Artist
Rachel Ablow, SUNY Buffalo
Rachel Alicia Griffin, University of Utah
Rachel Berman, Ryerson University
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Emerita, Temple University
Rachel Blum, Miami University of Ohio
Rachel Bridges Whaley
Rachel Brown, Mount Holyoke College
Rachel DeMotts, University of Puget Sound
Rachel Devlin, Rutgers University
Rachel Dickstein
Rachel Flores
Rachel Francisco, University of Michigan
Rachel Gisewhite Svatek
Rachel Harcourt
Rachel Heiman, The New School
Rachel Ida Buff
Rachel Kennedy-Smith, Columbia University
Rachel Korach Howell
Rachel Kranson, University of Pittsburgh
Rachel Kudrick
Rachel L. Martin
Rachel Lee
Rachel León
Rachel Levitsky, Belladonna Collaborative, Pratt Institute
Rachel Macor
Rachel Mattson
Rachel May, Northern Michigan University
Rachel Mayeri, Harvey Mudd College
Rachel Maynard, East Tennessee State University
Rachel Mazique, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rachel Millner
Rachel Mulder
Rachel Owens, SUNY Purchase College
Rachel Parker, Artist
Rachel Rosenbloom, Northeastern University School of Law
Rachel Rothenberg, University of Washington
Rachel Rubin, American Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston
Rachel Rubin, University of Illinois at Chicago
Rachel S. Harris, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Rachel Schneider, Missouri S&T
Rachel Sherman, New School for Social Research
Rachel Slocum
Rachel Stonebrook, University of Houston
Rachel Sweeney, Liverpool Hope University
Rachel Verhagen, Norco College
Rachel Wagner, Ithaca College
Rachel Weil, Cornell University
Rachel Whidden, Lake Forest College
Rachel Youn, Washington University in St. Louis
Rachelle Berry, Syracuse University
Rachelle Marion
Racquel Brown, DNP
Radha Chitta
Radhika Balakrishnan, Rutgers University
Radhika Natarajan
Radine M. Green
Rae Ferguson, University of Rhode Island
Rae Shaw
Ragnhild Utheim, Purchase College, SUNY
Raina Egan, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Raissa DeSmet, University of Washington, Bothell
Rajani Bhatia, University at Albany
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, New York University
Raji Vallury, University of New Mexico
Ralf Youtz, Mathematics, Portland Community College
Ralph Escalera
Rama Mantena, University of Illinois at Chicago
Ramona Paetzold, Texas A & M University
Ramona R. Santa Maria, SUNY Buffalo State
Rana A. Emerson
Randall Cumberworth
Randi Allison
Randi Simon
Ranjana Varghese
Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith, Binational Migration Institute, University of Arizona
Rasha Jarhum, Aspen New Voices Fellow
Rashida K. Braggs
Ray Barcia, Disabilities Theatre Project
Ray Johns
Ray LeBlanc, George Mason University
Raymond J. Cormier
Raymond Sage, Penn State University
Raymundo Quezada, Grossmont College
Rayna Rapp, New York University
ReAnna S. Roby, University of Texas at San Antonio
Reb Huggins, University of Utah, alumnus
Rebeca Burciaga, San José State University
Rebecca A. Fowles OTR, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Rebecca A. Goldstein
Rebecca Allan, Artist/Educator, The College of Mount Saint Vincent
Rebecca Amato, NYU
Rebecca Anderson, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
Rebecca Anne Goetz, New York University
Rebecca Bartel, San Diego State University
Rebecca Baughman Kerns
Rebecca Blackwell
Rebecca Busanich, Plymouth State University
Rebecca Cecere Seward
Rebecca Christie
Rebecca Copeland
Rebecca Covarrubias
Rebecca Crane
Rebecca Dhand
Rebecca Dolinsky
Rebecca Dunham, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Rebecca Ewert, University of Chicago
Rebecca Fielding-Miller, University of California, San Diego
Rebecca Fitkin
Rebecca Flynn
Rebecca Garrison Ward
Rebecca Geraldi, Sonoma State University
Rebecca Gill, Massey University
Rebecca Gimeno
Rebecca Golden Timsar, University of Houston
Rebecca Harnett, Master social science RMIT
Rebecca Harvey, Southern CT State University
Rebecca Harvey, University of Florida
Rebecca Hensley, Southeastern Louisiana University
Rebecca Hoggard, Arizona State University
Rebecca J Stone, MSCCC
Rebecca Jean Emigh, Professor, Sociology, UCLA
Rebecca Knittel, San Diego City College
Rebecca Krasner
Rebecca L. Stein, Duke University
Rebecca Light, New York University
Rebecca Littman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Rebecca M. Thomas, Doctoral Candidate, Social Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno
Rebecca Mark, Tulane University
Rebecca McMillan
Rebecca Messbarger, Washington University
Rebecca Millsop, University of Rhode Island
Rebecca Mitchell
Rebecca Moore, San Diego State University, Emerita
Rebecca N. Ruhlen, Davidson College
Rebecca Olerich, CUNY
Rebecca Oswald, Composer and pianist
Rebecca Oxley
Rebecca Paije Long
Rebecca Paugh
Rebecca Raab, Virginia Tech
Rebecca Razavi, Montgomery College, Germantown, MD
Rebecca Rice, Dean College
Rebecca Ropers-Huilman, University of Minnesota
Rebecca Rubin, Kent State University
Rebecca Schindler, DePauw University
Rebecca Steele
Rebecca Steinbach
Rebecca Stoddart, Saint Mary’s College-Notre Dame IN
Rebecca Valero
Rebecca Vandergoot
Rebecca Vilkomerson, Jewish Voice for Peace
Rebecca Visscher
Rebecca Wade-Rancourt, Western Connecticut State University
Rebecca Warfield, UNC Wilmington
Rebecca Watters
Rebecca Wisor, Columbia University
Rebecca Woods, Southern Maine Community College
Rebecca Zellar
Rebecca Zorach, Northwestern University
Rebeccah Ulm
Rebekah E. Sims, Purdue University
Rebekah Farrugia
Rebekah Qualls
Rebekah Sheldon, Indiana University
Rebekah White, PhD
Rechelle Paranal
Reed Danziger
Reehana R. Raza, Adjunct Faculty, GWU
Reena N. Goldthree, Dartmouth College
Reena Panikar
Reenie Arnold, WWCC, Clarkston Campus
Regan Clark, Hollins University
Regena Farnsworth, University of New Brunswick
Regina Akok
Regina Buccola, Roosevelt University
Regina Case, artist
Regina Figueroa, MHC alumna, University of California Riverside
Regina Freer, Occidental College
Regina Langhout, University of California at Santa Cruz
Regina Marshall, PhD
Regina Taylor
Regine Michelle Jean-Charles, Boston College, Romance Languages & Literatures African & African Diaspora Studies
Rei Magosaki, Chapman University
Reine Rambert, Georgetown University
Renae Bredin, Cal State Fullerton, Women & Gender Studies
Renate Bridenthal, Professor of History (retired) Brooklyn College, CUNY
Rene Andersen
Rene Chapman, University of Texas at Dallas
Renee Ann Cramer, Drake University
Renee Camille Hatcher, University of Baltimore- School of Law
Renee Danger-James
Renée Gherity
Renee Gosson, Bucknell University
Renee H Guillory
Renee Kingcaid, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame
Renee Lansley
Renee M. Sentilles
Renee Nadon
Renee Nashtut
Renee Romano, Oberlin College
Renee Sills
Renee Woolley, Student at University of Texas-Austin
Renida Taylor
Renny Golden, Northeastern Illinois University, Emerita
Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt, Linfield College
Retchenda George-Bettisqorth
Rev. Bobbie McGarey, New Life Presbyterian Church, ABQ, NM
Rev. Cheryl Jordan
Rev. Dr Ilene Brenner Dunn
Rev. Dr Patricia A. Kenney
Rev. Joanne Stoughton
Rev. Posey Krakowsky, Union Theological Seminary
Rev. Sheri Randolph, First Congregational UCC, Barstow, CA
Rev. Amy A. Bruch
Rev. Anne Clement M.Div, Elder, United Methodist Church, Retired
Rev. Anne Dunlap, Community Minister for Racial Justice & Solidarity; Adjunct Faculty, Iliff School of Theology
Rev. BebbWheeler Stone, PhD.
Rev. Bruce Russell-Jayne
Rev. Carole Parmeter Dyer
Rev. Carolyn Bullard
Rev. Deb Oskin, Living Peace Church of the Brethren
Rev. Diane Dougherty, ARCWP, Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests
Rev. Dianne Olson Easdon, Evangelical Reformed Congregational Church
Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, Judson Memorial Church
Rev. Dr. Julie Kain
Rev. Dr. Leanne M. Tigert
Rev. Dr. Margaret J. Marks, Center for Spiritual Living Tampa Bay
Rev. Dr. Nadine Rosechild Sullivan, Temple University
Rev. Dr. Sharon A. Wozencraft
Rev. Elizabeth Macaulay
Rev. Elizabeth Reed
Rev. Hollis Whiting, Centers for Spiritual Living
Rev. Jennifer G. Kivikko
Rev. Joan M. Newcomb, CPC
Rev. Kelli Clement, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, Assistant Minister
Rev. Larry T. Crudup, M.Div., Ph.D Student at Union Institute & University
Rev. Laurie Bushbaum
Rev. Lola P. Wright, Bodhi Spiritual Center
Rev. Margaret Shannon
Rev. Michele R. Shields, University of California San Francisco
Rev. Patricia L. Liberty
Rev. S. Lori Stewart, San Diego State University
Rev. Sally Wile
Rev. Sharon Solt Harfman, Pastor, United Church of Christ
Rev. Peter Owen jones, Priest and Author
Reverend Karen Do’on Weik, Great Heartland Sangha
Reverend Roselyn Gander
Rhea Anastas, University of California, Irvine
Rhea Hirshman, University of Connecticut – Stamford branch
Rhen Miles, Portland State University
Rhiannon Graybill, Rhodes College
Rhiannon Maton, University of Pennsylvania
Rhona Jacobs, RN
Rhona Silverbush
Rhonda Alterson, RN, MEd
Rhonda Blackburn
Rhonda Blair, Southern Methodist University
Rhonda Duncalf
Rhonda J Greenhaw, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Rhonda McIntosh
Rhonda Pagnozzi
Rhonda Peeples
Rhonda Rosenheck, Former instructor, JTSA Davidson School of Jewish Education
Rhonda Shrum, University of MO-St. Louis
Rhonda Snyder
Rhonda Welch, MS, PT
Rhonda Y. Williams
Rianne Subijanto, Baruch College, CUNY
Ricardo Dominguez, UCSD
Rich Grossmann
Richa Nagar
Richard A. Lynch
Richard Dean, California State University Los Angeles
Richard E. Harder
Richard Grusin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Richard Hoffman, Emerson College
Richard J. Beauchesne, Professor Emeritus, Emmanuel College, Boston
Richard Kline, University of Wisconsin
Richard Meyer, University of New Mexico
Richelle Frabotta, Miami University, The College of Education, Health and Society
Ricia Anne Chansky, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Rick Ayers, Teacher Education, University of San Francisco
Rick McDonald, Utah Valley University
Rick Rice
Ricki Goldman, New York University
Rickie Solinger
Rie Schur
Rikki Liff
Rima D. Apple, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rima Grad
Rima Segal
Rina Benmayor, California State University Monterey Bay
Rinda West, Oakton Community College, Emerita
Risa Cromer, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Risa Shaw, Gallaudet University
Risë Taylor
Riss Rosado
Rita Ashman
Rita Callahan
Rita Cano Alcalá, Scripps College
Rita Grinbergs
Rita Heise
Rita Kohli, University of California, Riverside
Rita Liberti, California State University, East Bay
Rita M. Rice, Salem College
Rita R. Handrich, PhD
Rita Valenti, RN
Ritch Calvin, SUNY Stony Brook
Ritty Lukose
Rivkah Lapidus, Ph.D., Fielding Graduate University, alumna
Rob Johnson, Professor of Fine Arts, Cypress College
Rob Nixon
Robbie McHardy, Louisiana State University
Robbie Paul
Robbin Novak, MS, The New School University
Robbin Pearce
Robert A. Carillo
Robert Barton
Robert Berkow
Robert Brockman
Robert C. Frederick, Poet
Robert C. Nesbitt
Robert D. LaRue, Jr.
Robert Deering
Robert E. Gutsche, Jr, Florida International University
Robert H. Price, Thomas Edison State College
Robert Hickman, Hunter College
Robert J. Helfenbein, Loyola University Maryland
Robert Mejia, North Dakota State University
Robert Nagle
Robert Neustadt, Northern Arizona University
Robert Orr
Robert Orsi, Northwestern University
Robert Perkinson, University of Hawai’i
Robert Pfeiffer
Robert Schneck
Robert Sember, The New School
Robert T. Palmer, PhD, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Howard University
Robert W. Lake, Rutgers University
Robert Weston, Bard College
Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman, Jewish History Museum / Holocaust History Center
Roberta Carroll Sallee
Roberta Colindrez, Texas State University
Roberta Couver
Roberta Degnore, PhD
Roberta Kroll
Roberta Levine, Allegheny College
Roberta Mock, University of Plymouth (UK)
Roberta Morris, Art Institute of California
Roberta Salper, Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center
Roberta Scholes
Roberta Taylor
Roberta Turner
Roberto Gurza, LMFT, Jefferson Center for Mental Health
Robie Flores, New York University
Robin A. Anderson, St. Ambrose University
Robin Adèle Greeley, University of Connecticut
Robin Anderson, Seoul National University
Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Robin Atlas
Robin Banks, Equal Opportunity Tasmania
Robin Becker, Penn State University
Robin Bernstein, Harvard University
Robin Brooks, University of Pittsburgh
Robin Carstensen, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Robin Cottingham, Hofstra University School of Law
Robin D. G. Kelley, UCLA
Robin Dargie
Robin DeRosa, Plymouth State University
Robin DiAngelo, University of Washington
Robin Dusek
Robin Gabriel
Robin Glaser
Robin Griffin, Truckee Meadows Community College
Robin H Lovrien
Robin Hackett, University of New Hampshire
Robin Hansen Church, MS, Western Michigan University
Robin Holloway, Wake Forest University
Robin Izer, Poet, Terra Firma Books
Robin J. Hayes, PhD, The New School
Robin Jarrell, Independent Scholar
Robin Kear, University of Pittsburgh
Robin L. Turner, Butler University
Robin LaSota
Robin Leigh Anderson
Robin M. Boylorn, University of Alabama
Robin M. Wilson, University of Michigan
Robin McGinty, CUNY Graduate Center
Robin Metcalfe, Saint Mary’s University
Robin Miller, Humboldt State University
Robin Podolsky
Robin Rada, Illinois State University
Robin Root
Robin Simon, Wake Forest University
Robin Thurston
Robin Walker Sterling, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law
Robin White
Robin White, Nicholls State University
Robin Wines
Robin Zheng, Yale-NUS College
Robin, Central Iowa Psychological Services
Robyn Breiman
Robyn C. Spencer, Lehman College, CUNY
Robyn Hicks
Robyn Muncy, University of Maryland, College Park
Robyn Powell
Robyn, State University of New York at Albany
Rochel L. Gasson, Duquesne University
Rochelle Brock, University North Carolina Greensboro
Rochelle Elman
Rochelle Feinstein, Yale University
Rochelle Gold, University of Southern California
Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center
Rochelle Lewis
Rochelle Rives, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
Rochelle Stackhouse, Yale University
Rod Hetzel, Baylor University
Rod Metts, California State University San Bernardino
Roderick A. Ferguson, University of Illinois, Chicago
Roderick McGillis, University of Calgary – Emeritus
Rodger Guerrero, Pasadena City College
Rodney Collins, Independent Scholar, Corporate Anthropologist
Roger Mills
Roger Stahl, University of Georgia
Rohit Sharma
Rolda Darlington, University of Florida
Ron Therrio
Rona Barrett, CEO Rona Barrett Foundation
Rona Hayes
Rona L. Holub, Former Director Women’s History Graduate Program, Sarah Lawrence College
Ronak K. Kapadia, University of Illinois at Chicago
Ronald F. Levant, The University of Akron
Ronald Grele, Emeritus, Columbia University
Ronald L. Jackson II, University of Cincinnati
Ronald Levant
Ronald W. Bouchane
Roni Rose
Ronna Lebo
Ronnee Schreiber, San Diego State University
Ronni Alexander, Kobe University
Ronni Sanlo, UCLA
Ronnie Grinberg, University of Oklahoma
Ronnie Thibault University of Washington
Roopika Risam, Salem State University
Rosa A. Eberly, Penn State University
Rosa Alicia Clemente, 2008 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate
Rosa Squillacote, CUNY Hunter College and Graduate Center
Rosalie Blowe
Rosalie Harman
Rosalie Riegle, Saginaw Valley State University Emerita
Rosalina Diaz, Medgar Evers College (CUNY)
Rosalind Fredericks, New York University
Rosalind Petchesky, Hunter College & the Graduate Center – CUNY
Rosalind R. Jorn
Rosalind Song, Author
Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Professor Emeritus, University of California Santa Cruz
Rosalyn Taylor
Rosalyn Terborg-Penn, University Professor Emerita, Morgan State University
Rosana Ybarra, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Rosanda Richards-Ellsworth, Professor Emerita Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville
Rosane Chamecki, choreographer/artist
Rosanne Awbrey
Rosanne Wasserman, Dr., United States Merchant Marine Academy
Rosario Caicedo
Rose Brant
Rose Brenton
Rose Brewer, University of Minnesota
Rose Elizabeth Rohrer, University of New Mexico
Rose Jackson Buckley, Indiana University
Rose Reyes
Rose Trefz
Roseann Hannon, University of the Pacific
Roseanna J. Coates, Western Carolina University
Roseanne Giannini Quinn
Roseanne Mirabella, Seton Hall University
Rosebud Ben-Oni, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Rosemarie Dombrowski, Arizona State University
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Rosemarie Harris, Artist, Chef, Psychotherapist
Rosemary A. Herrick
Rosemary Bray McNatt
Rosemary Callahan, RaWR- Radical Women’s Resistance
Rosemary Cohen, Artist
Rosemary Getsie, University of Colorado, Retired
Rosemary Krawczyk, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Rosemary Nickerson, Hagerstown Community College
Rosemary P. Carbine, Whittier College
Rosemary R. Corbett
Rosemary Reilly, Associate Professor, Concordia University
Rosemary Tottosy
Rosemary Williams, St. Cloud State University
Rosemary Wright, Kawasaki University, Japan (ret)
Rosie Ditre, Emory University
Rosie Miles, Reader in English Literature and Pedagogy, University of Wolverhampton, UK
Roslyn Feldberg, Independent Scholar
Roslyn Fraser Schoen
Rowena Kennedy-Epstein, University of Bristol
Rowena Tomaneng, University of San Francisco
Rowena Williamson, author
Rowshan Nemazee
Roxanna Maria
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Roxanne Samer, University of Southern California
Roxanne Willis, PhD
Roy Herndon Smith
Roy John Wheelock
Roy Pérez, Willamette University
Roz Goudeau, LCSW, ACSW, MA
Roz Kovel
Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández, University of Toronto
Ruby C. Tapia
Ruby Gilmore, BSW
Ruby Gold
Ruby Kirk Nancy, PhD student, East Carolina University
Rudean Leinaeng
Rufiya Blank
Rupal Oza, Hunter College, CUNY
Rupaleem Bhuyan, University of Toronto
Russ Varcoe
Ruta Sevo, Writer
Ruth and Bruce Beal
Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers University Law School
Ruth Belda
Ruth Bortzfield
Ruth Fleury-Steiner, University of Delaware
Ruth Goldman, Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo State
Ruth Goldstein, Harvard University
Ruth Hayes, The Evergreen State College
Ruth J. Heflin
Ruth Leitman, Columbia College Chicago
Ruth Lijtmaer
Ruth Madeira-Hahne
Ruth Mazur, Artist
Ruth Messinger
Ruth Milkman, CUNY Graduate Center
Ruth Neese
Ruth Perry
Ruth Polcari, Composer/Musician
Ruth Powers Silverberg, CUNY College of Staten Island
Ruth Rosen, University of California
Ruth Sergel
Ruth Sower, Emerita Professor, Holy Family University
Ruth Stuckel, CSJ
Ruth T. Gilbert
Ruth Tsuria, Texas A & M University
Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Ruthann Godollei, Macalester College
Ruthanne RanzAppell, Boston University, Cooper Union, University of California, San Francisco
Ruthe Thompson, Southwest Minnesota State University
Ryan Ashley Caldwell, Soka University
Ryan Farmer, Western Kentucky University
Ryan Hammond, Artist / Researcher, Baltimore Underground Science Space
Ryan J. Cox, Keyano College
Ryan Louis, Ottawa University
Ryan O’Connor, LadyWatch
Ryan O’Malley, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
S. Rivka Levy, MSW
S. Woodruff
S. Patel
S. Topiary Landberg, University of California, Santa Cruz
S.D., artist
Sabina Vaught, Tufts University
Sabrina Beck
Sabrina Golf
Sabrina Herman, LICSW
Sabrina Medeiros
Sabrina Slagowski-Tipton
Sadia Abbas
Saelon Renkes
Sae-Mi Lee, Ithaca College
Safiya U. Noble, UCLA
Safron Rossi, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Sage Morgan-Hubbard
Sahar Sadjadi, Amherst College
Saidiya Hartman, Columbia University
Saisha Grayson, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Salamishah Tillet, University of Pennsylvania
Saleem Adam Wolter
Sallie McFague, Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sally Ades, Grossmont College, San Diego
Sally Anne Corcoran
Sally B. Baer
Sally Brown Johnson, University of Colorado
Sally Chaffee
Sally Davis
Sally Ember, Ed.D.
Sally Haines
Sally Harrison-Pepper, Emeritus Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Sally Haslanger, MIT
Sally J. Robertson, Georgia State University
Sally Livingston, Ohio Wesleyan University
Sally M. Dobyns, Ph. D.
Sally Nemeth, Loyola Marymount University
Sally Noland MacNichol
Sally Pestana, University of Hawaii
Sally Roesch Wagner, Syracuse University
Sally Rose, emeritus, Central Michigan University
Sally Schmidt
Sally Weare
Sally Young, B.A., Austin College
Salman Alzowibi, University of Denver
Salome Chasnoff, School of the Art Institute
Sam Beck, Cornell University
Sam Bloom
Sam Bullington, University of Colorado, Boulder
Sam Jacobson, Willamette University, College of Law (retired)
Sam Perlo-Freeman
Sam Sumpter, University of Washington
Samantha Bassler, New York University
Samantha Beresid
Samantha Blumenfeld, Artist
Samantha Day, Optometrist Association of Australia
Samantha Harvey, Educator, MS, Special Education
Samantha Jennings, Dr.,TCM
Samantha Krukowski, University of Cincinnati
Samantha Langsdale
Samantha R. Gerdes, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Samantha Scully
Samantha Sepulveda, University of Kansas
Samantha Simon, University of Washington
Samantha Stuart
Samantha Tatters
Samantha Theisen
Samantha Vandermeade, Arizona State University, Gender Studies
Samantha Zabel, College of Southern Maryland
Samara Anderson
Samara Flener
Samer M. Ali, University of Michigan
Sami Schalk, University at Albany, SUNY
Samirah Amantullah, Temple University
Samirah Franklin
Sammy Sass
Samuel Davis
Samuel Patrick O’Donnell Jr.
Sandee D. Kosmo
Sandhya Jha, Author
Sandi Clement, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Sandi Cooper, Professor emerita, College of Staten Island and The Graduate School — CUNY
Sandi Zeigler
Sandie Holguin, University of Oklahoma
Sandie Reed, California State University Long Beach
Sandra A. Wawrytko, San Diego State University
Sandra Alvarez, Chapman University
Sandra Burkhart
Sandra Camomile, Associate Professor, La Salle University
Sandra Carlo, Wichita State University
Sandra Carpenter, Indiana University Bloomington
Sandra Carpenter, Indiana University, Gender Studies
Sandra Cointreau
Sandra E. Greene
Sandra Feder, Sacramento City College
Sandra Haggard, University of Maine system
Sandra Haness
Sandra Hawkyard
Sandra Herendeen Adams
Sandra Howland, UMass Boston and NSCC
Sandra J. Holstein, Professor Emerita, Southern Oregon University
Sandra Linton, Florida State University
Sandra Lofton, Library Media Specialist
Sandra McGee Deutsch, University of Texas at El Paso
Sandra Miller
Sandra Mullings
Sandra Musser, Philadelphia College of Bible
Sandra Patton-Imani, Drake University
Sandra Peterson-Hardt, Russell Sage College
Sandra S. Jones
Sandra Schmidt, Teachers College, Columbia University
Sandra Shattuck, Pima Community College
Sandra Silberstein, University of Washington
Sandra Simonds, Assistant Professor, Thomas University
Sandra Spencer, University of North Texas, retired
Sandra Summers, Kansas City Art Institute, Artist
Sandra Tomc
Sandra Turner, Fordham University
Sandra Videgar, Syracuse University
Sandra Whittington Schwartz, Retired from Blue Rige Elementary School
Sandra Wimer, Union College
Sandra Workman
Sandrea Gonzales MA, LPCC, Former Director, University of New Mexico Women’s Center
Sandrine Emmanuelle Catris, Augusta University
Sandrine Sanos
Sandy Asher
Sandy Da Costa, McMaster University
Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Rutgers University
Sandy Hawke
Sandy Konstantinidis
Sandy Leotti, Portland State University
Sandy Mathis
Sandy Placido, University of Pennsylvania
Sandy Sampson, Portland Community College
Sangi Ravichandran, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sanjukta Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Women’s and Gender Studies, DePaul University
Santina Amato, MFA Candidate, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sara Brandon
Sara Brill, Fairfield University
Sara Brophy Alexander, University of California, Davis
Sara Byczek, Wayne State University
Sara Childers, Ohio State University
Sara Christensen
Sara Cordes, Boston College
Sara Dalziel
Sara Danielle Reiss, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Sara Diaz, Fairfield University
Sara Dubow, Williams College
Sara Freeman, University of Puget Sound
Sara George
Sara Glennon, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
Sara Goodkind
Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt, MA, Therapist/Clinician, MHA of Greater Lowell, formerly Montclair State University
Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Hampshire College
Sara Hunsucker, Artist
Sara Jane Luckey
Sara Janjigian Trifiro, AOWA
Sara Kallock
Sara L. Cantwell, SUNY Potsdam
Sara Lampert, University of South Dakota
Sara Lawton
Sara Lee Macdonald
Sara Lennox, University of Massachusetts Amherst (retired)
Sara Lyons, Carnegie Mellon University
Sara Matthiesen, Brown University
Sara McClelland, University of Michigan
Sara Parcesepe
Sara Pugach, Cal State LA
Sara Radoff, University of California Santa Cruz
Sara Rezvi, Doctoral Student, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sara Ritsch, Louisiana State University
Sara Sanders
Sara Saveanu, University of Miami
Sara Schaff
Sara Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sara Tolbert, University of Arizona
Sara Vogel, CUNY-Graduate Center
Sara Warner, Cornell University
Sara Wilhelm Garbers, United Seminary and Loyola University Chicago
Sara Wrenn, Bennett College, Greensboro NC
Sarah A. Hanson, Georgia State University
Sarah Abrevaya Stein, UCLA
Sarah Adams
Sarah Alexander, LCSW
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Andrea, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
Sarah Appleton, Old Dominion University
Sarah Baer
Sarah Benesch, Professor Emerita, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Sarah Bennett-Green
Sarah Berkeley, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Sarah Bernstein
Sarah Besky, Brown University
Sarah Billingsley, Sacramento State University
Sarah Bingaman
Sarah Bornstein
Sarah Bradley, Portland State University
Sarah Burke
Sarah Burns Gilchrist
Sarah C. Worley, Juniata College
Sarah Carlson Brown
Sarah Church Liebman, Marriage and Family Therapist
Sarah Coderre, Pacific Northwest College of Art
Sarah Cottrell, Writer
Sarah Daugherty, M.F.A.
Sarah Deer, Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Sarah Diaz, Arizona State University
Sarah Dickson Silver, Prescott College
Sarah Drummond
Sarah Duncan, University of Wyoming
Sarah Dziedzic, Independent Scholar
Sarah E. Ullman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sarah E. Watkins, The Ohio State University
Sarah Edgar
Sarah Elaine Smith
Sarah Evans
Sarah F. Land
Sarah Fenstermaker, University of Michigan
sarah filmer, Southampton Solent University
Sarah Fix
Sarah Flagg, Mount Holyoke College & University of Southern Maine
Sarah Foley, Dominican University of California
Sarah Fowler
Sarah Gallagher
Sarah Goomar, University of Michigan
Sarah Gzemski, University of Arizona
Sarah Hairston, The University of Memphis
Sarah Hake
Sarah Haley, UCLA
Sarah Hardie
Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Sarah Herrle, University of Cincinnati
Sarah Howard, University of South Florida
Sarah Hultgren-Lund
Sarah Hwang, Mount Holyoke College
Sarah Irwin, Educator
Sarah J. Jackson, Northeastern University
Sarah Jane Sutterfield, Student at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Sarah Jey Whitehead, The University of Texas at Austin
Sarah Jo Ward, University of Washington
Sarah Jordan Stout, West Virginia University
Sarah Kanouse, Northeastern University
Sarah Kass, Johns Hopkins University
Sarah Katz, Temple University Beasley School of Law
Sarah Kremer, Notre Dame de Namur University
Sarah Lewis
Sarah M. Brokke
Sarah M. Jordon
Sarah Marcus-Donnelly
Sarah Marshall, University of Memphis
Sarah Matthews, Aquinas College/Grand Valley State Univer
Sarah McCaw
Sarah McCoubrey, Syracuse University
Sarah McKereghan
Sarah McNabb
Sarah Miller-Davenport, University of Sheffield
Sarah N. MacDougall, Fielding Graduate University
Sarah O’Brien, Graduate Student, Iliff School of Theology
Sarah Peterson, University of Washington
Sarah Pinto, Tufts University
Sarah Poole
Sarah Raskin, Trinity College
Sarah Reinbrecht
Sarah Richards-Desai
Sarah Rose, M.Ed.
Sarah Ross, Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project
Sarah Salter
Sarah Schlessinger, Long Island University- Brooklyn
Sarah Schmidt, Kent State University
Sarah Schulman, College of Staten Island, City University of New York
Sarah Sedky, Harvey Mudd College
Sarah Sierra, Virginia Tech
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith, SUNY Old Westbury
Sarah Stein, North Carolina State University
Sarah Stever, University of Detroit Mercy
Sarah Stone, Stanford University
Sarah Sullivan
Sarah T. Roberts, UCLA
Sarah Talbot
Sarah Tammen-Gruber, Onarga Academy
Sarah Tobias
Sarah Tyson
Sarah V. Howard
Sarah W Porter
Sarah Wilbur, Brown University
Sarah Zimmerman, Fordham University
Sarah Zuckerman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sarena Gill
Sari Nordman
Saru M. Matambanadzo, Tulane University School of Law
sasha klein, Presidio Graduate School – Student
Saskia van Wees, University of Florida
Saumyashree Ghosh, History, Princeton
Saundra Morris, Bucknell University
Savannah Livengood, Warren Wilson College
Savneet Talwar, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Scarlet Bowen, University of Colorado Boulder
Scarlet Chopin
Scarlet Hughes
Scharie Tavcer, Mount Royal University
Scharmel Roussel
Scott Brown
Scott C. Vigder
Scott I. Kraft
Scott J. Hunter, University of Chicago
Scott LaForce, MFA, Antioch University
Scott Ritchie
Scott Williams
Sé Sullivan, UC Berkeley, GWS
Sean McAllister
Sebastian Donoso, University of Connecticut
Sedona Hill, San Diego State University
Seema Sohi, University of Colorado Boulder
Sekile Nzinga-Johnson
Selina Trepp
Selma Keener
Semya Hakim
Seonjeong Yi (MA candidate), Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seren Brevigleiri, Worcester State University
Serena Barton
Serena Liguori, Herstory Writers Workshop Inc.
Serena Parekh
Serene Jones, Union Theological Seminary
Seth Cluett, Stevens Institute of Technology
Seth Cosimini, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Seth Faulk, Musician, NYC
Setha Low, Graduate Center CUNY
Seyla Benhabib, Yale University
Shadi Roshandel, Dominican University of California
Shali Sanders, Drexel Medical School
Shalini Agrawal, California College of the Arts
Shamara Wyllie Alhassan, Brown University
Shameka Cunningham, Writer
Shana Bernstein, Northwestern University
Shana L. Redmond, University of California, Los Angeles
Shana Minkin
Shana Ryken, CSU, Fort Collins, CO
Shandra Forrest-Bank
Shangrila Joshi Wynn, The Evergreen State College
Shani Beth-Halachmy, National Louis University, Chicago, IL
Shanna Kinzel, California State University Monterey Bay
Shannon Ake
Shannon Carey
Shannon Craigo-Snell, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Shannon D. Simonovich, DePaul University, College of Science & Health
Shannon E. Taylor PhD, North Texas Neuropsychology
Shannon Feather-Scarrow
Shannon Finck, University of West Georgia
Shannon Frystak, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Shannon Gattens
Shannon Griffin
Shannon Kizzia, Kansas State University
Shannon Latkin Anderson, Roanoke College
Shannon Lee Dawdy, University of Chicago
Shannon LeMeune, Rutgers University, NJ, Portland State University, OR
Shannon Lewis
Shannon M. Mussett, Utah Valley University
Shannon Marquardt MA Ed, California State University, Stanislaus
Shannon N. Whitten, University of Central Florida
Shannon Olsen
Shannon Sloan-Soice
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith, College of St Benedict/St John’s University
Shannon Sykes, Kalamazoo City Commission
Shannon Turner, Portland State University
Shannon Walsh, Assistant Professor of Theatre History, LSU
Shannon Weber, Wellesley College
Shannon Winnubst, Ohio State University
Shanon Sterringer, Dr.
Shanti Elliott, Northwestern University
Shanti Parikh, Washington University in St. Louis
Shara LaPointe
Sharad Chari
Sharan Newman, Southern Oregon University
Sharareh Frouzesh, University of California, Irvine
Shari Diamond, The New School
Shari Evans, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Shari Kerr
Shari Meyer
Shari Robinson-Lynk, Simmons College
Shari Tarbet, PhD
Sharika Thiranagama, Stanford University
Sharika Valerio, LMSW, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College
Sharla Fett, Occidental College
Sharlene Sommer
Sharon A. Kowalsky, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Sharon A. Hansen, Emerita Professor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Sharon Achilles, University of Pittsburgh
Sharon Adams
Sharon Arlene Bays, University of California at Los Angeles
Sharon Bailey Glasco, Linfield College
Sharon Bauer
Sharon Besser, Edgewood College
Sharon Bolles, Southern Oregon University
Sharon Brant, FIU
Sharon Carpenter
Sharon Charde
Sharon Crasnow
Sharon Crockett, MS, CMU
Sharon Dean Lee
Sharon Dorame
Sharon Down
Sharon Friedman
Sharon Friedman, New York University
Sharon Galloway
Sharon Gelman
Sharon Green, California State University East Bay (retired)
Sharon Gunther
Sharon Heijin Lee, NYU
Sharon Joy, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
sharon k. robbins
Sharon K. Roth
Sharon Kinoshita, University of California, Santa Cruz
Sharon L. Dormire, Texas A&M University
Sharon L. James, UNC Chapel Hill
Sharon Lamb
Sharon Lasser
Sharon Marzano, NBCT, Chicago Public Schools
Sharon Mazer, Auckland University of Technology
Sharon Meilahn Bartlett, PhD
Sharon Niemczyk
Sharon Northe, Conductor, Hillsboro Symphony
Sharon Riegie Maynard, Sacred Ground Academy
Sharon Rula Backos
Sharon Schneeberger, Stephens College
Sharon Schubmehl
Sharon Sekhon, the Studio for Southern California History
Sharon Sloman
Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith, University of the West Indies, Mona
Sharon Utakis, Bronx Community College, CUNY
Sharon Whitfield
Sharon Wood, Lansing Community College (retired)
Sharona Francis
Sharrona Pearl, The University of Pennsylvania
Sharyn Barson
Sharyn Pulling, Auburn University
Shasta Gaughen, California State University, San Marcos
Shaula Stephenson, MLIS
Shaunna Vella, Saint Mary’s College of California
Shawn Burk
Shawn Chalfin Ochs, American Federation of Teachers
Shawn Flanigan, San Diego State University
Shawn Harmsen
Shawn Rorke-Davis, Founder & Creative Director Emerita, K-12 Outreach, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale AZ
Shawna Bodine
Shawna Carroll, University of Toronto
Shawna Pancharian Yaley
Shaylih Muehlmann, University of British Columbia
Shea Howell, James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership
Sheema Kermani, Tehrik-e-Niswan Cultural Action Group, Karachi, Pakistan
Sheena Malhotra, California State University, Northridge
Shehram Mokhtar, The Fembot Collective, University of Oregon
Sheila Bienenfeld, Professor Emerita, San Jose State University
Sheila Doherty
Sheila E. Schroeder, University of Denver
Sheila Laffey, Santa Monica College
Sheila May-Stein, MLIS
Sheila Meneely
Sheila Nightingale, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Sheila Ray
Sheila Snow-Croft
Sheila Squillante, Chatham University
Sheila Ward
Sheila Young Steinbrenner
Sheina Lew-Levy, University of Cambridge
Shelby M. Balik, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Shelby Schneider
Shelley Errington Nicholson, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Stanford University
Shelley Lee, Oberlin College
Shelley Lowell
Shelley Manis, University of Michigan
Shelley P. Haley, Hamilton College
Shelley Park
Shelley Payne
Shelley Vermilya, Saint Michael’s College
Shelley Wilcox, San Francisco State University
Shellie Zias-Roe, Prescott College
Shelly Erceg
Shelly Gracon
Shelly Jarenski, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Shelly Rodrigue, Poet
Shelly Ronen, New York University
Shelly Silver, Columbia University
Shelly Skye, Cabrillo College
Shennette Garrett-Scott, University of Mississippi
Sher McKinzie, Henry Ford College
Shereen Naser, Cleveland State University
Sheri Bauman, University of Arizona
Sheri Wilner, Boston College
Sheridan Cudworth
Sherie Randolph, Georgia Tech
Sherna Berger Gluck, Emerita, California State University, Long Beach
Sherrill Begres, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Retired
Sherrill Redmon, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, retired
Sherrill Silver
Sherrill Weaver
Sherry B. Ortner, UCLA
Sherry Bowden
Sherry Bowen Gorr
Sherry McCameron Peyton, BA, JD
Sherry McCoy
Sherry Millner, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Sherry Ransford-Ramsdell, Kalamazoo Public Schools, retired
Sherry Sacks, Blue Scarf Collective
Sherry Vatter, CSU, Long Beach
Sherry Watts
Sheryl Holt, University of Mount Union
Shinsuke Eguchi
Shira Dentz, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Shira Robinson, The George Washington University
Shira Segal, University at Albany, SUNY
Shira Tarrant, California State University, Long Beach
Shirin Deylami, Western Washington University
Shirley A. Scritchfield
Shirley Bianchi, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor (retired)
Shirley Carmody
Shirley Domer
Shirley Kirby
Shirley Malove, Smith College
Shirley Wajda, Michigan State University
Shivani Desai, Washington University in St. Louis
Shodo Spring, Mountains and Waters Alliance
Shondrea Thornton, University of California, Los Angeles
Shonnie Finnegan, University at Buffalo, emerita
Shoshana Edwards, Author and Artist
Shruti Rana, Indiana University Bloomington
Shurli Makmillen, Claflin University
Sibel Duzenli, University of Arizona
Sid Ray, Pace University
Sienna Bronson
Sierra Frost, Invitation Wellness LLC
Sigrid Peterson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sigrid Schmalzer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Silas Munro, Otis College of Art and Design
Silk Bess, Fox Valley Pride
Silke Hackenesch
Silvia Malagrino, UIC
Silvia Patricia Solis
Silvia Spitta, Dartmouth College
Silvia Valisa, Florida State University
Sima Matthes
Simanti Lahiri, Villanova University
Simona Sharoni, State University of New York, Plattsburgh
Simone Browne
Simone Kolysh, The CUNY Graduate Center
Simone Oliver
Simone Roberts, Independent Scholar, Split This Rock
Simone Sessolo, University of Michigan
Simrun Dhugga
Sina Kramer
Sinan Goknur, Duke University
Sinead MacLeod
Sinikka Elliott, North Carolina State University
Siobahn Stiles
Siobhan Bredin, National Women’s History Project
Siobhan Carter-David, Southern Connecticut State University
Siobhan Senier, University of New Hampshire
Siobhan Somerville, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Siona Wilson, The College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center, the City University of New York
Sirius B. Turt
Siskanna Naynaha, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Sissy Bradford, Vermont Law School
Skuja Braden, Latvian Art Academy
Skye Daniels
Skye Van Raalte-Herzog
Skylar Borgstrom
Snezana Zabic, Packingtown Review
Socorro Morales, UCLA
Sofia Gonzales
Sofia Huerter, University of Washington
Sofia Varino, Stony Brook University/ Humboldt Universität
Sofya Aptekar, University of Massachusetts Boston
Soha Bayoumi, Harvard University
Solveiga Jurgaityte, DePaul University
Sonali Thakkar, University of Chicago
Sondra Bacharach, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Sondra Graff, Adjunct Associate Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology
Sondra Hale, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Sonia Apgar Begert, Ph.D., Olympic College
Sonia Belliveau
Sonia E. Alvarez, Univeristy of Massachusetts-Amherst
Sonia E. Murrow, Brooklyn College, The City University of New York
Sonia Hofkosh, Tufts University
Sonia Jensen
Sonia Matwin, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Sonia Montoya, University of Maryland, College Park
Sonia Nieto, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Sonita Sarker, Macalester College
Soniya Munshi, CUNY
Sonya Brockman, Adams State University
Sonya Fix, Columbus College of Art & Design
Sonya Huber
Sonya M. Alemán, University of Texas at San Antonio, Mexican American Studies
Sonya Tateosian
Soo Kim, Otis College of Art and Design
Soo Rhee, Towson University
Sophia Andary
Sophia Booth Magnone, University of California, Santa Cruz
Sophia Hosain
Sophia Rosenfeld, University of Pennsylvania
Sophia Scanlan, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sophia Wallace, Artist
Sophie Fields
Sophie Henderson, Basilica Hudson
Sophie Sumney-Koivisto
Soraya Chemaly
Soraya Sheikh
Souad Dajani
Spencer D. Wood
Spencer Floro, University of Pittsburgh
Spencer Ruelos, MA Candidate, Sexuality Studies, San Francisco State University
Stacey D’Erasmo, Fordham University
Stacey Horn, University of Illinois at Chicago
Stacey Keefe
Stacey Parshall Jensen
Stacey Steers, University of Colorado
Stacey Sutton, University of Illinois at Chicago
Stacey Tecot
Stacey Zins
Staci L. Sprout
Staci R. Schoenfeld, University of South Dakota
Stacie Paulsen Chandler, The Pennsylvania State University
Stacy Jenel Smith Bosco
Stacy Klein, Double Edge Theatre
Stacy Lynn, Colorado State University
Stacy Serrano, University of Southern California
Stacy Wolf, Princeton University
Stan Hargus
Stana Milanovich
Stanlie M. James
Star Diffenderfer
Starlyn Winger
Stefan Helmreich, MIT
Stefania Marghitu, University of Southern California
Stefanie Fellows
Stefanie Fox
Stefanie Snider, Kendall College of Art and Design
Stefanie Solum, Williams College
Steffani Jemison
Steffie Woolhandler, MD
Stella Connell Levy, JD
Stella L. Kondo
Stella Slinkard
Stella Topaz
Stephane Dunn, Morehouse College
Stephane Mitchell, Writer
Stephanie A. Smith, UF
Stephanie Amack
Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anne Bryson, Portland State University School of Social Work
Stephanie Anne Shelton, The University of Alabama
Stephanie Atlee
Stephanie Barisch
Stephanie Bernheim
Stephanie Bottum
Stephanie Clark
Stephanie Costa, University of Washington
Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Davis Garzoli, Creative Director, Hood Street Art Center
Stephanie Dillard
Stephanie Dukhovny
Stephanie Erev, Johns Hopkins University
Stephanie Evans, MD
Stephanie Farmer, Roosevelt University
Stephanie George
Stephanie Gilmore, Independent Scholar
Stephanie Gomez, University of Utah
Stephanie Hamel, California State University, Chico
Stephanie Han, Hawaii Pacific University
Stephanie Hasiotis
Stephanie Higgins
Stephanie Hoenig Reifsnyder, Activist
Stephanie Huhn
Stephanie J. Frostad, Artist
Stephanie J. Urdang
Stephanie Jed, UCSD
Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, Brooklyn College
Stephanie Johnston LCSW
Stephanie Kane, Indiana University
Stephanie Kay, University of California, Riverside-Retired
Stephanie Kelman Thornton, Johnson County Community College / Shawnee Mission School District
Stephanie Kerschbaum
Stephanie Kirk, Washington University
Stephanie L. Curley
Stephanie L. Gross, MATESOL, MSLIS
Stephanie Lara-Jenkins, Ashford University
Stephanie Laura Ulrich
Stephanie M. Vargo, MA, Point Park University
Stephanie Marcusky
Stephanie Marie
Stephanie Martin
Stephanie McNulty
Stephanie Millner, Boston University
Stephanie Nankervis, BA, MS, University of Michigan
Stephanie Nawyn, Michigan State University
Stephanie Neal, Concordia University Mequon, WI
Stephanie Odom, University of Texas at Tyler
Stephanie Orme, The Pennsylvania State University
Stephanie Padilla
Stephanie Quinlan
Stephanie Richmond
Stephanie Rose Templeton
Stephanie Schmidt
Stephanie Sesic Greer, Kent State University
Stephanie Smallwood, University of Washington
Stephanie Solt, BM, MS
Stephanie Stringer Gross
Stephanie Szitanyi
Stephanie Tolan, Institute for Educational Advancement
Stephanie Tombari, University of Guelph
Stephanie Turnbull, University of Oregon
Stephanie Vandrick, University of San Francisco
Stephanie Wahab, Portland State University
Stephanie Yurchak
Stephen Dillon, Hampshire College
Stephen J. Rosow, SUNY at Oswego
Stephen Klien, University of Missouri
Stephen M. Sachs
Stephen McGoldrick
Stephen Mikesell
Stephen Monroe Tomczak, Southern Connecticut State University
Stephen Paul Whitaker
Sterling Allen, Texas State University
Steve Depoe, University of Cincinnati
Steve Mullen, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Steve Willich
Steve Willis, Bennett College
Steven Baur, Dalhousie University
Steven C. Birkes
Steven Hartman, City University of New York
Steven Marsh, University of Illinois at Chicago
Steven Pierce, Manchester University
Steven Plunkett
Stevie Berberick, Pennsylvania State University
Stiffy McPenis, Ball State – Reproductive Studies
Stoney Sasser, Artist
Stu Marvel, Emory University
Su Friedrich, Princeton University
Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, Purdue University
Suad Joseph, University of California, Davis
Suanne Schafer, D.O., Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Sucheta Mehra
Suda House, Photographer
Sudie Rakusin
Sue Bailey
Sue Dale
Sue Ellen McComas, BGSU Ohio, Communication Studies
Sue Graham, Planned Parenthood
Sue Gronewold, Kean University
Sue Hager
Sue Kunda, Western Oregon University
Sue Pearlmutter, Rhode Island College School of Social Work
Sue Perlgut
Sue Sanders
Sue Sattel
Sue Tatten, Esq.
Sue Warrick Doederlein, Emeritus Professor of English, Northern Illinois University
Sue Wozniak, MLIS
Suellen Miller, University of California, San Francisco
Sujani Reddy
Suki Smaglik, Laramie County Community College
Sula You, University of Oklahoma
Summer Nazer
Sumner Davenport
Sunaina Maira, UC Davis
Sunday Tollefson
Sunday White
Sungju Park-Kang
Supriya Baily, George Mason University
Suresht R Bald, Professor Emerita, Willamette University
Susan A. Glenn, University of Washington
Susan A. Gore, MTS, PhD
Susan A. Hildebrandt, Illinois State University
Susan A. Ross, Loyola University Chicago
Susan A. Taylor, LCSW-C, The Women’s Growth Center
Susan Adams, UC Davis
Susan Arnold
Susan B. Parsons, Independent Activist, Oberlin College BA, Bryn Mawr College PhD, IUPUI MLS
Susan B. Tucker, Retired librarian
Susan Babin
Susan Ball MD, Retired, Temple University.
Susan Barrett
Susan Basow, Lafayette College
Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett, Professor Emeritus, Humboldt State University
Susan Berg
Susan Bernofsky, Columbia University
Susan Beth Miller
Susan Black, Gannon University
Susan Bordo
Susan Bostrom-Wong, C.G. Jung Institute San Francisco
Susan Boulden
Susan Brochin
Susan Butler
Susan C. Stinson, Virginia Tech
Susan Callaghan, Boston College
Susan Canty Quinlan, University of Georgia
Susan Cerrone
Susan Cohen Esquilin
Susan Crane, Columbia University
Susan D. Amussen, University of California, Merced
Susan Davis
Susan Davis Doughty
Susan Diane, PhD
Susan Dillon
Susan Dorris
Susan Douglas, The University of Michigan
Susan Drymalski Bowey
Susan Dubrunfaut, Barnes Foundation
Susan Duenke
Susan E. Kalt, Roxbury Community College
Susan E. Wheatley, Indiana University of PA, Music Professor
Susan Eckelmann Berghel
Susan Ehrlich-Krompier, LCSW
Susan Ellis, McMaster University
Susan Eva O’Donovan, University of Memphis
Susan Evans, Activist
Susan F. Carson
Susan Farish Horn
Susan Fast, McMaster University
Susan Fink (aka Finque), University of Washington
Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens, California State University, Northridge
Susan Fleming Holm, Emerita Professor, Monmouth College, Illinois
Susan Foerster Short, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Susan Ford-West, University of Redlands
Susan Franks, Santa Clara University
Susan Freeman, Western Michigan University
Susan Frelich Appleton, Washington University
Susan G. Rogan, Central Michigan University (retired)
Susan G. Todd
Susan Gail Taylor, MA, Independent Writer, formerly of University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Susan Gal, University of Chicago
Susan Gauss, University of Massachustts Boston
Susan Gevirtz
Susan Gilmore, Central Connecticut State University
Susan Goette
Susan Gonda
Susan Gower
Susan Graham, Claremont Graduate University
Susan Greene
Susan Grossman
Susan Hall, Cameron University
Susan Havens Caldwell, University of Oklahoma, Emerita
Susan Hawthorne, St. Catherine University
Susan Heflin Souza
Susan Heighway
Susan Henking, Professor Emerita, Hobart & William Smith; President, Shimer College
Susan Hillyard, Artist
Susan Hoenig
Susan Hoppough
Susan Hyten
Susan I. Woodruff, San Diego State University
Susan J Wurtzburg
Susan J. Brison, Dartmouth College
Susan Jacobson, Regis College
Susan Jahda, University of MA, Amherst
Susan James
Susan Jurow, CU Boulder
Susan K. Gardner, University of Maine
Susan K. Riley
Susan Key, Collat School of Business, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Susan Kim, Goddard College
Susan Kingsley Kent, University of Colorado, Boulder
susan kircher
Susan Klimczak, South End Technology Center
Susan Kosharek
Susan Koshy, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Susan Kravitz, Fine Art Photographer, and former Dean, Nassau Community College
Susan L Foor
Susan L. Bailey
Susan L. Kage, MA, Educational Consultant
Susan L. Smith, University of Alberta, Canada
Susan Laird
Susan Langan
Susan Lawrence
Susan Lee Stakel
Susan Lindee, University of Pennsylvania
Susan Lowney
Susan Lyle Shank
Susan Lytle, University of Pennsylvania, Emerita
Susan M. Funk, Artist
Susan M. Glisson
susan m. haskell, licsw, ph.d
Susan M. Parrillo, University at Albany
Susan M. Reverby, Wellesley College
Susan Marie Andersen
Susan Marine, Merrimack College
Susan McLaughlin, University of Washington
Susan Merrill Squier, Pennsylvania State University
Susan Moir, University of Massachusetts Boston
Susan Morrison
Susan Mumpower
Susan Myers, University of St. Thomas
Susan Nedza MD, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine
Susan Nichols
Susan Nolan, Seton Hall University
Susan Nordstrom
Susan Nowak, Artist
Susan Nussbaum, Writer
Susan Pearson, Northwestern University
Susan Perry, Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI
Susan Perz, Ph.D., Writer,
Susan Petcoff
Susan Powell, University of California Berkeley
Susan Powers Bourne
Susan Pustejovsky
Susan Radant
Susan Reeves
Susan Roberta Katz, University of San Francisco
Susan Robertson, Retired Language Arts Teacher
Susan Ryan, Brass Tack Solutions, LLC
Susan S. Fainstein, Harvard University
Susan S. Lanser, Brandeis University
Susan Salk
Susan Sandberg, Bloomington Common Council, Councilmember At-Large, Bloomington, Indiana
Susan Savitt
Susan Schafer
Susan Schmalz,, Esqcc, Law Office of Susan M Schmalz
Susan Schuurman
Susan Sered, Suffolk University
Susan Sherwin
Susan Smith
Susan Spearey
Susan Spencer Crowe, Queens College, CUNY
Susan Stehlik, New York University Stern School of Business
Susan Stephen
Susan Stevens, NYC DOE Educator
Susan Stievater, Buffalo State College
Susan Stryker, University of Arizona, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
Susan Svrček, Pasadena Conservatory of Music
Susan T. Jackson, Stockholm University
Susan Tchudi, University of Nevada, Reno, Professor Emerita
Susan Tiano, University of New Mexico
Susan Tomlinson, University of Massachusetts Boston
Susan Tooke, Artist
Susan V. McLeer, MD, Emerita Professor, Drexel University College of Medicine
Susan Vassau Tall Bull
Susan Voynow
Susan W. Hinze, Case Western Reserve University
Susan Wade
Susan Ware, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Susan Welty
Susan Werner
Susan Williams
Susan Yohn, Hofstra University
Susan Zipp
Susana L. Gallardo, San Jose State University
Susanna Marshland
Susannah Laramee Kidd, Mellon-ACLS Public Fellow
Susanne Johnson, Southern Methodist University
Susanne M. Brander, UNC Wilmington
Susanne Slavick, Carnegie Mellon University
Susanne Sreedhar, Boston University
Susie Snyder, PSU School of Social Work
Susie Sympson
Susy Zepeda, University of California, Davis
Suzanna Walters, Northeastern University
Suzanne Bergeron, University of Michigan Dearborn
Suzanne Bost, Loyola University Chicago
Suzanne Buckley
Suzanne Burg, University of California, San Diego
Suzanne Cherrin, University of Delaware
Suzanne Chick, La Vida Yoga
Suzanne Enck, University of North Texas
Suzanne Estler, University of Maine, Emerita
Suzanne Fellows, Artist
Suzanne Frischkorn
Suzanne G. Cusick, NYU
Suzanne Gardinier, Sarah Lawrence College
Suzanne Gould
Suzanne Holland, John B. Magee Professor of Science &Values, Professor of Religious Studies/University of Puget Sound
Suzanne Kramer-Brenna
Suzanne Le Men, Duke University
Suzanne Leonard, Simmons College
Suzanne M. Hemp
Suzanne Mercury, Independent scholar, poet, curator
Suzanne Obenshain, Towson University
Suzanne Romain
Suzanne Sincell, Waynesburg University, retired school principal
Suzanne Snuggs
Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg, Brown University
Suzanne Szucs, Artist, writer and educator
Suzanne T. Coker
Suzanne Willis, Northern Illinois University (emerita)
Suzanne Windham, DDS
Suzanne Winterberger, Professor Emerita, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Suzanne Wynn Brown
Suzi Kaplan
Suzie Hemphill, UC Riverside
Suzy D’Enbeau, Kent State University
Suzy Kim, Rutgers University
Swami Pujananda Saraswati
Sybil Carrere, University of Washington, Retired
Sybil Mercier
Sybil Sage
Sybil St. Claire
Syd Carpenter, Professor of Studio Art, Swarthmore College
Sydney Chandler
Sydney Cooper, Artist
Sydney Faye Wehmeyer, Unversity of Central Missouri
Sydney Glassman, UC Irvine
Sydney Johnson, Robert Morris University
Sydney McQuoid
Sydney Weaver Paver
Sylvanna M. Falcón, University of California, Santa Cruz
Sylvia Baron
Sylvia Bowyer, Artist
Sylvia Dolce
Sylvia K. Carlson
Sylvia Kezele, American Graduate School of International Management
Sylvia Rodriguez, University of New Mexico
Sylvia Thorson-Smith, Grinnell College, retired
T. Elon Dancy, University of Oklahoma
T. G. Hebert
T. M. Lemos, Huron University College, University of Western Ontario
taisha paggett, UC Riverside
Takiyah Nur Amin
Takkara Brunson
Tala Khanmalek, Princeton University
Taletha Derrington
Talia Mae Bettcher
Talia Schaffer, Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Tallie Ben Daniel, Academic Program Manager, Jewish Voice for Peace
Tamar Diana Wilson, Independent researcher
Tamar Katz
Tamar Shirinian, Millsaps College
Tamara Baar, University of Southern California
Tamara Berg, Winona State University
Tamara Caulkins, Oregon State University
Tamara Fitzpatrick
Tamara Harvey, George Mason University
Tamara L. Dickinson-Ferrell, AA Cottey College, BA Iowa State Univesity
Tamara Lea Spira, Western Washington University
Tamara Martine, National Education Association
Tamara Parson Anderson
Tamara Perkins
Tamara Piety, University of Tulsa
Tamara Zwick, University at Albany
Tamekia Bell, Adler University
Tami Joy Schlichter, UC Davis
Tami Swartz
Tami Wolverton, Ferris State University
Tam-Marie Garcia
Tammy Atha, Miami University
Tammy Birk, Otterbein University
Tammy Else, Insight Educational Services
Tammy Hiller, Bucknell University
Tammy Matthews Prosser
Tamsen Wolff, Princeton University
Tana Jean Welch, Florida State University College of Medicine
Tani Barlow, Rice University
Tania Aponte
Tania Arazi Coambs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tanisha Ford, University of Delaware
Tanisha Ramachandran, Wake Forest University
Tanja Softic, University of Richmond
Tanya Agathocleous, Hunter College, CUNY
Tanya Baumgart
Tanya Diaz-Kozlowski, PhD., Illinois State University
Tanya Goodman, Librarian
Tanya Kane-Parry, California State University, Los Angeles
Tanya L. Domi, Harriman Institute, Columbia University
Tanya Loughead
Tanya Pollard, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Tanya Selvaratnam, Writer/Producer
Tara Affolter, Assistant Professor, Middlebury College
Tara Bahl, City University of New York (CUNY)
Tara Braddock
Tara C. Smith, Kent State University
Tara Fannon, Hofstra University
Tara Griffitts Stowe, Ohio University
Tara Haselhorst
Tara Hefferan, Grand Valley State University
Tara M. Tuttle, Eastern Kentucky University
Tara McKibben
Tara McPherson, USC, Los Angeles
Tara Pixley, UC San Diego
Tara Ross
Tara Ubelhor, Texas State University
Tara Wood
Tara Zahra, University of Chicago
Taryn Fisher, Antioch University New England
Taryn Thomas, University of Colorado
Tarynn M. Witten, Virginia Commonwealth University
Tasha Bahal
Tasha Dunn, Augustana University
Tasha Haas, Kansas City Kansas Community College
Tasha Souza
Tashi Swierkosz, University of New Mexico
Tatiana Packer
Tatyana Bakhmetyeva, University of Rochester
Tawny Boyd
Tay MacIntyre
Tayce Sells
Taylin Im, Brown University
Taylor Petrey, Kalamazoo College
Taylor Saunders-Wood, University of Cambridge
Taylor Smith-Kent
Taylor Spratt, Antioch College
Tazia Wisdom
Tazuko Shibusawa, New York University
Teagan Sebba, Seton Hall University
Ted Kafala, CMSV
Ted Striphas, University of CO
Tekla Hawkins, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Telche Hanley-Moyle Abu Sultan
Temma Kaplan, Rutgers University Department of History
Tennille Allen, Lewis University
Tera W. Hunter, Princeton University
Terah Venzant Chambers, Michigan State University
Teresa Anne Fowler, University of Calgary
Teresa Bergman, University to the Pacific
Teresa Buchanan
Teresa Calpino, Loyola University Chicago
Teresa Candelaria
Teresa Carranza, Edgewood College, Madison, WI
Teresa Delfín, Whittier College
Teresa Goodell, Dr.
Teresa Hanneman
Teresa Heiland
Teresa Huddleston-Garcia
Teresa M Bear, Adjunct Professor, Drake University
Teresa Mangum
Teresa McKenna, Associate Professor Emerita, USC
Teresa Meade, Union College, NY
Teresa Melendres
Teresa Montanaro
Teresa Moore, MS, NCC
Teresa Santulli
Teresa Snider-Stein, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Teresa Taylor Sekine, Purdue University
Teresa Twomey
Teresa Wagner, MS
Teresa Younger
Teri Ann Bengiveno, Las Positas College
Teri Duffy
Teri Frame, University of Wisconsin
Teri Metcalf, Texas A&M University
Terisa E. Turner, International Oil Working Group
Terre Spencer
Terrell Lozada
Terrence Peterson, Florida International University
Terri Augello, Actress – AEA – SAG/AFTRA
Terri Bourus, Professor of English Drama, Indiana University Indianapolis
Terri Carney, Butler University
Terri Diener, Towson University
Terri Givens
Terri L. Snyder, California State University, Fullerton
Terri Powell Bracy
Terri Vescio, Penn State Univeresity
Terry Amaya
Terry Ann Thaxton, University of Central Florida
Terry Blackhawk, Founder, InsideOut Literary Arts Project
Terry Bloomberg
Terry Boles, University of Iowa
Terry Bryant Wise, Artist
Terry Davis, Chicago, IL.
Terry de la Vega, NP, CYN
Terry Getz, Artist
Terry L. West
Terry Loftin
Terry Wolverton
Tess Unger, Mills College
Tessa Paneth-Pollak, Michigan State University
Tessa Solomon-Lane
Tessie Barrera-Scharaga, Artist, Art Educator, CSMA MFA, Mills College
Tetyana Wittkowski, ATR
Teya Walkker
Thania Sanchez, Yale University
Thanissara Mary Weinberg
The Rev Dr. Donna S. Mote, University of the South
The Rev Gayle Bridges
The Rev Terri C. Pilarski, M.Div/MSW, Episcopal priest, Convener of the Episcopal Women’s Caucus
The Rev. Dr. Lauren R. Stanley, Episcopal Priest
The Rev. Dr. Mary E. Westfall
The Rev. Linda E. Webster, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey S. F. Nelson
The Reverend Anne C. Fowler, Episcopal Church
The Reverend Susan Quinn Bryan, PCUSA
Thea Abu El-Haj, Rutgers University
Thea Hart
Thea Quiray Tagle, UW Bothell
Theo Greenblatt
Theodora Sirota
Theoria Cason
Theresa Burruel Stone, UC Berkeley
Theresa Flanigan, The College of Saint Rose
Theresa Gale
Theresa Hart
Theresa Horstman, University of Washington
Theresa Kelleher, Manhattanville College
Theresa L. Geller, Ph.D., Grinnell College
Theresa May, University of Oregon
Theresa Mirci-Smith, Professor Emeritus, Victor Valley College
Theresa Mondello
Theresa Mormino
Theresa Munkvold
Theresa Rose
Theresa Szczurek
Theresa Tavarez, Ph.D., Fielding Graduate University
Theresa Tiso, Women’s Gender Sexuality Studies, Stony Brook University , NY
Theresa Zingery
Therese Grisham
Therese Jimenez
Therese M. Elton
Therese Quinn, University of Illinois at Chicago
Therese Ragen, New York University
Therese Saliba, Evergreen State College
Thomas E. Flores, George Mason University
Thomas F. Corrigan, California State University, San Bernardino
Thomas F. Rae
Thomas Falk, University of Dayton
Thomas Fielder, formerly with the University of California, Irvine
Thomas J. Adesa, Attorney
Thomas Killorin
Thomas Nail, University of Denver
Thomas Stapleton, Misericordia University
Thomas W. Blume, Oakland University
Thomasin Hughes
Thomasine Everhart
Tiana Mirapae
Tico Tenorio
Tiffanie Harrison, MBA, High School Educator
Tiffany Florvil, University of New Mexico
Tiffany Gleason
tiffany littleton
Tiffany Neri
Tiffany Renée, Former Petaluma Vibe Mayor, BA, Women’s Studies, Mills College
Tiffany Taylor, Kent State University
Tiffany Wilhelm
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, University of California, Irvine
Tim Campbell
Tim Feeney, University of Alabama
Tim Turner, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Tim Watson, University of Miami
Timea Spitka, Hebrew University
Timothy Havens, University of Iowa
Timothy J. Lensmire, University of Minnesota
Timothy K. Eatman, Rutgers University
Timothy McCarthy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Harvard University
Timothy Robbins, Graceland University
Timothy Stewart-Winter, Rutgers University-Newark
Tina Black
Tina Chang
Tina DeLapp, Emerita Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage
Tina Dillman, University of Buffalo
Tina Escaja, University of Vermont
Tina Gianoulis
Tina Goldstein
Tina Jacobowitz, Montclair State University
Tina M. Durand, Wheelock College
Tina M. Harris
Tina Maclary
Tina Marisa Rocchio
Tina Nolan, National Louis University
Tina Roberts
Tina Santos
Tina Sharma, Attorney
Tina Smilkstein, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo
Tina Stewart Brakebill
Tineke Ritmeester, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Tink Rabey-Hall
Tirza Latimer, California College of the Arts
Tisha Fromal
Tiya Miles, University of Michigan
Tlaloc Rivas, The University of Iowa
Tobiah Horton, Rutgers University
Todd Alan Price, National Louis University
Todd Hibbard, University of Detroit Mercy
Todd May
Todd Shepard, Johns Hopkins University
Tom and Catherine Mix
Tom Digby, Springfield College
Tom Edwards, Writer
Tom Hain, University of South Alabama
Tom Lukens
Tom Wolf, MSW, LCSW
Tomás F. Summers Sandoval Jr., Pomona College
Tomi-Ann Roberts, Colorado College
Tomomi Yamaguchi, Montana State University
Toni Jaffe, Graduate School, Concordia University
Toni M. Bond Leonard, Ph.D. Student, Religion, Ethics, & Society, Claremont School of Theology
Toni M. Upchurch
Toni Polfus, Artist
Toniesha L. Taylor, Prairie View A&M University
Tony DeCesare, Saint Louis University
Tony Jenkins, Georgetown University
Tonya Katcher, Advocates for Youth
Tonya Walls, Touro University Nevada
Torang Asadi, Duke University
Torange khonsari, Scholar in Architecture and Urbanism- London Metropolitan University
Tori Barnes-Brus, Cornell College
Tori Nelson Young
Tori Porter, University of California Davis, LGBTQIA Resource Center Community Coordinator
Tory Pearman, Miami University Hamilton
tracey allyson geisler
Tracey Scott Wilson
Traci Brynne Voyles, Loyola Marymount University
Traci Carroll, James H. Quillen College of Medicine
Traci Schlesinger, DePaul University
Tracy A. Marschall
Tracy Ann Essoglou, Independent scholar/researcher
Tracy Barrett, Vanderbilt University
Tracy Chipman
Tracy Everbach, University of North Texas
Tracy Ferrell, University of Colorado Boulder
Tracy Haskell
Tracy Marie Taylor, Lake Forest College
Tracy May Fuad, Rutgers University, Newark
Tracy Rauschkolb
Tracy Rutler, Pennsylvania State University
Tracy Sperry, Regis University MNM, graduate student
Tracy Young, Artist
Tran Templeton, Teachers College, Columbia University
Trena M. Paulus, University of Georgia
Trenton J. Lee, University of Michigan and University of Westminster
Treva Ellison
Treva Lindsey, Ohio State University
Trever Convertino-Waage, Northwest Outward Bound School
Trey O’Brien, Galena High School Special Education Teacher
Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen
Tricia Niesz, Kent State University
Tricia Waters, Colorado College
Trinity Sheraden
Trip McCrossin, Rutgers University
Trish Holmgren
Trish Szymanski
Trisha Mulligan
Tristina Babb
Trudee Able-Peterson
Trudi Peterson, Monmouth College
Trudy Arriaga, Cal Lutheran University
Trudy Bond
T’Sey-Haye M. Preaster, University of Maryland College Park
Tsui-yee Chow, Adler University, Chicago
Tulia G. Falleti, University of Pennsylvania
Tuska Benes, College of William and Mary
Twyla Meding
Txetxu Aguado, Dartmouth College
Tyler Jackson Rogers, Yale University
Tyna Bittick
Ujju Aggarwal, CUNY Graduate Center
Ula Y. Taylor, University of California, Berkeley
Uma Bingham, Nurse Practitioner
Ursi Reynolds, College of the Redwoods, Early Childhood Education
Ursula Anderson
Ursula S. Aldana, University of San Francisco
Ursula Shepherd, Professor Emerita, University of New Mexico
Usha Tummala-Narra, Boston College
V. Spike Peterson
V. Mitch McEwen, University of Michigan
V. P. Franklin, University of New Orleans
V.V. Ganeshananthan, University of Minnesota
Vail Fletcher, University of Portland
Valecia Phillips
Valeria M. Souza, Washington University in Saint Louis
Valerie Billing, Knox College
Valerie Bridgeman, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Valerie C. Parker, MA, LCPC
Valerie Chelonis, Artist
Valerie Constance
Valerie Evans Minor, RN, MSN
Valerie Fox, Drexel University
Valerie Hartouni, UC San Diego
Valerie Horsley, Yale University
Valerie Jaharis, Barnard College
Valerie Klokow
Valerie Kutchko, University of Michigan
Valerie LaPorte, Mount Wachusett Community College
Valerie Lengfelder, MD
Valerie Leonard, Tiffin University
Valerie Lorimer
Valerie Matsumoto, UCLA
Valerie Nicolet, Institut Protestant de Théologie, Paris
Valerie Pfister
Valerie Sperling, Clark University
Valerie Voigt, Activist
Valerie W. Stasik
Valerie Wayne, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Valerie Werner, PhD, LMFT, Adler University
Valyncia Raphael
Van Tran Nguyen
VaNatta Ford
Vanesa Arozamena, Lewis & Clark College
Vanessa Agard-Jones, Columbia University
Vanessa Enoch, Union Institute & University
Vanessa Green
Vanessa Jackson, Healing Circles, Inc.
Vanessa Pafford
Vanessa Plumly
Vanessa Ramirez, UC Santa Cruz
Vanessa Svihla, University of New Mexico
Vasuki Nesiah, The Gallatin School, NYU
Vaughn A. Blethen
Veena Oldenburg, City University of New York
Vega Subramaniam
Velvet G. Goss
Venita Datta, Wellesley College
Vera Flight
Vera Leigh Fennell, Lehigh University
Vera M Turk, RN
Vergil Akers, Prince Georges County Public Schools
Verna Robinson
Vernadette Gonzalez, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Veronica A. Wilson, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Veronica Banegas
Veronica Drantz, NorthShore University HealthSystem
Veronica Jean Deutsch, Oak Street Elementary School
Veronica Kumpf, University of Texas
Veronica Paredes, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Veronica Strong-Boag, FRSC
Veronica Velez, Western Washington University
Vesla Weaver, Yale University
Vic Sizemore
vicki johnson
Vicki L. Ruiz, UC Irvine
Vicki Legion, City College of San Francisco
Vicki Litzinger
Vicki Magley, University of Connecticut
Vicki Mistr
Vicki Pugmire
Vicki Smith, University of California, Davis
Vicki Toscano, Nova Southeastern University
Vicki Vanbrocklin, University of New Mexico
Vickie Meguire, artist
Vickie Strand
Vicky Ortiz
Vicky Steinitz, U Mass-Boston, retired
Vicky Unruh, University of Kansas
Victor Mendoza, University of Michigan
Victoria A. Chevalier, Medgar Evers College (CUNY)
Victoria Bañales, Ph.D., Cabrillo College
Victoria Bernal, University of California, Irvine
Victoria Betz
Victoria C. Drake, PhD, CG Jung Institute of Chicago & Surge for Water
Victoria Dickman-Burnett, PhD Student, Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati
Victoria Eudy
Victoria Hesford, Stony Brook, State University of New York
Victoria Linton
Victoria Mack, New York University
Victoria Mara Heilweil, San Jose State University, Artist and Curator
Victoria Palmer
Victoria Ray, Nova Scotia Community College
Victoria Saramago, University of Chicago
Victoria Singh Gill, University of Pennsylvania
Victoria Stanhope, New York University
Victoria Trinder, University of Illinois at Chicago
Victoria W. Wolcott, University at Buffalo
Victoria Waller
Vidhu Aggarwal, Rollins College
Viki Peer, University of South Florida
Viki Strand
Viktoria W. Byczkiewicz, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Vilma Castro
Vilma Ortiz, UCLA
Vilna Bashi Treitler, University of California Santa Barbara
Vincent Donlin
Violaine White, University of Missouri – St. Louis
Violet Fox, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University
Virginia Betourne
Virginia Braun, University of Auckland
Virginia Cross
Virginia Donnell, Middle Tennessee State University
Virginia Farley
Virginia Goldner, NYU
Virginia Hartnett, Early Childhood Educator
Virginia Knowlton Marcus
Virginia L. Feller
Virginia Lee Montgomery
Virginia Metaxas, Southern Connecticut State University
Virginia Metzdorf
Virginia Moran, Macalester College
Virginia Reed
Virginia Reinburg, Boston College
Virginia Scharff, University of New Mexico
Virginia Shipley
Virginia Solomon, University of Memphis
Virginia Sturken
Virginia V. Kidd, California State University, Sacramento
Virginia Wiles
Vittorio Maio
Vivi Sojorhn, (aka Amanda Conti)
Vivian Anderson
Vivian Deno, Butler University
Vivian Gadsden
Vivian Gornick
Vivian May
Vivian Price, Professor, California State University, Interdisciplinary Studies, Coordinator, Labor Studies
Vivian Shaw, University of Texas at Austin
Vivian Smith
Vivien Bergl
Vivien Ng, University at Albany
Vivienne Simon
Voni Glaves, Earth and Fire Gallery
W. King Mott, Seton Hall University
W. Oliver Baker, University of New Mexico
W. Michael Biklen, Iowa United Methodist Church Pastor, Retired
Wade Keye, University of Oregon
Waltrina N. Middleton, Cleveland Action, Founder and Howard University, Associate Dean of Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel
Wanda Balzano, Wake Forest University
Wanda Claro- Woodruff, UTHSC
Wanda Little Fenimore, University of South Carolina – Sumter
Wanda Wilson Miers, University of Texas-Arlington
Wanda Zimmerman, Educator
Warren D. Keller, Ph.D,
Wednesay Nelena Sorokin, Artist
Wellesley Boboc
Wendie Cummings
Wendy Ashmore, University of California, Riverside (Retired)
Wendy Barrett Hanna, University of North Carolina
Wendy Baum, LCSW-R
Wendy Belcher, Princeton University
Wendy Belding, LMFT
Wendy Brawer
Wendy Brenner, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Wendy Brown, UC Berkeley
Wendy Burns-Ardolino, Grand Valley State University
Wendy E. Martin
Wendy Eisner, University of Cincinnati
Wendy Franklund Miller, Artist
Wendy Hilton-Morrow, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
Wendy Hinshaw, Florida Atlantic University
Wendy Hounsel, RN, BSN, RH (AHG), Student FNP, Gonzaga University
Wendy Hulko, Associate Professor, School of Social Work & Human Service, Thompson Rivers University
Wendy K. Z. Anderson, University of Minnesota
Wendy Kates, SUNY Upstate Medical University
Wendy Klepetar, College of Saint Benedict
Wendy Kozol, Oberlin College
Wendy Levine
Wendy Nelson
Wendy Pringle, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Wendy Richman
Wendy Schoener, University of Massachusetts-Boston
Wendy Walters, Artist
Wendy Wheatcroft
Wendy Willoughby
Wenjie Liao, North Carolina State University
Wesley Bishop, Purdue University
Wesley Sims, Cuesta College
Whitney Dirks-Schuster, Grand Valley State University
Whitney Kruckenberg, Temple University
Whitney Mendel, Daemen College
Whitney Mutch
Whitney Mutch, University of Alabama
Whitney Myers, Texas Wesleyan University
Whitney Strub, Rutgers University-Newark
Willa Jo Jones
william (bill) hause, mpa, pflag
William A. Franks, Jr, Union Activist-AFT-W Retired
William Bitters
William Doan, Penn State University
William Greer, Georgia State University
William Hansen
William Hunter, Illinois State University
William Kenlon, University of Maryland, College Park
William Mazzarella, University of Chicago
William O. Buell
William Passero
William Simmons, University of Arizona
Willie Terry Marsh, Howard University
Willow Rossetti-Johnson
Wilma Anderson
Wilma Montanez
Win Guan, PBRC, Louisiana State University
Wini Williams
Winifred Breines
Winnie Ye
Winnifred Brown-Glaude, The College of New Jersey
Wynne Wright, Michigan State University
Wynston Minckler
Xevion Baptiste
Xiao Yu, Johns Hopkins University
Xiomara Santamarina, University of Michigan
Xuxa Rodriguez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Yael Niv, Princeton University
Yael Silverberg-Urian, CNM, MS
Yaffa Weisman, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
Yamila Hussein Shannan
Yannik Thiem, Villanova University
Yarona Boster
Yasmine Awais
Yeshi Neumann
Yetta M. Goodman, University of Arizona
Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, Southern Connecticut State University
Yifat Susskind
Ymania Brown
Ynestra King
Yojani Hernández
Yolanda Difabio
Yolanda Martinez
You-me Park, Georgetown University
Yulia Pinkusevich, Mills College
Yvette Christianse, Barnard College
Yvette d’Entremont
Yvette G. Flores, University of California, Davis
Yvette Louis
Yvonne Garrett
Yvonne Johnson, Stanwood, WA
Yvonne Neff-Woods
Yvonne Siu-Runyan, University of Northern Colorado
Yvonne Slosarski, University of Maryland
Yvonne Zylan, Hamilton College
Zachariah Mampilly, Vassar College
Zachary A. Casey, Rhodes College
Zack Furness, Pennsylvania State University
Zahid Chaudhary, Princeton University
Zana Sahyouni, George Mason University
Zazil E Reyes Garcia, University of the Incarnate Word
Zeina Zaatari, Independent researcher of gender and sexuality in MENA
Zetta Elliott, Independent Scholar
Zeynep Ertugay, Harvard College
Zillah Eisenstein, Ithaca College
Zina Rosen-Simon, Las Positas College
Zoe Abigail Bermet
Zoë Burkholder, Montclair State University
Zoe Cryns, M.A, Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology
Zoe Samudzi, University of California, San Francisco
Zonia Watroba
Zsuzsa Kaldy, UMass Boston

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